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100 Wardour Street #BlossomCity Campaign & Restaurant Review

If you are looking for a stylish, relaxed bar to enjoy drinks with friends, work colleagues or somewhere impressive for a date in London then 100 Wardour Street is somewhere you need to have on your radar.  They boast a gorgeous atrium which has been transformed into a floral gin garden for the pop-up Tanqueray Garden in aid of the #Blossomcity18 campaign and will be serving temptingly tasty floral Tanqueray creations.  The D&D group who own over 30 luxury restaurant mainly located in London including Quaglinos, Madison and Avenue to name but a few are opening at 100 Wardour Street which will remain until the 29th of June.  The D&D group will be kindly donating £1 to the Gynaecological Cancer Fund’s ‘Lady Garden Campaign‘ from every single bill across the group.  If you need an excuse to go there often for drinks this is it, plus the drinks are yummy!

The atrium itself is beautifully decorated and on a sunny day looks that bit more exquisite with the sun dancing over the leaves and petals of the floral arrangements.

The Drinks

Listed above, and pictured below, these were fantastic.  I tried the Bergamia Collins which was extremely strong yet also exquisitely delicious and refreshing (pictured below in the copper cups).  This was easy to drink despite the alcohol kick and looked sooooo enticing with the pretty floral garnish.  The guys went around offering numerous drinks from the menu but of course being a sensible little thing I didn’t overindulge – I was there to work after all.  Brace yourselves next time guys, two drinks and then I’ll have a nap on the nearest sofa lol.

  They had some appetising canapes being served as there had a press event.  Kimberley Garner from Made in Chelsea made a guest appearance and I hear many other celebs have been spotted there on other occasions including Kim Cattrall, Tallia Storm, Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Sienna Miller to name but a few.

The food at the event included mini burgers (slidders), buttermilk fried chicken, deep fried prawns with chilli and more.  I tried a couple but restrained myself from overindulging as I was looking forward to my meal to follow but they were really good.

The Restaurant

It’s not just drinks that can be enjoyed here.  Aside from the pop up you can also feast upon fabulous food either at the bar and lounge or the restaurant and club.  Having visited the atrium I couldn’t wait to see what the restaurant would be like.  The atrium was quite lively of course with everything going on.  It was a little quieter in the restaurant section further back.  The atmosphere was relaxed and the seating nice and comfy.  They have a few different menus to choose from including a two course menu for £15 (what a bargain), at 3 course menu for £22 also bl**dy brilliant in terms of price and food selection, a Saturday brunch, a Saturday group brunch, group lounge menu a weekend set menu for two and more.

The Food

We tried the two course menu and opted for a main and dessert rather than a starter and main.  What can I say we love dessert.   We could chose from:

The mains looked great and we couldn’t decide what to get so we got two different mains and halved them and did the same with dessert.


Seared Sea Bream, Vegetables and Coconut Red Curry

This was well presented and delicious.  The sauce really was gorgeous and had the perfect combination of coconut and heat.  It was packed with flavour.  The fish was nicely cooked and there was just the right amount.  The vegetables were hidden under the fish like little cubes of treasure waiting to be discovered and each type was al dente so just right and made a welcome partnering with the fish.

Fresh Rigatoni Arrabiata, Espelette Chilli, Cherry Tomatoes

Bursting to the brim with colour and flavour, this delightful Mediterranean style dish is ideal for pasta lovers.  I really liked that the pieces of chorizo were nice and chunky to give a good rich smokey, spicy addition to the dish.  The bright green, super fresh peas and the lightly cooked tomato halves and roasted pepper pieces helped get us closer to our our 10 a day intake.  The tomatoes were juicy and soft and literally burst in your mouth as you chewed, warm juices oozing out, delicately teasing the tongue.  The fresh pasta was lovely as one might expect and vanished extremely quickly.

We also had sides with our meal which again we shared and consisted of a portion of skin on fries and fine green beans with cashew nuts.  The chips were good but the green beans – wow, the cashews had been caramelised to give a lovely sweetness as well as an added crunch to the dish.  The green beans were firm to the bite and cooked to perfection, salted slightly and lightly buttered created a dish which you wished was at least double in size and for your pleasure only.

