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OMG, today is National Unicorn Day 2018!!!!!

OMG, today is National Unicorn Day!!!!!

I had no idea such a day existed until recently but I am glad it does, I mean who doesn’t like unicorns right!!!  For all little lovers of things dedicated to unicorns (and young at heart) I am writing this post.  There are so many great unicorn goodies out there you wouldn’t realise were available.  We don’t have many ourselves just yet although I’m guessing that after my kiddies see this post our unicorn collection will magically grow.

We got our hands on a Fairy Garden a little while back which was great fun to prepare and grow.  It was a lovely magical idea and the children were obsessed with it.  They would keep checking to see if we had be visited by a fairy which was so cute.  The guys that brought us the Fairy Garden have now added a Unicorn Garden to their product list!!! I know how good is that!  I found them at John Lewis and Smyths for £14.99.  These are great for imaginative play.

One thing we do have is a unicorn onesie!!!!  I bought one for my eldest from George  and it’s super cosy and lovely to snuggle up in.  They seem to be on offer at the moment too there so have them for £8 instead of £11 at the moment.  Just to add she doesn’t normally run around parks in a unicorn onesie, in case you were wondering.

All little girls love jewellery, and Interplay have only gone and made it even more fun by creating Unicorn Charm Jewellery!  I know, how cool is that!  This is the ultimate in creative play for jewellery lovers.  Kids can create their own bracelets and necklaces with pretty, sparkly beads and a range of great charms.  I found this over on their website for £9.99.

For the hardcore unicorn fans this Starlight the unicorn duvet cover from Matalan is exactly what you need.  It’s pink and sparkly!!!!  Yes, I was squealing with delight – I want one, although I doubt my husband wouldn’t be impressed.  I don’t think some men get the unicorn fascination lol.  The price of this varies from £14 to £18 depending on the size.

Lily Charmed have the most fabulous unicorn necklaces available for children (and adult sizes).  These are available in gold plated sterling silver (£44) or 925 sterling silver (£33).  In addition they’ve just added unicorn stud earrings to their collection available like the necklaces in either silver (£23) or gold plated (£32).  Watch out for my next post (coming straight after this one) to find out how to win a unicorn necklace.

Monsoon have an adorable unicorn dress for mini fashionista which is super cute.  The cute sequin top is sure to be a winner with little ladies and perfect to wear on cooler days.  The price ranges from £25 to £27 depending on the size.


Baby Born Interactive Unicorn Doll

My inner child was reaching for the screen of course when I saw this shouting “Want it!!”  It not only looks great as a toy it’s also interactive, it couldn’t get any better could it.  You can brush her hair and her horn lights up and plays music.  Google came to my assistance and found it for me at Tesco Direct for £34.99 which isn’t bad when you consider the joy on a child’s face on opening up the packaging to find a unicorn inside and of course the hours of creative play it will provide.

The list of unicorn themed merchandise goes on and there are so many items that I could have included but then I’d never have prepared the post in time.

Now I discovered that it was National Unicorn day from a lovely lady over at Interplay and as you guys know I love to look after you all so I asked if I could host a competition  and I’m pleased to announced she said yes!!!!

These guys are being super generous with not one but two prizes for one lucky winner.  If you have kids, nieces, grand children, know any children at all that you want to make smile then you have to enter this.

The winner will be sent:

1 x Unicorn Garden

1 x Unicorn Charm Jewellery (pictured in the post) with which you can make some great jewellery like this:

I’m excited for you.

Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions if needed can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.  All those in the UK are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there – thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily entry options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my FAB competitions.

Terms and conditions can be found on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This Post Has 208 Comments

  1. My favourite product has to be the unicorn dress from Monsoon

    1. I do love that dress.

  2. I love the unicorn bed set from matalan,hope they have it in m local store as my daughter would will love it 🙂

    1. I’m thinking of checking myself and taking my daughters to get some.

  3. My daughter would love the unicorn garden

    1. It looks great doesn’t it!

  4. My Granddaughter is such a mini fashionista & would adore the unicorn dress

    1. It looks so cue doesn’t it!

    2. The unicorn bed set is lovely my daughter would love it

  5. My daughter loves the Baby Born interactive unicorn doll

    1. I looks like fun doesn’t it!

  6. I love the unicorn duvet cover. So pretty.

  7. The unicorn garden would look lovely beside my daughter’s play house!

    1. It would be a perfect addition for a little one to play with.

  8. Oh my we just love unicorns <3 but i think my favourite is the unicorn garden as my two just love imaginative play and creating things!

