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Unicorn Jewellery At Lily Charmed

It’s National Unicorn Day today which of course you will all know having read my first post that went live earlier today.  For those that missed it make sure you have a read.  If you have ever searched for unicorn goodies online then you will be aware that the number of products available can be quite overwhelming.  I was pleased to discover the great Unicorn Jewellery At Lily Charmed.

Having done a search myself for my earlier post proclaiming this fabulous day I discovered that there were the most adorable unicorn necklaces over at Lily Charmed. Better still when I phoned them to share the wonderful news and suggest a collaboration they had just added another item to the product list: unicorn earrings.  This was clearly meant to be.  The unicorns with their magical abilities had obviously brought us together and immediately after I began writing this post.

Now for those that are unaware (normally more the males of our species) Unicorns are fabulous magical creatures that look like horses with a single horn protruding from their head.  Like this:

Photo credit: Pixabay

Unicorn Facts

Did you know:

Seeing a unicorn will bring you good luck.

Pureblood unicorns do not have wings.

Unicorns horns and tears have the ability to heal.  All they need to do is touch a wound with either and it will heal instantly.

Unicorns horns are called Alicorns.

Unicorns are highly intelligent and can sense the emotions of others.

I spoke with a lovely lady at Lily Charmed whose arm I twisted to get you guys a fab competition.  Only joking, she was just as excited as me to discover there was a National Unicorn day (clearly a kindred spirit) and was very pleased to have me spread the word of their fabulous unicorn necklaces which come in 925 sterling silver (£35) or gold plated sterling silver (£47).  These are also available with child length chains or longer chains.  If you want to make this more personal you can add a letter charm.

By coincidence, they had just added unicorn earrings to the site.  What are the chances of that!!!  The earrings are great to create a set but also make a great gift on their own too.  Like the necklaces, they are available in both 925 sterling silver (£23) or gold plated sterling silver (£32).  They measure 7x8mm with the butterfly clasp fastening.


As I was on the site I thought I’d take a look and see what other magical creatures I would find.  It couldn’t help myself.


Sure enough, I found Fairies!!!  These were available in 925 sterling silver and had a mix of options; a necklace (£32), studs (£23) or studs with a magic message (£23).  The earrings were 16x8mm with butterfly clasp fastening.



The magic didn’t end there though.  I also found a mermaid necklace in 925 sterling silver with adult and child length options for the chains.  I can only imagine how popular these must be, so many little girls love mermaids including my own.  This costs £32 for the standard 40cm to 45cm length.



Last but not least was an adorable 925 sterling silver dragon.  There is the same option available with this as with the other necklaces – to add a letter to personalise it which costs an additional £10.


All Lily Charmed gifts come with a card which they’ll print with your personal message if you wish to include one and presented in a beautiful gift box tied with ribbon and if you are sending directly to your gift recipient and prefer not to show the price, please select the ‘gift receipt’ option at the checkout.

I was really impressed at the range of magical creatures available in necklace form and the new addition earrings too.  Whilst I was on the phone I did what I often do and something I know you all love me for, I asked if it was possible to host a competition for one of you to win a gold or silver unicorn (winners choice) in celebration of National Unicorn Day!

So here we have it.  Want to win one of these beautiful unicorns?  The winner can choose whether they want gold or silver and if they’d prefer a standard or child length chain.


Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions are here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.  All those in the UK are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there – thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily entry options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my FAB competitions.

Terms & conditions on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!


Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I love the unicorn necklace and earrings! They are so cute!

    1. I’m in total agreement they are really nice x

  2. i hope i win i’d love the silver unicorn it’s so pretty

    1. It’s a great piece of jewellery. I love it too!

  3. I love the unicorn necklace…I’m really thinking for my niece but may need to keep it for myself haha. Who doesn’t love unicorns?!