Desserts Passion Fruit Tart, Hazelnut Praline and Coconut Ice Cream   

The ultimate in tropical desserts this marriage of amazing flavours doesn’t just work, it really is a treat.  I never discovered where the hazelnut praline went but there was still plenty going for this dish.  The coconut ice cream was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to try.  The pastry of the tart was wonderful, buttery, crisp and crumbly.  The contents, a smooth silky, creamy passion fruit dreamy cooked custard was sublime.  The thought of it alone is making my mouth water whilst I type.  The divine mix of flavours and textures from the passion fruit tart, the coconut ice cream, mini meringue stars, freeze dried raspberries and toasted coconut flakes make this dessert perfect for the season.  You have to try this!!!

Tiramisu With Tia Maria and Mascarpone Cream

This was lovely and they were generous with the alcohol.  It was nice and creamy with a good strong coffee flavour but I will admit it was totally overshadowed by the other dessert which had me at the first heavenly mouthful.

Overall Thoughts

The food was all beautifully presented as well as the cocktails we had tried earlier.  Everything as fresh, perfectly cooked and flavourful.  The portion sizes were good for the price although you will find you may need a side dish to make sure the meal is filling enough if you arrive hungry.

Staff were efficient, helpful, friendly and kept water glasses topped up.  This restaurant did not disappoint and is certainly one of the ones I would recommend to anyone looking for a “good” restaurant to try in London.

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Disclaimer: I was invited along as a guest for the evening.  All thoughts / opinions are my own.  I am pretty fussy when it comes to food as any of my friends will tell you but I can honestly say I had a wonderful evening.  Thanks guys x


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  1. It’s awesome that you got to enjoy great food and give to a good cause. This sounds amazing to me because I am a huge gin fan! I don’t think I could choose between the cocktails so I guess I’d have to try them all 😉

    1. The cocktails were lovely and refreshing. They looked really good too.

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. It should be on every bucket list to try this 100 Wardour St. The food looks very yummy and delicious.

    1. It’s good one to add. Hope you get to go soon!

  3. This looks like such a lovely place to visit. It is nice to hear that you enjoyed it and the staff were so friendly I really do like it when the staff make an effort.

    1. It really does add to the experience when the staff are good.

  4. Just wow! Also the cocktails sound amazing! this looks like such good and affordable meal out!

    1. It is a great place for an affordable and good meal in London

  5. The plated food looks so fresh and incredible. I’m sure the upscale restaurant is a great place to enjoy on a date or with friends.

  6. That’s awesome! So much good food to look forward to, not to mention it’s going to be an awesome event. Thanks for giving us a heads up.

    1. No problem Alison it is perfect for a fun evening out.

  7. I just love the motive of the campaign; donations are always fulfilling especially when you know the favor can’t be returned. Anyway, the drinks and foods on the menu are just as good. This is one hell of an event those around should not miss,right?

    1. It is lovely that they are supporting a great cause. I do hope they raise as much as possible.

  8. I read so many wonderful restaurant reviews for London. I believe I am going to have to make a trip there as soon as I can.

  9. Oh wow what a cocktail menu! I do love a good cocktail, especially something fresh and fruity in the summer!

    1. Same here. These were expertly made and beautifully presented.

  10. I love the flower wall in this bar. Seems like an amazing place to go for a drink, or to also grab something to eat. Thanks for sharing, I will add it to my list!

    1. The atrium is great for drinks. We loved the food at the restaurant it was really tasty and well presented.

  11. This looks like an AMAZING spot with an INCREDIBLE MENU! YAYER!!! Thanks for sharing! Those drinks look TASTY! YUM!

    1. No problem. I’m glad you liked the post.

  12. You are making me hungry! Everything looks so good. And I love a good cocktail.

    1. Same here. It’s a great place for drinks or meals out with friends and uber trendy!

  13. This is such a great campaign where you enjoy for a good cause. All the dishes and cocktails are treat to watch and I hope that they are as delicious as they look here.