    1. It sounds like this would be perfect for them then x

  9. I love the unicorn dress- my daughter would adore this!

    1. I agree it’s is a lovely dress.

  10. I like the Monsoon unicorn dress – it’s very cute!

    1. It sure is. Ideal for any little girl.

  11. Happy unicorn day!!

    1. Thanks Debbie, you too x

  12. Happy unicorn day!!

    1. Thanks Debbie, you too x

  13. The Monsoon sequin unicorn dress is lovely, I know a little girl who would really love it.

    1. I think mine would both love it. I’m sure it will sell out fast!

  14. I really love the unicorn bedding, it really makes the room inviting, a little girls dream bed !

    1. I totally agree it would help make a perfect bedroom for a little girl.

  15. I love the garden! What a fab introduction into gardening and outdoors for kids.

    1. I totally agree it is a great introduction that is also fun too.

  16. I like the unicorn garden best, my daughter has a fairy garden and really loves it so the unicorn garden would combine that with her love of unicorns!

    1. If she loves the other then she will certainly love this one. they’re so magical.

  17. I think my daughter would love the sparkly unicorn dress best x

    1. It’s a nice dress, good choice.

  18. I love the unicorn bedding and I know that my granddaughter would just love it too

    1. It’s perfect to create a magical bedroom look.

  19. I like the Unicorn garden,it would be fun to make.

    1. This are good fun for little ones. They can play with them daily which is great for imaginative play.

  20. I love the unicorn dress! Such a cute thing, could see my niece insisting she has to wear that everywhere.

  21. The Unicorn Garden, my daughter would love this, she has a huge imagination

  22. I love the unicorn necklace it is really beautiful and pretty x

  23. The unicorn dress from monsoon is lovely

  24. The unicorn dress is absolutely lovely. Some unicorn things can be a bit too in your face, but this is gorgeous.
    Will pop into monsoon next time I am passing, my youngest would love it

  25. The unicorn necklace is fabulous

  26. I would love to win a Unicorn Garden for my granddaughter

  27. the baby born interactive unicorn doll is rather fab

    1. Isn’t it just. I loved the look of it!

  28. I like the duvet set, our covers are pretty threadbare and these would be very popular

    1. It would make a great addition to a bedroom.

  29. The unicorn bed set is great.

  30. I like the Unicorn Garden, it looks so pretty and lots of fun

  31. we love the unicorn bedding would look fab in my daughters bedroom

  32. My favourite item is the Fairy Unicorn Garden

  33. My daughter and I love unicorns, she would adore the unicorn garden!

  34. My favourite product is the jumper, my daughter would look adorable in it!

  35. I love the unicorn jumper. It would look great with jeans on my daughter.

  36. I love the duvet cover…my niece would also love it but she would have to fight me for it haha x

  37. the unicorn dress is absolutely gorgeous, wish i was small enough to wear it lol x

  38. I can imagine my daughter loving all of these but she has just discovered the joy of sparkly, sequined clothing so she’d love the unicorn dress.

  39. Fave has to be the unicorn dress, just so cute and I know a little someone who would love to wear it

  40. I Love the bedding set , my daughter is obsessed with unicorns she would love it too ❤

  41. I love the unicorn bedding , I will have to check it out in Matalan later.

  42. I love the pretty colourful beaded bracelet, it’s cute and would look lovely on my great niece 🙂

  43. I believe in unicorns

  44. This is such a magical collection, My daughter Heidi adores unicorns, I know she would love the unicorn garden but I am loving the Unicorn bracelet, Heidi would love to wear it 🙂

  45. i really love the unicorn jumper best its so sparkly!

  46. The Unicorn garden set is a very decorative item.

  47. I love the unicorn garden I like the plant series where you make your own little pot gardens and never mind the kids I want them lol. I do love the unicorn dress too

  48. omg the monsoon unicorn dress would look amazing on my little girly!!! do they do it in my size too?!

  49. The unicorn dress from monsoon is absolutely gorgeous

  50. My favourite is the unicorn garden. My granddaughter loves “helping” her daddy in the garden so I’m sure she’d love this.