    1. Exactly, everyone loves them 🙂

  4. I love the fairy necklace and earrings, I was fairy obsessed when i was a little girl and now daughter is the same

    1. Same here it’s great isn’t it to have magic in our childhood and also as adults where we can.

  5. All beautiful I think my favourite is the silver dragon x

    1. It is really cute isn’t it. I love that piece.

  6. Beautiful

  7. I love the Unicorn Silver Earrings – they’re magical!

    1. The unicorns are a new addition to the site but clearly very popular as the look great.

  8. the sterling silver dragon is absolutly lush I love it!

    1. I know, isn’t it the cutest!!!

  9. I love the unicorn head stud silver earings, they would look fab on me!! Many thanks….

    1. I’m sure they would they are really lovely.

  10. I think I like the Mermaid pendant best, but it’s such a close run thing with the Unicorn pendant I am struggling to decide.

    1. It i hard to choose isn’t it. They all look great.

  11. I love the fairy earrings, I like wearing studs and the design is lovely.

    1. It is a great design. They look like great earrings.

  12. I would say the 925 silver unicorn necklace, it is very pretty and my SO would love

    1. It is a great piece They seem to have a really good range of jewellery on the site.

  13. I love the silver unicorn necklace. So beautiful.

    1. It is a stunning piece Leila.

  14. I love the fairy jewellery as I know that my granddaughter would love to wear them

    1. I think you’d be right they are really cute.

  15. I’m torn between the unicorn necklace and the unicorn earrings!

    1. Lol, easy solution there, both – why settle for one 🙂

  16. I like the fairy necklace,it’s so elegant and sweet.

    1. It is lovely and everyone loves faeries x

  17. Love the beautiful silver unicorn necklace

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it.

  18. I love the silver earrings

  19. The unicorn necklace is uniquely beautiful and stands out wonderfully.

  20. I really like the gold unicorn necklace, I could really imagine wearing that to work.

  21. my grandaughter would love the unicorn necklace, its very beautiful

  22. The silver Unicorn is very pretty, Ellie would love it!

  23. They all look amazing
    Thankyou very much

  24. I love the unicorn studs. Simple design but very classy

  25. I really like the unicorn collection, but for me, the dragon has got to be my favourite!

    1. It is a great piece. I love that one too.

  26. I’d love the unicorn necklace for my unicorn loving daughter Lily x

    1. It’s a lovely necklace.

  27. I love the fairy set

  28. The beautiful unicorn necklace would be lovely, count me in

  29. I love both the unicorn necklace and the earrings. But I think the necklace wins over both of them.

  30. I love the unicorn necklace its so different, the fairys are close behind

  31. The silver unicorn necklace. It’s so delicate and pretty. 🙂

  32. The mermaid necklace is beautiful, so elegant

  33. My favourite item is the Sllver Unicorn necklace

  34. i would love the fairy set because ive just always liked them even from a kid x

  35. Lovely blog post. I am obsessed with unicorns and jewellery at the mo so this is a great combination!

  36. The unicorn necklace is gorgeous. My daughter would love it

  37. I love them all but most of all I’m loving the dragon as always had a dragon obsession!

  38. I like the fairy set with both the necklace and the earrings

  39. I like the gold tone unicorn necklace. I believe in unicorns.

  40. I’d love to gift the silver plated unicorn necklace to a friend who’s unicorn obsessed! She would adore it

  41. The silver unicorn just edges it, but they are all lovely.

  42. i really love the mermaid necklace! then the unicorn closely second x

  43. The silver unicorn necklace is lovely. My niece would love this

  44. I love the unicorn necklace. 🙂 It reminds me of my childhood obsession with my little pony >.< I had it all over my room and collected all the figures too. I love anything to do with horses, unicorns and centaurs.

