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Activities Ideas For When Visiting Bristol

It’s great to get away sometimes and enjoy a much needed break.  Being a mum of 3 as you can imagine it’s not the easiest feat to accomplish yet sometimes I succeed.  Many years ago when I was still at university I visited Cheddar Gorge.  It’s such a picturesque place to visit and what made it even more magical was it had snowed.

It’s somewhere I have always wanted to return to and I’m hoping I might just do that.  I don’t see my friends often so we decided that it would be a great idea to plan a little getaway.

We discussed visiting Bristol as this would mean we could go to Cheddar Gorge and of course visit some other places there too.  Our aim is to combine a relaxing trip with catching up and having fun.

Although our visit will be a short one we plan to cram in as much as possible so being the organiser of the group I have been tasked with coming up with the activity suggestions.  The only request was that they’d be budget friendly.

Not one to shy away from a challenge I set to work knowing full well I’d find some great bargains over at one of my friends favourite discount voucher site.

Activity Suggestions

Day Activities


We’ve known each other for years so of course I know what would suit them and my first suggestion for the group would be a massage.  Feeling like a child in a candy store I can’t decide which to suggest as there are some great massages to choose from.  These start from £9 so I have definitely found some budget friendly options.  These include a massage and facial, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and more.

M4 Karting

And why not!

We might be women but we know how to have fun.  Priced at £26 for 2 or £50 for 4 it’s reasonably priced and something we’d all enjoy.

City Mazes

A live escape game.  These are supposed to be really good fun and something I’m sure we’d enjoy.  Players have to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit.  It’s a great group activity and costs just £49 for 4 people for 60 minutes.

No moving of mountains involved thankfully, this activity involves archery.  I’ve not done archery often but it is good fun.  This will give us a chance to get competitive and have fun doing something different.  There are a range of time options: 1hr (£9), 1.5hrs (£12) or 2hrs (£16).  This is great to fit in around other activities.  I’m thinking this would be a great way to start the day and follow with either a massage or other activity maybe even an afternoon tea.

The North Somerset Bird Of Prey Centre

As animal lovers this would be a lovely opportunity to get up close with some gorgeous birds.  For 2 hours we’d be able to watch and interact with various types.  The centre has over 50 including hawks, owls, falcons and eagles.  We’d get to  learn more about them, handle and fly them.  It’s £29 for two people which again is a fair price.

Stoberry House and Garden

The house and 6 acres garden with picturesque views of  the city of Wells and the Vale of Avalon is popular with visitors.  Gardens with statues and an extensive range of plants are perfect to walk through and admire.  There are wildlife ponds with water features and if we get hungry we can always pop inside the house for a bite to eat.  The price for 4 is a mere £12.95 and it’s the sort of place my friends visit often so likely to be a favourite with them.

Visit to Cheddar Gorge

We’d drive to the village and have a wonder around there, do a little shopping and also go to to see the Gorge located at the site of the Cheddar show caves.  We can also by some yummy cheese!!



Local Bar

After a long day it’s nice to sit and chat and do nothing else.  Perfect for the first evening especially after the journey there we could simply find a local bar.  Drinks with or without food depending on if we go somewhere to eat first.

House Magicians’ Comedy Magic Show at Smoke & Mirrors in Bristol

This sounds like great fun and it’s highly rated on Trip advisor which is good to know.  It’s perfect to fill one of our evenings as it opens at 7.15pm and the show starts at 8 and lasts 2 hours.  After this we can go to the bar if we fancy or turn in for an early night.  The venue is a 1920’s style theatre with seating for just 44 so it’s nice and cosy.  There are 2 comedy magicians which will keep us entertained and mystified and how they performed their tricks.  Prices start from £19.95 per person.

Local Walk

We all enjoy walking so having a wonder around near where we are staying is always an idea.  It’ll be nice to see what’s about and also help us burn off the calories from dinner.  Plus it’s free!

Eating out

We do enjoy having a meal out so this would probably be the favoured activity for all especially in the evening.  There are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Nova Bar

For 4 people: wrap and 6 small plates, 4 cocktails or two bottles of wine.  The rating for the food is good and it seems like the food would be enough and reviews indicate portions are large.  Costing £52 for 4 it’s well priced.

Again for 4 people and comprising of 12 Spanish tapas plates with a bottle of wine.  Pricing is similar at £55.  The reviews are even better for this place and the food looks delicious from the picture.

Cafe Rouge 

One of our popular group haunts although not normally in Bristol we can enjoy a 3 course meal for 2 people for £23.  The menu is always varied enough for us all to find something we will will enjoy.

I know that these suggestions will go down well with my friends, the hardest part will be to decide which to do.

Which activity or restaurant would you guys be tempted by the most?


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  1. I remember visiting Cheddar Gorge when I was younger and being fascinated with the geology. A great family day out.

    1. It is a lovely place to visit.

  2. I love reading posts like this as it gives me a chance to see what else a place has to offer and Bristol looks like fun!

    1. There seems to be quite a bit to do there which makes it even more appealing.

  3. I really want to visit Cheddar Gorge. My boyfriends friend lives in Bristol so we really need to go and visit x

    1. That would make a great trip for you. It’s such a gorgeous place to visit I’m sure you will love it. Plus there is plenty to do in Bristol which is good.

  4. Thanks for the tips. My son has just started uni at UWE so we are hoping to pop up and visit him every now and again

    1. Have a look at the activity suggestions there are loads of things to do there.

  5. Wow Bristol has so much to offer! We have been to cheddar gorge as children and absolutely loved it, I;d love go back with the kids.

  6. It would be rude not to try and visit Cheddar Gorge when you’re so near by! Love that there is go-karting too; that sounds like loads of fun!

    1. That’s what I thought too 🙂

  7. Bristol looks, and sounds like such a wonderful place to visit! I’ll certainly be looking into visiting sometime, soon!

  8. I absolutely love Bristol and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t tried any of these out. Great suggestions, love the sound of the birds of prey centre.

    1. It is a lovely idea isn’t it. I d love looking at these types of birds.

  9. These are awesome ideas! Of course, I personally want to try eating out and experience Bristol’s food.

    1. Ha, me too. There are so many lovely places to eat out there too.

  10. I adore Cheddar Gorge so can totally understand why I weekend in Bristol would work well. I think I’d want to have a go a the karting.

    1. It’s so lovely there. Such a picturesque place!

  11. I’ve always enjoyed Bristol. I never knew there was this many amazing places to visit when there!

    1. Same here but there are loads 🙂

  12. Magic shows are great! Glad you had a good time 🙂 x

    1. They are good fun aren’t they x

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