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My Living World Window Bird Feeder

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Children love nature.  Whether it’s creepy crawlies, cute and fluffies or even plants they love to be involved in discovering something new.  The great thing is you can throw in an educational slant and they won’t suspect a thing!!!

We were sent a My Living World Window Bird Feeder by Interplay for the purposes of this post.  This kit is ideal for children that want to see birds close up.  It’s a great way to discover the different birds that visit your garden and even get children into bird spotting.

The My Living World Window Bird Feeder

What’s in the Box?

The bird feeder is comprised of: a one-way mirror, bird feeder body, seed tray, perch, 2 suckers for window mounting and 2 boss for mounting to wall or fence (screws not supplied).

There is also a full-colour instruction booklet.  This includes instructions on how to set up the bird feeder, maintaining it and a guide showing which types of birds to expect.

It is important to mention here that bird food isn’t provided although you can find it in most supermarkets.  The food isn’t expensive and there are various choices available.

Assembly and Product Quality

The separate components are easy to put together which is great.

There are no sharp edges.

The parts are durable and plastic is of a good thickness so don’t shatter/break when dropped.   And yes, we did drop it a couple of times!!! opsy.

Once you have put the bird feeder together you need to secure the feeder to a window.

Make sure you are happy with the positioning.

You will then need the bird food.  We found this at Asda and thought it looked like a nice mix of seeds.

Then simply add in the food.

Little man loved being able to help set this up and add the food to the feeder.

He then waited for the birds.

We found that this position didn’t work so well so moved the bird feeder around a few times.  Eventually, the birds started to come!!!

I’m not sure who was more excited me, or the children.

We’ve had a number of blue tits come and visit but we hope to have a large range of visitors once the warmer weather arrives.

What Did We Think?

The children were very excited when this arrived and couldn’t wait to set it up.  It is important to note that birds will not come straight after you set up the feeder it can take a little while before any come to visit and you may need to try different locations for the feeder like we did.  There are tips in the instruction manual giving you an idea of what sort of locations work well.

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Disclaimer: We were sent a sample of the My Living World Bird Feeder for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Fab idea !

  2. I think this is great for kids to be able to see the birds up close whilst they eat without scaring them. It also gives kids a chance to learn about their environment!

  3. My little boys love birds but we don’t have any trees in our garden so this would be great to attract some in for them to watch

    1. Sounds like this would be ideal for you then.

  4. what a great idea, thr children would love this. they get so excited with all of the lovely birds vsiting our garden

  5. What a great idea this is. We get a lot of different birds in our garden but keep the bird feeders at the bottom. Think myiids would love this.

  6. I find that birds prefer sunflower hearts, so you might try those if you’re not getting many visiting your feeder.

    1. Thanks Mary. This mix has a mixture of seeds including sunflower seeds which we really liked. We have been lucky as we get quite a few different blue tits coming now.

  7. This looks very interesting. I think my son would love to see birds through the window feeding out of this.

    1. I think he would too. Is such a lovely product 🙂

  8. I think this is a vert great comp because I love watching the many kinds of birds popping over to visit in my back garden. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It’s great to watch them isn’t it 🙂

  9. My children would love it if we could win this.

  10. I absolutely love this idea. I enjoy looking at birds in the garden and having a close up view is brilliant.

    1. It sure is. They’re super cute!!!

  11. Would be nice to see the birds so close!

  12. This would be the perfect gift for my nephew. Last year he asked for binoculars so this would be perfect for him this year! Amazing what you can see. X

    1. He would love this. It would be an amazing gift for him from the sound of it.

  13. It’s a great idea to help educate children into the importance of wild birds.

    1. It sure is. They love this and it’s nice to have them off screens!

  14. Brilliant design for observing garden birds close up.

    1. It’s so nice to see them come so close!!!

  15. what a lovely bird feeder, we have lots of birds in our garden so we’d love this for them x

    1. I’m sure they would love it too. We love it when the birds visit.

  16. We have a set of patio doors onto our garden, this feeder would be great attached to it 🙂

    1. It sounds like you are ready for one of these. They are fab!!!

  17. looks great aiding the birds and entertaining you at the same time BRILLIANT

    1. Honestly, this really brightens up my day. I’m loving my new feathered friends.

    2. This looks great.

  18. We have a little blue tit nesting in our bird house so this would be great to have so the kids can watch them feeding

    1. That’s great. I think we need a bird house where we live.

  19. That bird feeder looks great, I hope you get lots of birds visiting the garden.

  20. Oh wow 😲 I love this bird feeder, we have so many birds in the back garden and would love to put this on the window 👌

    1. It would bring even more birds to visit!!!

  21. These bird feeders are an amazing way for children to be introduced to garden wildlife without actually disturbing them. Fab Invention

  22. My niece would go crazy for one of these, she LOVES birds. What a fab product

  23. Loving the cute little bird feeder, great idea to see the birds close up.

  24. This is a fab idea, I’ve never seen this before! As well as kids, this would be great for older people too, my mum has recently downsized to a small flat and she really misses feeding the birds.

