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Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

We are a nation of animal lovers.  Whether it’s cats, dogs, bunnies the list goes on we love our little animal friends.  It doesn’t take long for them to become part of the family rather than just a mere possession.  I remember when I had cats many many years ago and my cats became my confidants, the only ones I felt comfortable talking to when I was bullied at school as I wasn’t being judge or pressured into any form of action.  I would cuddle them and I always felt so much better.  My pets were so much more than pets and honestly if we didn’t have them I’m not sure how I would have coped as the bullying went on for years.  I would have loved to have a dog too but we didn’t have the space although I knew and still know a few who have dogs and their pets are always as excited to see me as I am to see them.

I’m not one for carrying around a pet especially as a dog in a handbag, dress them up or let them sleep on my bed (eeuuuggghhhhh).  Come to think of it that’s probably because I am already carrying around a child with another two in tow so couldn’t cope with the extra baggage.  Some of my friends were discussing a friend dog sitting for another friend this week the one with the dog suggested the other have the dog in her bedroom as the other rooms were not dog safe.  Funnily enough having the dog stay in the bedroom with her wasn’t of interest even though the dog is well trained.  Honestly I don’t blame her as unless washed regularly dogs can smell a little, a bit like children.

You don’t need to have a dog sleep in your room to let them know they are cared for.  Although dogs can’t articulate their love for you they can surely express it through their behaviour and happiness within the home.  Those wagging tails and excited noises are simply adorable although I’m still not keen on the kisses, I was never great with baby drool either I will add.  I think another eeeuuuggghhhh is probably appropriate.

As a caring pet owner, one should consider various things to help enhance their pets quality of life.  Remember, your pet is someone who lives with you and loves unconditionally.  Once invited into your home they become part of your pack as it were.  Their experience within your home will depend solely on you – no pressure, so it is best to do your homework so you can be a more responsible pet owner who can develop a strong bond with their pet.


Like children dogs need things to keep them occupied or they will misbehave.  Toys are great for this and there are so many dog toys on the market.  They are available in a range of colours and some even squeak just like a children’s toy making them that bit more fun for your beloved pooch.


This is important especially if you don’t have a large garden.  Like children dogs tend to be full of energy and you need to let them use this up or else it can become quite destructive within the home.  Walks once or if you can twice a day can be great fun for your dog and also help you stay fit and active.

Keep Their Food Interesting

I’d get fed up if I have to eat the same food over and over on a loop we all would and the same can be said about our pets.  To keep pets well fed with a mixed nutritional intake that covers all the essentials I would consider switching up their diet from time to time.  This is something we do with our bunnies to make life that bit more exciting.  If you can’t afford it you don’t need to provide the premium meals.  Subjecting your pet to the same meal day in day out can mean they are unable to get a wide range of nutrients in their diet which they need to maintain their health and keeping things interesting.

Luckily, some of the food available can serve a purpose. From chewable sticks available with fibrous coatings to help clean the teeth of your dog to treats which can help you reward good behaviour and even facilitate training.  Investing in a varied food supply for your dog can be its reward.


Your pet will feel that it has a defined role in your family if you train it. It is important to establish yourself as a figure of authority and this enables a dog to find its position in the pack/family and it can help with behaviour.  Some prefer to train their dogs themselves.  My friend did this with her dog who is really well behaved but then she was brought up in that environment with her family breeding and training dogs.  For those of us that might not be quite so confident at training a dog there are plenty of professionals out there that can help.  Training is generally enjoyable and over time the benefits that accrue will help you bond with your pet.  You must make sure you find a reputable firm such as Royvon Dog Training who can help accommodate the needs of your animal as each has its own personality and will need to be cared for accordingly.  When I was looking for a company to include google reviews gave them a 4.4 out of 5 so they looked like a great company to include.

For those that have taken in rescue dogs (I have rescue bunnies) it is likely to take a little extra work to help dampen their triggers for aggressive behaviour, a boisterous dog will need more of an active and commanding approach to submit to the training.  Using a training school can be good as having a regular place to train your dog helps them understand the attitude they need to adopt when they enter the facility as well as developing a relationship with the expert tutoring you both.