  45. I love the silver dragon because I know someone who would really really love it

  46. I love the silver Mermaid necklace, it’s really pretty and unique!

  47. I like the mermaid pendant and necklace, pretty.

  48. I prefer the fairy necklace and earrings, they are super cute 🙂

  49. I love the silver unicorns. So, so pretty!

  50. I love the unicorn necklace and earrings, and I’m sure my daughter would love them too

  51. I adore the silver unicorn necklace!

  52. I love the mermaid necklace, it’s so pretty!

    1. It is a great necklace perfect as a gift.

  53. I adore the unicorn studs, they are absolutely stunning!

  54. Know my daughter would love the Silver Dragon x

  55. The gold unicorn is beautiful, my Daughter would love it xx

  56. I really like the silver unicorn necklace…It is so pretty x

  57. I absolutely love the unicorn necklace and earrings.

  58. I’d pick the silver unicorn necklace my daughter would love it!

  59. I love the mermaid necklace, but am a sucker for anything mermaid related. The unicorn one is also very pretty.

  60. The Fairy necklace and earrings are really pretty and fun!

  61. The unicorn is so magical perfect for my princess Macey my granddaughter

  62. I love fairies .mermaids and unicorns. Lovely giveaway and what a treat if I won as closing date is my 65th birthday. Ouch! Lol

  63. I love them all – my favourite is the mermaid.

  64. The silver unicorn necklace and earrings, they look so beautiful. I’d give them to my daughter.

  65. The unicorn earrings are very quirky and cool, I love them , thanks for the chance

  66. The unicorn earrings

    1. They are a new addition to the site.

  67. Love the silver unicorn personally I always think silver is quite mystical and with so many myths attached to it however they are all nice!

  68. The unicorn necklace is absolutely beautiful and would make a lovely gift for my step daughter x

  69. they are all lovely but i love the mermaid necklace

    1. Me too it’s great isn’t it 🙂

  70. Stunning! Love I love the jewelley you have featured it’s gorgeous.

    1. They do have some great jewellery x

  71. I love the Fairies necklace & earrings. Cute 💕

  72. Love the unicorns. Xx

  73. I love the Unicorn stud earrings, perfect for my grandaughter

    1. They are adorable aren’t they!

  74. how am i supposed to choose?! they are all fab.. i think my fave is the fairies though!

  75. i love the fairy jewellery the most although its all gorgeous but im a real fairy lover and collector of all things fairy, from mugs to posters to figurines i am just a huge fairy fan.

  76. Today I’m loving the unicorn studs. They are sooo me!

  77. Definitely the unicorn necklace. It’s so cute and pretty

  78. What a fab selection of jewellery for anyone who loves these mythical creatures.

  79. The unicorn necklace is lovely

  80. The silver unicorn earrings are amazing – I’d love these

  81. The lovely silver dragon , I have always had a bit of a thing for dragons 🙂

  82. Love the Unicorn necklace. My Grand-daughter would love this

  83. I like the fairy necklace because it is so pretty

  84. the silver unicorn earings are lovely but then again so are all the pieces!

  85. I love them all but the unicorn earrings are the best, I would be proud to wear these

  86. I like the unicorn pendant as I think my niece would love it.

  87. I think I like the dragon the most and my niece would too.

  88. i would love the mermaid necklace for my daughter as she loves swimming

  89. I love the unicorn necklace. If I win I will give it to my daughter as she LOVES unicorns!

  90. It’s all so magical, so hard to decide. Think I’ll say the fairy necklace, which my daughter would love – and who doesn’t need a bit of fairy magic in their lives!

  91. I love the mermaid necklace as I think it is the prettiest of them all.

  92. I really like the fairy necklace and earrings set they are so pretty .

  93. Well, my granddaughter is a great unicorn fan. I prefer the gold plated one, but I’d like to give her the choice.

  94. The unicorns are absolutely gorgeous – I know a young lady who would love them!

  95. The Mermaid Necklace looks lovely and would be a great addition to my jewellery box.

  96. The fairy necklace and earrings are lovely, very pretty

  97. This would be the hardest choice as they are all beautiful. I think I would go for either the mermaid or the unicorn.

