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Artificial Lawns. A Great Time Saver For Those With Limited time

When we first bought our home the garden was overgrown and we had a bramble jungle taking over.  My husband and I decided straightaway we wouldn’t have the time to maintain a garden lawn so had it paved over.  It never occurred to us to use an artificial lawn until I saw my friend get one for a section of her garden.  The artificial grass is a luscious green all year no matter how hot or dry it becomes.

Why Did She Chose an Artificial Lawn?

They’re easy to maintain, fairly simple to install and save you time in the long run.  What more could you want?

My friend opted for hers as it doesn’t need much work at all.  You don’t need to sow seeds, water the grass, cut the grass and you don’t get discolouration of the grass.

You will need some form of drainage and to collect any dead leaves that might collect but other than that you just need to enjoy a lovely green artificial lawn.

Artificial Lawns and Pets

One common misconception about artificial lawns is how pets will react to them.  People just assume that their pets will not accept artificial grass.  We see our pets as additional family members and in some cases may be concerned due to the periods of time they spend in the garden.

My friends dog Ruby took to the new grass straight away.  She was outside springing around on the grass and having a great time all those years ago and to this day.  They have recently added a puppy to their family as has another friend (they bought a girl each from the same litter).  The puppies are super cute but now my other friend is also considering artificial grass for her garden.  Ruby’s mummy’s advice; be sure to choose the right artificial turf for your dog, as there are variations between the different types.

Can Plants or Weeds Grow Through It?

Well I had to ask, I’ve not had artificial grass myself so wanted to do some research.  Wouldn’t it be a nuisance if you still had to weed it? Imagine if you’d just had an artificial lawn laid down that promised to save you time and effort, then within weeks you start to see weeds poking through.  My friend assured me she had not had this issue as artificial lawns are designed specifically to combat this issue.  Hey, she should know.

Apparently when artificial grass is being installed, a weed-prevention barrier is added to the system, stopping any plants from growing through.  That means no unwanted plant damage and no extra weeding work needed.  Good to know.  I’d seriously consider laying down an artificial lawn if we decided to pull up the paving stones we put down years ago.

What Happens to the Rainwater?

Lack of drainage can cause real issues with artificial lawns, not only because pooling water looks ugly but because it damages the synthetic grass.  When installed correctly this shouldn’t happen.  I looked it up and discovered during installation, a 7.5-10mm layer of sand should be placed between the artificial grass and the ground.  The sand allows for easy drainage and prevents the risk of pooling water.

What if the Artificial Lawn Gets Damaged?

It takes quite a lot to damage artificial grass.  The most common issues are caused by poor installation as mentioned earlier (i.e. drainage problems from a lack of sand, or plant growth invasions due to a poor weed-prevention membrane) but that doesn’t mean artificial lawns are invincible

They’re made of plastic, meaning that with intense heat they can melt.  Fortunately (or not) we live in the UK, a country that isn’t particularly well known for its heat, but you should still be careful with barbecues or hot items.  It is also best to avoid leaving plants in plastic pots on your artificial lawn.  These can grow through the lawn from the top, causing more extensive damage.

Would my Other Friend Get An Artificial Lawn?

Artificial lawns are there to make our gardening life easier.  With the correct installation and a little attention to detail she shouldn’t experience any problems with the synthetic lawn should my friend chose to install one.  All it takes is a little monthly maintenance and she will be loving every second of her mowing-free lifestyle.  Then the gardener can concentrate on her plants on the boarders rather than cutting and maintaining the grass.  I think she is strongly considering it!!!

Would you consider getting an artificial lawn to save you time?

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. This is an interesting concept. It’s a convenient product to have for different circumstances. I can see how it would come in handy for specific circumstances and it is great to have something that is maintenance free – lawns are a lot of work!

  2. Hmm, you gave me something to think about. As much work as I have put into making my lawn beautiful, I am having double thoughts about whether I should give that up in favor of an artificial lawn. Maintenance would be a breeze with artificial lawns, and that’s a plus. Let me think this over with my husband. Thanks for this interesting article.

    1. So please you found it interesting. A great lawn looks lovely but can take loads of time which unfortunately we don’t all have.

  3. I can say that having an artificial lawn is sounds really great as you can save your time and your energy in cutting growing weeds or watering it, will def try this.

    1. Totally with you there. Such a great time saver and it looks great too.

  4. We have artificial grass on our balcony because it feels and looks nice but doesn’t need any maintenance. I would love to have it in my garden in the future but I think it would be quite expensive x

    1. To be honest with the time it saves I think it’s worth it. Glad you like it. It’s so much easier isn’t it!!!

  5. My husband and I have been talking about using artificial lawn around our swimming pool area. We might actually do it in early Spring next year, so I love that I found your post. It’s got great info here that we can use. 🙂

    1. So pleased you visited Jocelyn. That sounds like a great idea. It’ll mean grass won’t end up in the pool that way which is good!

  6. Certainly the fact that I am allergic to grass pollens would make me think about that. Aesthetically I am not sure I would like it. But from a health standpoint, it might actually be better for me.

    1. It actually looks good. My friend has had it for a few years now and I love that it is always a gorgeous rich green.

  7. My neighbour had an artificial lawn, but it’s not something I’ve considered before. You’ve given me good for thought.

    1. Once you see how nice they look and how easy they are they are much more appealing.

  8. Never had artificial grass at home as I grew up in the country side but I find it quite popular here in the UK. Definitely if you have it properly installed, it will last longer.

  9. I also have an artificial lawn and I agree that it is a total time saviour. In the mornings I would sit there with my cup of coffee and the experience is blissful, I must say that

    1. They do look so much greener and nicer all year around.

  10. We have artificial grass and our garden has improved 100-fold in appearance as it looked a mess before! It’s great to learn about the sand/weed prevention membrane too! I just wonder about dogs/cats pooing…if it decomposes will it be absorbed by sand or…?

    1. Fluid isn’t a problem although any bowel movements will need removing.

  11. I’ve been thinking about an artificial lawn for a while, so thank you for the extra information.

    1. No problem, hope this helps you decide what to do either way 🙂

  12. I can’t say I have put a lot of research into artificial lawns but my neighbour told me just recently that a house around the street has it and it looks quite nice.

    1. You should take a look if you haven’t seen one they do look good when done properly xxx

  13. I think Artificial grass is a super idea if you are busy although I do really enjoy cutting my grass and the smell is wonderful.
    Artificial grass looks so pretty and would be far less hassle than the real grass.

    1. It’s perfect for those with limited time and also limited mobility.

  14. Great blog post. I like both artificial and natural grasses for different reasons.

    1. Same here, they can both work well in any garden.

  15. I’ve always wondered about the benefits of that astroturf or similar. I guess why not if it serves a role.

  16. I might give this one a try it looks so much easier having artificial lawns

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