These tips should help you live with a well behaved pet as well as maximising the enjoyment you feel from both sides of the relationship.

What tips would you advise for a healthy and happy dog?

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  1. My advice would be lots of love. Our dog is a big softie and just wants lots of cuddles and affection!

    1. I agree if you take the time to show them affection it really dos make a difference to them and also has health benefits for us too!

  2. Aw hun sorry to hear about the bullies but I am so pleased that pets helped you through your difficult time. That’s why I love animals because they are so soothing and will always be there for you x

    1. Thanks Ana. Pets are great and can be very affectionate.

  3. I’d assume plenty of exercise and good food would be the best ways to keep a dog happy and healthy x

    1. It sure beats being stuck at home all day and works well for children too.

  4. I loved this post because I’m a dog owner too, so I’ll be definitely using these tips!

    1. Glad you liked it Danasia 😉

  5. I don’t have a dog so I wouldn’t really know! But we would love one in years to come once my kids are older!

    1. I hope you do get to have one. It’s great to have pets.

  6. aww the pooch is cute. my tip for a happy and healthy pooch is to give him love and the best food available. so he can live a good life.

    1. Those are exactly what they need 😉

  7. What a great post to raise awareness for animals. Keeping food interesting is a must :)x

    1. It sure is otherwise life would be really boring.

  8. We would love a dog and we are hoping to get one once we move to a bigger place.

    1. Make sure you remember my tips. Good luck with the move and new family member.

  9. I don’t have a dog anymore but with our old family pooch we’d take him for lots of long walks and give him healthy food to keep him well x

    1. I bet he loved the long walks.

  10. Great tips here! We are hoping to get a dog when we move x

    1. Have fun with your new dog 😉

  11. We don’t have any pets, but I always think of them as being just the same as children. You’ve provided some great tips here for people thinking of getting a dog in the near future 🙂

    Louise x

    1. Thanks. I know a few people getting dogs so thought this might be useful.

  12. If I had a dog I’d pretty much cuddle with it all day long and shower it with lots of love. Providing healthy food and a check up with the vet once in a while would be good too.

    1. They can be great to cuddle. Sounds great I bet you’d be a wonderful pet owner.

  13. I’m actually getting a puppy this month, I’ve had dogs before so I’m back to billy basics with training again. I’ve bought her pooch and mutt treats and food as I’ve heard they are good.

    1. Pooch and Mutt do great food for dogs. Congratulations on the puppy, how exciting!!!

  14. Dogs are such a great addition to a family. Lots of love, food and exercise is just what they need 🙂

    1. Very true. It’s a mix that we all need.

  15. Aw I’ve just moved out of my parents’ home and I’m really missing our dog! He loves his toys and always finds one to bring for you when you come home 🙂

    1. I bet he misses you. Dogs do love their dogs.

  16. My folks don’t own a dog but if they did they would ensure it got enough exercise and good food. Too many pups we see that get locked up at home for hours on end. Bless them x

    1. It is a shame although hard to juggle everything with the hours many people work.

  17. some great tips! I’ve seen people putting their dogs into prams and pushing them around and I guess thats loving them to a whole new level lol. I still find it weird.

    1. I suppose in some ways it’s their baby so you can understand where they are coming from.

  18. Our dog Bailey likes a lot of love, but he’s also never been allowed any of our food as a ‘treat’ – we’ve always been on strict on that. He’s really well behaved at our meal times and doesn’t bat an eyelid when we sit down to dinner.

    1. Glad to hear you are strict with his diet as that’s where many people go wrong.

  19. Good tips and advice. Walks and lots of love is definitely a recipe for a happy dog!

    1. Lots of walks and love are very important.

  20. I would absolutely love to have a dog, but the huge commitment that they require has always put me off. I know I simply have not had the time to fulfill the needs as yet. Plenty of exercise, good food and attention are key to a healthy dog. Not forgetting the regular vet checks for things like monthly meds, and yearly jabs.

    1. Dogs can be costly and a huge commitment so I would advise people to think before getting one. To many are being abandoned or taken in for rehoming.

  21. I am a massive animal lover and I adore dogs- this was very useful as I find it hard to keep them healthy but having fun at the same time so thank you! 🙂

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