  25. We have lots of feeders in the garden but not on the window. I think it’s a great idea, it would be great to see the birds up close when feeding 🙂

    1. It’s a nice way to bring even more birds to the garden.

  26. fabulous product and a brilliant way to get up close to nature, my littles would love, as would I!

  27. What a unique product. And perfect for our new home

    1. It is a fantastic product. We love this!

  28. its a beautiful bird feeder, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this blog it is much appericated.

    1. Thanks Katie. Glad you are enjoying reading my blog.

  29. Such a good idea to see birds close up. It might even encourage the kids to keep quiet for a while!

  30. I would love to share this with my children. My grandparents were avid bird watchers and I have many happy memories of bird watching with them.

    1. Sounds like this would be ideal for your family Robyn.

  31. Lovely, we’ve been considering a bird feeder for the garden. It’s much better for the aesthetic than throwing it on the lawn

    1. It’s a great bird feeder.

  32. Beautiful little bid feeder, great for kids to see them so close.

  33. this would be lovely to have on my living room window and watch the birds come and go

    1. It’s a lovely bird feeder. Watching the birds is really good fun for the children and also great for adults too.

  34. This looks fun, and having it attached to the windows makes it easier to watch the birds 🙂

    1. It is a great way to see birds close up.

  35. I love watching birds in the garden its calming and I love birds

  36. We love feeding and watching the birds in our garden, especially when the baby birds arrive.

    1. Same here. They’re great to watch.

  37. What a unique idea I’ve never seen anything like this before! If you don’t have space in your garden it’s amazing!

  38. This is such a clever idea!! I would love to get a close up on the birdies!

  39. Our poor bird table blew over in the strong winds last month and smashed beyond repair. My kids miss popping food out and watching the birds so this would be ideal for them.

  40. Wow , what a brilliant idea , fab for people with no trees or who live in apartments. We’re lucky to have two large trees so get many birds but I’d certainly buy this anyway for the close up nature of its design. Would make a wonderful gift for fellow bird lovers too.

  41. What a lovely idea, and great for watching birds when it’s too wet to sit in the garden!

  42. We have several bird feeders in the garden which are always very popular but it would be extra special to see them coming up to the window to feed

  43. It’s so important to foster a love of nature with youngsters

    1. I agree and this is a lovely way to do this.

  44. this is amazing we would all love it

  45. this is truly awesome i think its very unique and love that you can watch the bird, my daughter would love it

  46. What a lovely idea! Could be especially good for people in apartments or homes without gardens.

  47. lovely way to get in touch with nature x

  48. It looks easy to set up and would love watching the birds.

  49. Never seen this before would be a welcome addition

  50. My boys love watching the birds on our feeder but it would be great to see them a bit closer up.

  51. That’s amazing you had little blue tits visit!

  52. That’s amazing you had little blue tits visit!

  53. I love it! And what a beautiful young man! This looks easy enough to build, install and fill, and wouldn’t it be lovely watching the birds through the window eating the food?!!

  54. This looks like such a great bird feeder, I’ve not seen them like this before!

  55. I love watching the birds in the garden so this is a lovely idea!

  56. id love this, we love watching the birds in our garden

  57. My eldest son adores birds, he would love me to win this.

  58. This would be perfect for my Sister. She suffers from a chronic illness so she could lay and watch the birds when she is unwell x

  59. Thanks for the helpful review. I have been thinking about getting one of these for a while as traditional feeders in our tiny garden would place birds at risk from cats. Good to know they are easy to put together.

  60. What a lovely idea – I am obsessed with watching the birds in our back garden, and both of our indoor cats love watching them as well!

  61. I would love to win this as the children I look after love to watch birds x

  62. This would be super educational fro the kids

  63. if l weer the lucky winner l’d give the prize to my grandsons to encourage them to take an interest in wild birds

  64. This is so lovely, what a great way to see what birds visit your garden!

  65. I think this is a fantastic idea and a great giveaway thank you

  66. This looks fantastic. It is great for children to see birds close up x

  67. I already have lots of birds visiting my birdbath & love watching them so this would be a great addition

  68. this is such a brilliant idea! you will be able to see the birds up close and take amazing pictures!!

  69. This is a lovely prize – my son and I would enjoy watching the birds feed from this feeder x

  70. Living in a flat my son would love this, he loves birds!

  71. great idea!! We love attracting birds and wildlife to our garden.

