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Simple Storage Solutions For Every Room

Storage: the ongoing universal problem.

The majority of us struggle with it, I know my husband and I did when we were preparing our property prior to moving in.  Those who do have things under control are forever a source of envy.  If you have a family, a clean and ordered home fast becomes a thing of the past.  This I discovered when I had my children.  Instead, you climb or trip over piles of toys to get wherever you’re going.

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Having a cluttered home really does seem to give you a cluttered mind. Your tranquil space can become a headache in no time at all. Soon, you may dread coming home, let’s face it it’s not going to tidy itself. The good news is, this problem is easy to solve if you turn your mind to it. Bear in mind that some rooms are more susceptible than others. We’re going to look at the main offenders and some storage solutions for each.


(Doesn’t this look like heaven? Mine looks like a tornado has hit it most days.)

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In most homes, the living room is the worst place for clutter yet it’s where you go to relax. How can you even consider relaxing if the floor is covered in toys? In truth, the living room is where the family congregates. It’s where your children play,  and before you know it the room has become messy.  Honestly, how do they do it? Something what takes 20 or more minutes to tidy takes seconds to make it look like it has been hit by a heard of toddlers. The good news is, a few easy solutions should solve the problem. You need to find places, other than the floor to store / hide the clutter. Preferably somewhere out of the way! If toys are your problem, get a toy box. Your kids may have one in their rooms, but the trip upstairs can sometimes stop them from cleaning. If the box is right there, they have no excuse not to clear away. If you don’t like the idea of a toy box being in the way, you could get inventive. Why not slide boxes under the sofa, or use an understair cupboard if you have one?


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A family bathroom can become cluttered through no fault of your own. If you all have different hair products and body washes, the side of your bath can start to resemble a chemistry lab. Look for bathroom furniture online to solve the problem. Storage units in the bathroom may never have been a priority before, but times have changed. The neat design of a lot of the options means they can work, even in a small bathroom. If your kids also like toys while they’re in the bath, find somewhere to keep them. You may not want to clutter your storage unit with these. Instead, you could buy a shower hammock to keep them in.


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The best chef would struggle to function in a cluttered kitchen. If you’re struggling to make top quality food for your family, it’s past time you dealt with the problem. First, clean out your cupboards. When a kitchen is in use, the cupboards fast become disordered. A jumbled cupboard is a lot harder to navigate. As such, you may leave things on the side instead of finding space for them. It’s also worth getting a hanging rack. This can be a fantastic feature, and offers space for anything from knives, to pots and pans.

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How do you keep your rooms tidy?

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  1. I always de clutter my home but never lasts long theres always something that gets taken out of storage and never gets put back .

    1. Same here but if you have special storage areas in place I found it can make it far easier.

  2. I really want to get a storage bench to keep all the toys in order and have a place to sit too.

    1. That’s a great idea as it’s multi purpose.

  3. We have the same problem there are 5 of us in a two bedroom maisonette so storage is an absolute nightmare, there are some fan ideas here xxx

  4. I am a nightmare for clutter! I tend to move it from room to room! My family are a messy bunch and I’m tired pleading with them to tidy up after themselves! I try to keep boxes downstairs for toys and shoes etc etc but it always manages to end up everywhere!

    1. Lol, it really is hard work I feel your pain. I have 3 mess makers!!!

  5. My room always seems to get messy super quick no matter how many times I declutter it lol. I like the idea of having additional storage units that will surely help thank you x

    1. It’s amazing how much of a difference they can make.

  6. The bathroom is stunning, I’m obsessed. When I become a homeowner, I’m going to strive to make my place look like the photos! x

    1. Lol, not always so easy when children come into the equation.

  7. Decluttering never lasts long in our home I’m always trying to come up with better storage solutions. Our living room is the one I struggle with the most.

    1. It can be very hard especially when you have children. I think most struggle with that room x

  8. My home is so cluttered because I live in a shared house so my room is the main place where I can store all my stuff – lots of it is under the bed!

    1. That’s were loads of our stuff goes but doing clear outs often can help.

  9. Wow love that bathroom – looks incredible and there is plenty of storage here, which is exactly what I need lol 🙂 x

    1. All I know is, the more storage the better.

  10. Some great ideas, thank you! Making storage space a priority can help enormously in keeping the rest of the house a peaceful environment. It’s well worth trading off a bit of space to keep the remainder clear.

    1. It’s true it can make a really big difference.

  11. I find that clutter end up in my bedroom once the rest of the house is tidied!

    1. Lol, you might be able to sell some of it x

  12. That bathroom and kitchen are so neat and pretty! House goals for sure. I agree with you on decluttering and having storages to make the house look better.

