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All Bar One Leicester Square

All Bar One in Leicester Square has a relaunch night recently but unfortunately I was unable to make it that evening, lucky for me though they kindly invited me along to do a review of their new menu.  I went along, friend and camera in tow to take a look around and enjoy a meal.  For anyone that doesn’t get out much All Bar One for anyone is a lively fun place to meet with friends for food and drinks and they also have wifi which is handy too.  There are branches located all over the country and I got to visit their site in London’s West End, handy for me as I do get invited to a few events in the area so now I know where I can pop in for lunch and get some great food.


All the staff were very friendly and the gentleman serving us on our visit was an extremely animated and friendly chap called Mo.  Now naturally not knowing whether he was like this with all diners I must admit I was a bit suspicious as to whether we were getting special treatment as we were there to review so unbeknown to him I watched him like a hawk and was pleased to see he was just as good with all of the other customers he was serving.

The drinks menu is varied and there are some great cold pressed juices,  cocktails and a large selection of wines available.  We let Mo choose what we had to drink and it was a good job we did.


The cocktails were delicious, Mo did a great  job on these.  The alcohol wasn’t too overpowering and the flavour combinations worked well.  The prices are reasonable for the West End at £7.50.

The menu is varied with a mix of Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican and American foods that all sounded delicious.  After studying the menu we finally decided on our starters.  It wasn’t long until they arrived which was good as we had walked around Leicester Square beforehand and had built up an appetite.


The ginger and teriyaki chicken skewers were served on a tasty bed of picked vegetables that gave the dish a good contrast of flavours.  The chicken was nice and tender and moist and with the sauce and vegetables you have a fair amount of flavour in this dish.

The calamari had a nice crispy coating that was lightly seasoned and the squid itself was tender.  There was chilli in the batter but it wasn’t excessively hot.  This was well paired with the sweet chilli sauce.

The duck dumplings were packed full of nice thick pieces of duck and vegetables and plenty of flavour.  The sweet chilli sauce served with the dumplings complemented them well.

The dishes were nicely presented and the garnishes used were all fresh.

I noticed there was an offer for the starters, you can get 3 for £17 or 5 for £25 which is great if you just want a few things to nibble on with a meal.

The Main Dish

It had been a while since we had last had burgers so when we saw the Wagu burgers on the menu the decision was immediately made.


The burgers were nice and thick and the meat was slightly pink in the centre.  We were not asked as to our preference in relation to how well we wanted our burgers cooked, I’d have gone for a little pinker myself but it was still nice enough.  Again the presentation was good and the burgers were big, juicy and tasty.  The chips had a good crunchy outer and were soft and fluffy on the inside.  I quite liked the chilli and tomato jam although it didn’t seem at all spicy just sweet.

I’ve been on a role recently and have noticed I have been continuously defeated by meals on my trips out in this instance I might have managed it all if I had skipped dessert but I couldn’t bare to do that as I had already decided what I had wanted to try – or at least narrowed it down a bit.  In the above picture you can see how much I I had to leave of the meal although it was a good attempt on my behalf and I was a good girl and ate all the meat (yum!).  I must bring my husband here sometime as I know he will enjoy the burgers too.

The good thing about going with others to enjoy a meal like this is that you get to shared desserts or not if you so prefer.  I love to try different desserts as it help give me inspiration for my own recipes.


The cheese cake was lovely and thick and creamy with a nice crunchy biscuit base.  There was a fair amount of flavour to this so we felt the compote that came with it wasn’t really needed.  The flavour of the lemon comes through nicely and this was a really good choice.

The churros were warm when they arrived and were accompanied by a warm Dulce de Leche sauce.  The cinnamon sugar was gorgeous just as expected (I’ve had this elsewhere a few time and love it) and again was a fabulously good choice.  The great thing is that this dish is big enough to share.  Again another good choice.

There are some other great sounding desserts on the menu that I hope to go back and enjoy soon especially the salted caramel torte which I am sure is divine.

By this stage we were stuffed silly but extremely satisfied with out meal.  Our experience at All Bar One was a very good one and we would not hesitate to return, we still have more items on the menu that we want to try!!!!

Have you guys tried the latest All Bar One Menu yet?

