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My FIRST EVER two tier cake – Yes it has a Frozen Theme!

I offered to make a friend a Frozen themed cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday.  She asked me for a two tier cake which I agreed to attempt although totally terrified of the idea having never made one and not wanting to ruin a little girls birthday.  As time drew near I watch videos on youtube to make sure that I had the background knowledge to attempt my creation.

I started off making two sponges one was 8 and the other 9 inches (if you are using figures or wanting to write on the top of the bottom tier you may want to make a smaller top sponge).


Next I halved both, added buttercream and jam sandwiched them together.  The smaller cake shown below was placed on an 8 inch cake board as it was not to show when assembled.


I added buttercream to the outside of each to give me a smooth surface to work with.


Then I added some blue colouring to some fondant icing which was then rolled out to ice each cake.  This covered the cake board for the top tier perfectly.


Each tier then had a diamante ribbon added to it.  The ribbon was quite wide as the supplier sent to wrong one but it still looked lovely when attached to the cake with a thick royal icing paste on the overlapping end.  I then added 5 wooden dowels cut to size in a circle on the bottom cake about 2cm in from where the board from the top layer would end and another in the centre.  The characters were attached with more royal icing and this was also used to give a snow like effect on the bottom cake board and under each figure.  To this I also added a good dusting of white glitter flakes and rainbow dust.

I cut out some stars and stuck those on with royal icing to both layers making sure I covered the joins of the ribbons so it looked tidy.


These were brushed with shimmer dust and rainbow dust.  To ensure an even coverage and a good finish I mixed the dust with a few drops of vodka.  The alcohol evaporates off so you need not be concerned about giving the stars to children.

The end result:


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  1. Love this cake it looks fab my Frozen mad niece would be so jealous if she saw this.

  2. Awww this is so lovely. My nieces love Frozen and I liked the film too 🙂

  3. This is absolutely beautiful and not “over the top” Frozen. I may adapt the idea for a Christmas sponge cake this year – without the characters, it would just look like a wintery scene and I could possibly adapt to put either decorations or Christmas trees on it.

  4. The cake looks amazing. I’ve never managed to make anything look that professional!

  5. Wow you have really inspired me, I lack confidence in creating anything that will be acceptable so always resort to shop bought but nothing ever looks as amazing as something you can create at home. You are really talented.

  6. Oh wow that is fantastic,I also made a frozen cake last month it was fun to do and took 9 hours, how long did it take you to make?

  7. Brilliant effort for a first ever.

  8. Brilliant effort for a first ever go at one.

  9. Great looking cake!

  10. WOW! this cake looks fantastic! I can bake a great cake but I could never decorate it so beautifully!

  11. Oh wow, this is amazing!!!! very good hun x

  12. That’s amazing I should give something like this a try but am not so good at decorating cakes. 🙂

  13. If this is your first effort Mel, then I am VERY impressed. It looks great and I’m sure the satisfaction of making it must have been great too . What were the shape cutters like ? I have asked for some from Santa – actually to make jewellery ( as silver clay is a bit like royal icing before fire it ) and the range of shapes look fab .

    1. I hope Santa brought your cutters, I found them easy to use and if any tried sticking I would sprinkle a little icing sugar.

  14. That looks lovely, I did a Frozen cake for my 7 yr olds birthday at the start of November. But did one of those doll cakes. Covered it in loads of piped buttercream, but fondant looks neater and less time consuming lol.

  15. Wow that’s brilliant. Well done. You could make and sell them

  16. This is a cake to be proud of! I might even attempt one for my daughter on her next birthday!

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