  51. I love the Unicorn Garden as I think my kids would have a lot of fun with it.

  52. I’d give these to my 3 year old!

  53. i love the unicorn bedding

  54. The onesie and Monsoon Unicorn jumper are gorgeous x

  55. The unicorn bedding is the prettiest, and the most practical.

    1. It is a good choice for little ones.

  56. I love the sequin unicorn long sleeve top!

    1. It’s pretty fab isn’t it!

  57. The Unicorn Bedset for me, its gorgeous, love the colours

  58. I love the Lily Charmed sterling silver unicorn necklace lovely item to gift a child!

    1. It sure is. i think most would love this and cherish it x

  59. I think the Unicorn garden is absolutely adorable, any child would love it! And adults too 😉

  60. I love the unicorn garden such a original and unique idea plus so pretty be great for my daughter Charlie x

  61. I absolutely adore the Monsoons unicorn dress, it’s gorgeous!

  62. The Unicorn garden is so adorable… Love it x

  63. I love the adorable unicorn dress from Monsoon

  64. The unicorn garden looks magical, fantastic for imaginative play!

  65. I love the bedding- so pretty. I think my own daughter would love it, even though she’s 17 now! It would be better suited to my little niece though.

  66. I love everything Unicorn but from what you have mentioned I do love the duvet set x

  67. I really like the unicorn necklace in silver, think my daughters would love it too.

  68. I love the Monsoon Unicorn dress, perfect for my grand-daughter

  69. Definitely the lily charmed unicorn necklace I would love this for my daughter Sheriah

  70. I think everyday is a national something day lol I do love unicorns.

  71. I love the unicorn dress, it’s super cute and I would wear it myself! I love unicorns !

  72. I love the Monsoon top. It’s stunning! I do love a bit of sparkle!

  73. Love the unicorn garden just adding something mythical to something practical perfect!

  74. The unicorn garden looks so much fun to create – I would love one!

  75. I love the unicorn jewellery from Lily Charmed!

    My niece would love this prize!

  76. love the duvet cover so lovely and cute

  77. I love the unicorn bedset and cushion-its adorable

  78. the unicorn bedset looks very cute and colourful

  79. loving the unicorn onesie

  80. The Unicorn Dress is nice. My daughter would love that

  81. I absolutely love the dress from monsoon! Unicorns AND sparkles – amazing!

  82. Monsoon’s unicorn dress looks lovely and eye-catching but I’m not sure my little boy would be too happy wearing it. Unicorn toys are very cool though!

  83. I love the dress, it is so pretty

  84. my niece would love the unicorn garden set

  85. i love the unicorn bedding set, wow how fab i can see this on my grand daughters bed who is a huge unicorn fan.

  86. Like the Unicorn Garden – my niece would love this – nice to do in the summer x

  87. They are all lovely unicorn items but I love the duvet set.

  88. I like the Unicorn bedset because my granddaughter would adore this

  89. These are all great as I love unicorns, but my favourite is the Unicorn Garden. I’d love to make it with the kids

  90. wow the unicorn bedding

  91. My daughter would love the duvet set.

  92. I’d love to win this giveaway

  93. The Monsoon unicorn dress is so cute my daughter would love to wear that!

  94. these are all gorgeous. my daughter would love the unicorn jumper the most

  95. I love the unicorn bedding set, it is so cute

  96. I love the Unicorn sequin jumper! I think my little girl would love it too

  97. I think that the Monsoon unicorn dress is fabulous.

  98. looks like you love unicorns as much as we do! I personally adore that jumper but my daughter would love so many of the other items x

  99. l love the Unicorn garden which would be for my grand daughter and l have no doubt she would love it! She loves everything Unicorn or Fairies x

  100. the unicorn garden would be loved by my granddaughters

  101. I think my niece would love the sequin top.

  102. I like the onesie

  103. I love the unicorn garden. The perfect activity for summer.

  104. I love the Lily Charmed Unicorn Necklace 🙂 I actually had a similar one as a child, though mine was a horse!

    1. I think those were popular when I was little too x

  105. I love the charm jewellery and my niece would enjoy making this.

    1. It’s perfect to keep children busy.

  106. My favourite is the Lily Charmed Unicorn necklace.

    1. It’s lovely isn’t it!!!

  107. My favourite of the bunch is the unicorn garden.

  108. I really like the Lily Charmed unicorn necklace.

    1. It’s a love piece x

  109. The uni pen dress is beautiful. My daughter would love it

    1. It’s a great dress.

  110. My granddaughter would love the unicorn garden

    1. Isn’t it lovely. It’s perfect for the warmer weather too to play outside with.

  111. I love the dress from Monsoon, I can just picture my girls in it.

  112. They’re all lovely but probably the unicorn dress from Monsoon.

  113. My daughter would adore the unicorn dress, but I think I want the duvet set for myself.

  114. I really love the unicorn garden would love to do this with my grandaughter who is unicorn mad 🙂

  115. I got my daughter some unicorn bedding from argos she loves it 😊

  116. I think the unicorn garden would be wonderful for any child.

  117. My Granddaughter would love the unicorn duvet cover . She loves unicorns and pink is her favourite colour with added sparkle it ticks all the boxes

