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My Living World Window Bird Feeder

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Children love nature.  Whether it’s creepy crawlies, cute and fluffies or even plants they love to be involved in discovering something new.  The great thing is you can throw in an educational slant and they won’t suspect a thing!!!

We were sent a My Living World Window Bird Feeder by Interplay for the purposes of this post.  This kit is ideal for children that want to see birds close up.  It’s a great way to discover the different birds that visit your garden and even get children into bird spotting.

The My Living World Window Bird Feeder

What’s in the Box?

The bird feeder is comprised of: a one-way mirror, bird feeder body, seed tray, perch, 2 suckers for window mounting and 2 boss for mounting to wall or fence (screws not supplied).

There is also a full-colour instruction booklet.  This includes instructions on how to set up the bird feeder, maintaining it and a guide showing which types of birds to expect.

It is important to mention here that bird food isn’t provided although you can find it in most supermarkets.  The food isn’t expensive and there are various choices available.

Assembly and Product Quality

The separate components are easy to put together which is great.

There are no sharp edges.

The parts are durable and plastic is of a good thickness so don’t shatter/break when dropped.   And yes, we did drop it a couple of times!!! opsy.

Once you have put the bird feeder together you need to secure the feeder to a window.

Make sure you are happy with the positioning.

You will then need the bird food.  We found this at Asda and thought it looked like a nice mix of seeds.

Then simply add in the food.

Little man loved being able to help set this up and add the food to the feeder.

He then waited for the birds.

We found that this position didn’t work so well so moved the bird feeder around a few times.  Eventually, the birds started to come!!!

I’m not sure who was more excited me, or the children.

We’ve had a number of blue tits come and visit but we hope to have a large range of visitors once the warmer weather arrives.

What Did We Think?

The children were very excited when this arrived and couldn’t wait to set it up.  It is important to note that birds will not come straight after you set up the feeder it can take a little while before any come to visit and you may need to try different locations for the feeder like we did.  There are tips in the instruction manual giving you an idea of what sort of locations work well.

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Disclaimer: We were sent a sample of the My Living World Bird Feeder for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Fab idea !

  2. I think this is great for kids to be able to see the birds up close whilst they eat without scaring them. It also gives kids a chance to learn about their environment!

  3. My little boys love birds but we don’t have any trees in our garden so this would be great to attract some in for them to watch

    1. Sounds like this would be ideal for you then.

  4. what a great idea, thr children would love this. they get so excited with all of the lovely birds vsiting our garden

  5. What a great idea this is. We get a lot of different birds in our garden but keep the bird feeders at the bottom. Think myiids would love this.

  6. I find that birds prefer sunflower hearts, so you might try those if you’re not getting many visiting your feeder.

    1. Thanks Mary. This mix has a mixture of seeds including sunflower seeds which we really liked. We have been lucky as we get quite a few different blue tits coming now.

  7. This looks very interesting. I think my son would love to see birds through the window feeding out of this.

    1. I think he would too. Is such a lovely product 🙂

  8. I think this is a vert great comp because I love watching the many kinds of birds popping over to visit in my back garden. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It’s great to watch them isn’t it 🙂

  9. My children would love it if we could win this.

  10. I absolutely love this idea. I enjoy looking at birds in the garden and having a close up view is brilliant.

    1. It sure is. They’re super cute!!!

  11. Would be nice to see the birds so close!

  12. This would be the perfect gift for my nephew. Last year he asked for binoculars so this would be perfect for him this year! Amazing what you can see. X

    1. He would love this. It would be an amazing gift for him from the sound of it.

  13. It’s a great idea to help educate children into the importance of wild birds.

    1. It sure is. They love this and it’s nice to have them off screens!

  14. Brilliant design for observing garden birds close up.

    1. It’s so nice to see them come so close!!!

  15. what a lovely bird feeder, we have lots of birds in our garden so we’d love this for them x

    1. I’m sure they would love it too. We love it when the birds visit.

  16. We have a set of patio doors onto our garden, this feeder would be great attached to it 🙂

    1. It sounds like you are ready for one of these. They are fab!!!

  17. looks great aiding the birds and entertaining you at the same time BRILLIANT

    1. Honestly, this really brightens up my day. I’m loving my new feathered friends.

    2. This looks great.

  18. We have a little blue tit nesting in our bird house so this would be great to have so the kids can watch them feeding

    1. That’s great. I think we need a bird house where we live.

  19. That bird feeder looks great, I hope you get lots of birds visiting the garden.

  20. Oh wow 😲 I love this bird feeder, we have so many birds in the back garden and would love to put this on the window 👌

    1. It would bring even more birds to visit!!!

  21. These bird feeders are an amazing way for children to be introduced to garden wildlife without actually disturbing them. Fab Invention

  22. My niece would go crazy for one of these, she LOVES birds. What a fab product

  23. Loving the cute little bird feeder, great idea to see the birds close up.

  24. This is a fab idea, I’ve never seen this before! As well as kids, this would be great for older people too, my mum has recently downsized to a small flat and she really misses feeding the birds.

  25. We have lots of feeders in the garden but not on the window. I think it’s a great idea, it would be great to see the birds up close when feeding 🙂

    1. It’s a nice way to bring even more birds to the garden.

  26. fabulous product and a brilliant way to get up close to nature, my littles would love, as would I!

  27. What a unique product. And perfect for our new home

    1. It is a fantastic product. We love this!

  28. its a beautiful bird feeder, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this blog it is much appericated.

    1. Thanks Katie. Glad you are enjoying reading my blog.

  29. Such a good idea to see birds close up. It might even encourage the kids to keep quiet for a while!

  30. I would love to share this with my children. My grandparents were avid bird watchers and I have many happy memories of bird watching with them.

    1. Sounds like this would be ideal for your family Robyn.

  31. Lovely, we’ve been considering a bird feeder for the garden. It’s much better for the aesthetic than throwing it on the lawn

    1. It’s a great bird feeder.

  32. Beautiful little bid feeder, great for kids to see them so close.

  33. this would be lovely to have on my living room window and watch the birds come and go

    1. It’s a lovely bird feeder. Watching the birds is really good fun for the children and also great for adults too.

  34. This looks fun, and having it attached to the windows makes it easier to watch the birds 🙂

    1. It is a great way to see birds close up.

  35. I love watching birds in the garden its calming and I love birds

  36. We love feeding and watching the birds in our garden, especially when the baby birds arrive.

    1. Same here. They’re great to watch.

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