All Bar One

48 Leicester Square



020 3846 1451

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I was invited to enjoy a meal at the restaurant, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I haven’t been but I definitely want too, the food and cocktails look delicious xo

  2. What a lovely meal at All Bar One. The duck dumplings and calamari look particularly enticing.

  3. It looks like a great venue, and the drinks look fantastic! Will definitely pop in next time I’m in the area!

    1. The drinks were very good, I will be sure to look out for Mo on my next visit. I hope you get to go x

  4. oh just wow this place looks and sounds amazing your pictures make it look so mouthwatering, I would love to go so think its going on the to try to do list.

    1. Thanks Emma, their food was so much better then expected and I would recommend visiting if you get a chance.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an All Bar One but the food sounds really good! I like the sound of the desserts!

  6. I LOVE churros for dessert. I know really they are meant to be for breakfast – and I love them then too…

    It looks pretty good. There’s a law in some London boroughs about how burgers have to be cooked – so maybe that’s why you didn’t get asked? I think Westminster is one

  7. I saw an All bar one restaurant once but not yet had the chance to grace the premises. Next time I am in London I will check them out as the menu seems lovely

  8. All Bar One sounds fab! I have only been to Leicester one, which was for a blog event. But if I ever go there again, I will making a visit to here. Those cocktails just look amazing and the Lemon cheesecake with the compote sounds divine!

    1. I’ve not tried that one I hope that site was as good as the one in Leicester Square.

  9. I work in Leicester Square at the weekends, the new All Bar One is a lovely venue for food. I had a veggie pad thai and the drinks are lovely too!

    1. The drinks are really nice there. I might try the pad thai, I bet its great given how good the food we tried was.

  10. I went to All Bar One a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed. I can’t wait to go back and try the cocktails now I am no longer pregnant.

  11. These look like some seriously good eats, and those cocktails look amazing! I’ll have to check this place out the next time I’m in the city.

  12. I’ve only ever had drinks at all bar one and not food but these bits look great. The Calamari and the churro’s were great choices to start and finish the meal with x

    1. They were yummy, I fancy some of those churros now 😉

  13. GReat review – sounds a great place to visit with fmaily or friends!

  14. Oh my goodness the churros look amazing! Worth going for that and the cocktails for me!!

  15. Oh those Churros look amazing, I had no idea you could get them in All bar One, definitely looking out for that x

  16. So much deliciousness! The new menu looks great and I will have to check it out.

  17. I went to the one in Leeds several years ago, the food was really good but the service was terrible

  18. I used to visit this All Bar One a lot when I worked in London, not been back there in a while though x

  19. I loved reading this review as my recent visit to the All Bar One at Euston was absolutely awful and I was left disappointed. This sounds like a perfect substitute for that one as the food and cocktails all look amazing. I love it when thought and effort is put into how things are presented and displayed, as even though it is a chain I want to have great food and a great time! I will be trying this branch out soon xx

    1. Oh no Tanya that is such a shame, try this site instead we had a lovely time.

  20. This looks an amazing venue! I’m jealous of the duck dumplings and the dissorano sour, they’re both my favourite! x

  21. That food looks amazing – the calamari sounds delicious!!

  22. We have one in Birmingham and I always enjoy the food and atmosphere.

    1. It’s a great place to meet friends for a great night out.

  23. I love All Bar One! I’ve visited them in both London and Oxford and really like the selection. Never been to this particular branch though so will have to check it out!

  24. The cocktails are amazing! I love the All Bar One in Glasgow.

    1. You should try the food we enjoyed that too x

  25. The cocktails and food look fab, definitely a place to try out

    1. The cocktails were yummy.

  26. This making me feel so hungry looks yummy

  27. The food and cocktails look amazing! Will definitely be visiting!

  28. It’s so nice when you get nice staff as it can make all the difference to whether you go there again. I really like the look of those chicken teriyaki skewers. Yum Yum 🙂

  29. Really nice review – very thorough. I’m definately gonna check this place out next time we go into town shopping or to the theatre…looks like good value for the quality of service.

  30. I havent been to any place like this – live in a rural area! So it would need to be a treat when we go visit a city.

  31. Great post! 🙂

  32. oh the food looks great, I’d love to try it.

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