    1. I need to declutter my kitchen at the moment 😉

  13. One thing I need to do on a regular is have clear outs before it gets too mad within the home. I love having clear outs it’s therapeutic for me lol.

    1. Me too but I try to do them when the children are at school as it’s much easier then.

  14. I always try and put things away and only have decorative items on display as it makes me feel calmer x

    1. It really does work doesn’t it. I feel so much calmer when it’s nice and tidy.

  15. Last year a friend gave me Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up. I can’t even tell you what a difference it’s made in my life. We got rid of so much stuff and haven’t missed any of it. I listened to a podcast recently where she was interviewed and said it’s been far more challenging to stay tidied up once she had kids. x

    1. Lol, now that is true. Mine go round making a mess but the biggest challenge can be getting them to tidy it after.

  16. I always try and de-clutter and it lasts about a day lol! We have a toy box downstairs which is really helpful. The kitchen needs more storage tho!

    1. I think I need to do a clear out in my kitchen I have way too much in there.

  17. I’ve got so much stuff that has just accumulated over the years, we even had a cupboard under the stairs which just has unused stuff in that I could really do with sorting out! Storage boxes are always super useful I find and we have them under our beds x

    1. It’s shocking how quickly things build up isn’t it.

  18. I am planning to renovate my house and really looking for some more storage options , I really liked everything you mentioned . Gonna save this for future 🙂

    1. Aaahhhh thanks I hope that this helps you in the future. Good luck with the renovation.

  19. I plan a big decluttering session for this weekend and put everything I don’t need anymore on ebay. It’s surprising how much mess I can make in my flat, when it’s just me living there alone.

    1. Lol, i have heard that before, you are not alone. I hope you manage to find plenty to sell. Have fun x

  20. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job ,Keep it up.

    1. Thanks so much Dhiraj. I’m so pleased you liked the post.

  21. I really struggle with storage, for my makeup! I have too much! xo

  22. i hate mess so much but i’m not able to keep it… and that’s why I tend to have as less objects as possibile. chests to keep things is a good solution. I have 3 of them, in wood, quite elegant, a little chubby chic and suitable for my winter hygge atmosphere

    1. It can help to have less in the house although not so easy if you have children.

  23. It’s not a problem I have yet as I still live with my parents but I love creative storage suggestions! 🙂

  24. If my house looked like those rooms in the photos, I would never leave the house! I could only be found either relaxing in the living room, soaking in the tub, or whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen! I would love to have additional storage spaces. Living in a male dominant household is a challenge to keep the house clean and tidy.

    1. It is great if you have enough storage.

  25. I totally lack storage space in my home and you have shared some great pointers.

    1. Thanks Lindsey for your comment. Glad to have helped.

  26. I think this a problem for most families you ask your self ‘Where does it all come from!’ I find if i do a room at at time it works betters Hiding things in boxes is a good idea has you cant see them & also you know where they all are as well as keeping them dust free.

    1. It is great to keep them dust free. I agree one room at a time is a great way to approach it.

  27. Our kitchen lacks the most storage space which can be a bit annoying!

    1. It can be very frustrating I know!

  28. Really nice ideas for storage. decluttering is really necessary for a house. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. It sure is and helps for a more relaxed mind that’s for sure.

  29. Story of my life!! With our two boys it is literally impossible to keep anything tidy anymore. I have just learned to let it be and then when they go to sleep at night, we throw everything in their toy chests and that’s that..until tomorrow!

    1. Oh dear. And then in seconds they have created a mess – the story of our lives lol.

  30. Great post. I love the decluttered, clean look and feel in a home. Decluttering is an art. Thank you for the tips and suggestions.

    1. Me too I wish my children had gotten the message by now lol.

  31. Very helpful and beautiful tips. I loved your bathroom. Kitchen hanging rack for pots looks so sleek and a nice decor stuff too.

  32. I always try to declutter every three months and give out what I don’t use for that period to someone who really needs it.
    Thank you for sharing these tips too. I will try them out.

    1. It can be hard to keep on top of but decluttering regularly really can help.

  33. Adding extra storage space is a great idea. One of the things I changed in my office is removing extra tables. Tables are like free space, you end up putting everything on them.

    1. That’s true mine get covered in all sorts of papers and toys!

  34. I’m obsessed with all those inspirations! Everything looks just like one perfection! Thanks for inspiring us

    1. No problem, glad to have helped.

  35. Something I find that too when decluttering always look at the item your about to throw or giveaway does it serve a purpose or has it been used on a daily basis. Is it something that’s been tucked away and not used if not it needs to go

    1. We need to be ruthless sometimes as otherwise nothing gets thrown out.

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