    1. They are just as good as they look!!! Hope you get to go x

  14. That flower wall would be the perfect space for an instagram selfie 😛 I love the sound of both the menus too, that English Field cocktail has my name all over it x

    1. The cocktails were great!!!! Worth going even if it’s just drink although the food there is lovely.

  15. The cocktails look so good, and that’s such a good price for the courses x

    1. The prices here are very reasonable and the cocktails are fantastic!

  16. Love those dishes. They all look so delicious. Glad to know that they are served on reasonable prices too.

    1. The prices are really good for this part of London.

  17. Oh wow this place looks incredible. What a really elegant place to have drinks with friends and enjoy the cocktails they have on offer.

  18. This looks so good – and the cocktails sound great. While I find the prices for the food ok, the cocktails are a bit expensive – whereby, it depends on their size 😉

  19. The menu selection is small but everything you photographed looks so delicious and tempting. I will pin this for a next trip to London.

  20. OMG all the food sounds and looks amazing! I have a huge sweet tooth so that passionfruit tart is calling my name haha.

  21. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh omg this looks so dastardly delectable yum! Se manifique moments captured. Great views and vibes

  22. Oh my! The dishes look pretty, especially the desserts. By the way, how does bergamot liquer taste? I am intrigued. First time I heard of it.

  23. That plating seems so high end to me! I adore it! That tiramisu looks mouth watering! The Gynecological Cancer Fund is a great cause to donate to, as well!

  24. It looks like you had so much fun! I love the plating. They are perfect for Instagram. I’ll definitely consider this when I visit London.

  25. This sounds a bit like The House of Peroni, I love a good pop-up experience!

    1. This one was really lovely. The food was amazing!

  26. Now this sounds like an interesting place to go and get a bite to eat, those dishes look absolutely beautiful and I bet they were tasty as well.

    1. They do look good don’t they and they tasted delicious!!!

  27. Oh this place is amazing – my daughter was actually there for dinner on New Years Eve! Kaz

    1. She must have had a lovely time. I’m sure New Years Eve would have been fun there.

  28. £15 for a two course meal sounds good. The tiramusi looks no nice, one of my favourite desserts

    1. The price is great for the quality of food and portion sizes.

  29. Ooh, the food here looks and sounds so good! I love finding new places to eat 🙂

    Louise x

    1. Me too. It’s great there are so many lovely restaurants locally.

  30. Oh wow the food looks incredible and i love the sound of that cocktail menu xo

    1. The food was great and the cocktail menu was nicely varied.

  31. This sounds like such an amazing menu! I love tiramisu.

    1. It was a really nice selection 🙂

  32. Oh wow this looks wonderful!! 2 courses for £15 is very reasonable xx

    1. It sure is and the food is really good too!

  33. It looks a great restaurant and well priced for London. I could eat that passion fruit tart right now!

    1. The tart was lovely. Whose doesn’t love dessert 🙂

  34. My tummy is grumbling after looking at all those wonderful dishes

    1. I’m not surprised, they look great don’t they!

  35. Oh a gin garden sounds right up my street, and the food looks blooming brilliant too x

    1. Who doesn’t love gin!!!

  36. Oh I love a good cocktail and that passion fruit tart looks so good. Great prices too.

    1. It’s a great restaurant to visit in London for great food, drinks ad service.

  37. I find that I enjoy the food more at a restaurant when the service is good and food is presented perfectly as well and your photos and write up says just that about 100 Wardour Street. How wonderful that alcohol was also served generously.

    1. It’s all about the whole experience and it was really good there.

  38. The rigatoni and cherry tomato dish looks so good. I am so hungry after reading this post.

    1. It was a great dish. I’m feeling hungry thinking about it.

  39. Passion fruit tart alone would want me dive in and give the restaurant a visit. I do love the wide range of of Canada’s that you were service form my favourite buttermilk fried chicken or the sliders. The prices for both the 2 and 3 courses are really good value for what you get serviced.

    1. The pricing is really good for the food quality and portion size.

  40. I am hoping to visit soon, a friend mentioned it before but didnt realise just how gorgeous it looks plus the food looks delicious

    1. I would recommend you try it too. Ha, we’re teaming up on you!!! It is lovely there though.

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