  98. My favourite of the eight pieces is the ‘Fairies’.

  99. Stunning!

  100. My personal favourite is the the silver dragon pendant.

  101. My favourite is the sterling silver fairy pendant.

  102. Unicorns are a timeless accessory for all ages.

  103. They are all very pretty but I think my favourites are the fairy earrings, love anything with wings.

  104. I love anything unicorn despite being 31… Jewellery and headbands are my fav

  105. These are all lovely, especially the unicorn!

  106. Has to be the silver dragon for me, I just love anything with a dragon on

  107. I love the silver unicorn necklace

  108. lovely giveaway – my favourite items are the fairy necklace and ear studs – very dainty

  109. I think my favourite is the unicorn necklace, it’s hard to choose!

  110. The silver unicorn is absolutely gorgeous it looks amazing great piece of jewellery

  111. beautiful! would love to win any of these for my daughter 😀

  112. I think my 12 year old daughter would adore the unicorn earrings!

  113. id love to win the unicorn necklace for my granddaughter, she would be over the moon with this

  114. I love the mermaid pendant the most – it would make the perfect present for my friend

  115. The unicorn is my favourite – though the dragon is a very,very close second. All the pieces are really lovely.

  116. I love the silver dragon the most! I love dragons and I really love this one 🙂 (I was also born in the year of the dragon ;))

  117. The silver unicorn looks lovely and I would love to win it.

  118. I like the earrings the best! They are very cute!

  119. I love the unicorn necklace and earrings

  120. I love the silver unicorn necklace, I would have to give it to my daughter who is unicorn mad!

  121. I love the dragon necklace – it is so unusual

  122. I absolutely love the mermaid necklace, one of my favourite stories as a kid was The Little Mermaid and now I live by the sea.

  123. My daughter loves the unicorn collection, but I love the Fairies 🙂

  124. I love the unicorn earrings, they are so delicate and pretty!

  125. So hard to choose. Amelia would love the fairy or unicorn, but because I’m Welsh I would choose the dragon.

  126. The silver unicorn is gorgeous. A real treat.

  127. I love the cute set of fairy earrings and necklace

  128. I love the sterling silver dragon necklace. Thanks for the competition.

  129. hard to choose fairy or mermaid love both i go mermaid

  130. The Unicorn necklace is ace. Ari would love it. She’s been obsessed with Unicorns ever since she found out they were Scotand’s national animal.

  131. The silver unicorn is beautiful.

  132. The silver unicorn necklace is stunning. Think I would share with my daughter it’s so pretty and she loves unicorns.

  133. Lily Charmed do have beautiful jewellery, I particularly like their necklaces with quotes.

  134. My daughter is soooo into unicorns at the moment I would have to choose the unicorn charm x

  135. I think the unicorn pendant in silver is absolutley breathtaking

  136. They are all stunning but I really love the fairies necklace, so dainty and cute <3

  137. The fairy necklace is very lovely, as is the unicorn

  138. the unicorn necklace is lovely and one I know my daughter would adore.

  139. I like the silver unicorn necklace the best

  140. I like the mermaid. There’s not enough mermaids in the world!

  141. I love them all but I do think that my favourite is the unicorn

  142. love them

  143. Unicorns are the animal representing Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  144. love the unicorn necklace the most it so magical looking

  145. The silver unicorn are so unique and stunning!! I like this very much!!!

  146. I absolutely love the fairy necklace, remind me of my gran.

  147. How beautiful. This would make an amazing gift for my daughter 😻😽😻

  148. The unicorn stud earring look so pretty, would love them myself : )

    1. They are adorable. Good choice.

  149. The silver unicorn because it is just so beautiful

  150. Easy i know my daughter Lily would love the unicorn silver necklace

  151. I think the mermaid necklace is very cute indeed!!

    1. Great choice it is lovely 🙂

  152. Beautiful pendant

  153. I absolutely love the silver dragon x

    1. It’s a cute piece, I love it too x

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