  72. What a wonderful idea! I must get my Gran one of these! x

  73. There is nothing ore wonderful than seeing the birds, feeding or bathing

  74. Would love this – like birdwatching

  75. this looks super and very educational

  76. I would love this feeder, we have a lovely bird that comes to our garden that I keep trying to identify, this would certainly help!

  77. Such a cool idea – I love the design too, it looks like a little porthole from inside!

  78. This looks great! We love doing the RSPB annual bird watch in our garden

  79. This looks super, and really educational as well. Great way to see the birds close up

  80. This bird feeder looks stylish and it is designed to put food in easily so no spillage waste. It would be a wonderful to sit and watch the birds up close without frightening them off.

  81. What a lovely giveaway, we would love to watch the birds from the kitchen

  82. Would love to give this a try – a great idea

  83. This fab, I love it, I really enjoy the birds in my garden, we have Blue Tits nesting in a bird box that my husband made 🙂

  84. I get so much enjoyment watching the birds in my garden. I trimmed two of my dogs this week and put the fur out for the birds so they should all have very comfy nests

  85. This looks lovely, my little boy would love this 😍

  86. This is great and fun for the children to enjoy as well especially learning too

  87. I love the idea of putting a Living World Bird Feeder on my window such a treat to see birds so close

  88. Birdlife seems to be a very rare thing these days.

  89. Would love to win this prize Bird watching is a favourite pastime in our house

  90. This would be fab, I get lots of birds in my garden and love watching them.

  91. these looks really good for the kids

  92. I absolutely love this! We have a blue tit that nests with us in our bird box each year, she’s even let us peep in to have a look at her babies a couple of times but we don’t like to disturb them. This would be a great way to see her up close.

  93. I bought a similar one for my elderly Mum’s living room window, but so far we haven’t seen any birds using it. I’m thinking of getting another one for her kitchen window to see if that helps.

  94. I recently moved house and i want to make my garden bird friendly so i can watch them come and go. It would be great to have one of these on my kitchen window so that i could see them close up from inside the house too!

  95. I know that our Leo would love this because he already watches the birds on the garden feeder

  96. I love all the birds coming to my garden, I put a wide variety of foods out. This looks great to get an up close view of these beautiful creatures.

  97. Lovely pictures and review! I’d love one of these for my son, he really enjoys watching the birds.

  98. Great entertainment for young and older. Superb prize.Thank you.x

  99. What a lovely prize, we love to see the birds in our garden

  100. I really like the idea of this, though I keep thinking they’ll fly into the window! Would be perfect for the window I’m currently staring out of

  101. Great for the whole family to see much more of birdlife in the garden. I would really love to watch them coming up close to feed.

  102. It would be great to watch the birds feed

  103. This is lovely, it would be so amazing to watch the birds feeding

  104. This is such a lovely idea. I have several feeders close to the house and often see birds fly up to it but that’s as much as can be seen and of course impossible to get outside without causing them to flap away!

  105. We love feeding the birds and get so many different varieties in our garden. This feeder would bring them closer so that we can really see them up close and personal.

  106. I love this! I’d love to win. It would be lovely to have the birds coming up to the window 🙂

  107. I love anything that brings more wildlife into our garden 🙂

  108. My granddaughter would love this, although she may get a little too excited at first.

  109. The Window Bird Feeder is such a fantastic idea for kids to get to see birds up and close without disturbing them. Genius!

  110. I like to encourage my three to feed the birds regularly and always keep the water bath full. They have learnt how to identify garden birds too.

  111. My children love identifying the birds that visit our garden. They’d love this

  112. What a brilliant idea and of benefit to both young and old.

  113. I would love to entice some more beuatiful birds into the garden

  114. What a brilliant idea, my son would love this amazing prize 💝 Thanks for the great giveaway 🤞

  115. This looks like a brilliant idea to see birds close up.

  116. How fab is this. Myself and my niece would love this. We just have a basic feeder but this is next level. All the neighbors birds will be jealous lol

  117. Would love one of these. Used to have a window feeder and the window cleaner kept taking it off and it got broken!

  118. What a simple and brilliant idea!

  119. I love the idea of this! We’re fascinated by the birds that come in to our garden since we moved in to the countryside. My daughter would especially love this!

  120. This would be just perfect for my niece who loves all forms of wildlife

  121. What an innovative idea and hopefully birds like it too

  122. This would be so great for our garden and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Thanks for the great competitions.

  123. Fantastic giveaway! Thank you! This would provide hours of entertainment for the whole family x

  124. My best friend’s son has learning difficulties but finds birds soothing. He would love a bird feeder like this

  125. It’s so important to feed birds – we are losing so many due to loss of habitat. This is a great idea to keep them happy and well fed

  126. This is a great idea to help children take an interest in birds and increase their understanding and appreciation of them

  127. I would love feeder for my flat balcony window

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