  118. i love the unicorn dress from monsoon

  119. The Unicorn bedding set from Matalan is my favourite it’s so pretty x

  120. my mum loves the unicorn dress from monsoon

  121. I would love the unicorn duvet set for when my Granddaughter comes to stay over 😀

  122. Beautiful unicorn items I love the unicorn bedding from Matalan and the Unicorn garden is so cute.

  123. I really love the Unicorn bedding – my daughter would adore it

  124. The gorgeous unicorn dress, my granddaughter would never want to wear anything else

  125. I love the monsoon unicorn 🦄 dres sit would look great with leggings and ankle boots.

  126. That’s a hard decision they are all lovely. But if I had to choose it would probably be the necklace

  127. Unicorn Duvet cover is so pretty, I’m sure my daughter would love it a lot 🙂

  128. I like the unicorn garden the best, its so sweet. I’d want to keep it for myself!

  129. My middle son is obsessed with unicorns and MLP he would love the onsie

  130. my grandaughter would love all of these x

  131. I’m completely with you. I love everything unicorn related

  132. I asked my daughter to take a look and she said she loves them all but the bedding set is her favourite.

  133. I love the monsoon unicorn dress. Would look so cute with some tights and boots. My daughter loves it too!

  134. I think it would have to be the unicorn dress – my step daughter would love it!

  135. The Unicorn Garden is so sweet. My granddaughter would love this and i wouldn’t mind one for myself!

  136. I love the unicorn garden and I think that my granddaughter would too xx

  137. I have unicorn dress and necklace.

  138. That dress and bracelet set looks really cute!

  139. The charm jewellery because my niece would love wearing it.

  140. I love the Unicorn Garden – it’s so cute and my girls love planting things in the garden so to have a little one of their own to look after would be fab!

  141. The unicorn dress from monsoon x

  142. I love the unicorn dress. I just wish they made it for grown up unicorn lovers too!!

  143. i think my grandaughter would love the unicorn garden and necklace she loves unicorns

  144. The unicorn dress is lovely. My little granddaughter would love this.

  145. The unicorn dress is really pretty. My twin girls would love it and the necklace.

  146. definately the unicorn dress

  147. My son is the unicorn fan of our house. He would love any of those things but really likes unicorn onesies, he has two already.

  148. I love the unicorn necklace, it’s simple yet elegant and would suit an adult or child xx

  149. We love the “born to sparkle” duvet set, well you have to, don’t you.

  150. My favourite unicorn product in the post is the gorgeous Monsoon Unicorn dress

  151. My grand-daughter has been after a unicorn garden for such a long time.

  152. Superb items, my children would love them all.

  153. Love the Unicorn bedding

  154. My daughter loves unicorn and making things so this is perfect x

  155. The interactive unicorn doll looks amazing – trouble is my daughter would be having to get it back from me because I would steal it all the time 🙂

  156. I absolutely love the Unicorn dress from Monsoon, both of my daughters would live in this if they had one!

  157. The unicorn dress is a must for my girls, so sparkly!

  158. My niece would love the garden!

  159. My niece would love this x

  160. I love the bedding, it would look lovely in my little girls bedroom (and even mine if they do it in a double)

  161. the unicorn garden is something a bit differnt and looks great

  162. love the unicorn gret dress. very sparkly

  163. my daughter would definitely love the unicorn garden – she loves to help in the garden and a great unicorn fan 🙂

  164. These all look amazing. Not sure which I like most.

  165. I love the Unicorn Charm Jewellery kit. The kit let’s the kids to make their own jewellery AND it features unicorns. What’s not to love! I know my daughter would love to get creative with it.

  166. would love the unicorn bedding for my daughter x

    1. It would make any little girls room magical.

  167. I love the unicorn garden it looks amazing and fun!

    1. It’s a great idea isn’t i x

  168. oh my grandaughter would love the duvet set she is besoted with unicorns and fairies

  169. My daughter loves the Lily Charmed Unicorn necklace – but she also loves a lot of the other great items! Thanks for the competition.

  170. my niece loves unicorns and i would love to win the jumper for her

  171. i love all of it xx

  172. I love the cute unicorn garden

  173. I love the unicorn bedding set from Matalan. My daughter would love it too!

  174. the unicorn bed set my daughter would adore it.

  175. The unicorn dress I think our 2 youngest daughters would both love it!

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