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Just a Little Bit of Added Sparkle

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of added sparkle to make an outfit.  It doesn’t really take much to enhance your overall ensemble especially when it’s some of the gorgeous pieces that can be found on the Majique website.  To my regular readers, yes my dress obsession is continuing as I really can’t resist them lol.  My intention in this post is to make sure that both those of a svelte and a more curvy figure are considered when selecting my outfits but most importantly we must first ogle at the added sparkle that we will be using.  Rather than popping you a link to the website I will give you a direct link to the jewellery as you will find once you are there you will be very easily distracted by the dazzling pieces and the spectacular range which admittedly kept me browsing through the site for hours (It’s all about the bling!!!!).

First up this beautiful silver tone bracelet which has a magnetic clasp so is simple to put on as well as remove.



With such a lovely piece I had to select a dress that I had noticed and bookmarked especially from Ted Baker.

dress 22

This fabulously feminine dress goes perfectly with the bracelet; just add a bag, some heels and you are ready for a night out on the town, a party, even a date.  Alternatively for those that want a bit more colour in their outfit then this beauty will not disappoint.  Again from Ted Baker this Peony Swing dress is perfect for the Summer with a sparkly bracelet.

dress 23

For those with a more cuddly physique this plus size H&M dress really stood out.

dress 24

Its cut is flattering, the colour is slimming and all you need is a gorgeous bracelet (i.e. the one above), bag and shoes and your outfit is complete.

Brace yourselves I’m moving on to an item that is not a dress, although it’s close.  This pencil skirt is the perfect length for those with a fuller figure and combined with the top (again both are from H&M) you have the perfect interchangeable outfit to mix and match with other tops / skirts to create totally different looks.

You better sit down for the next one, it’s a top and ….. trousers but then take a look at the photo and although we seem to have a trend going here with black clothing this duo looks great to the fashion conscious.

trousers 1

Now you can’t say that this outfit from H&M doesn’t look great as it really does and here we could not only use the bracelet that I am featuring but also introduce the next item which is a two tone metal finish necklace which would go fabulously with the V neckline that makes the bust look great and takes away attention from the tummy / hip area.



This necklace like the bracelet has a magnetic fastening, handy when you are getting ready in a rush and strong enough to hold together and not fall off.

To be fair to the smaller framed ladies and as I felt I should end this post with a dress I now pop back to the Ted Baker range where I selected this embroidered floral dress.

dress 25

Stylish and elegant this dress combined with the two tone necklace is perfect for any occasion where you simply want to stand out as there is no doubt that you will.

This is Not a sponsored post.

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  1. What a great idea!
    Magnetic fastening would be a godsend for me as I have very stiff fingers due to arthritis and bracelets and necklaces sometimes are a struggle to put on.

    1. They are really easy to put on and take off yet strong enough not to come apart when you are wearing them which is great.

  2. I am in clothes love with the Ted Baker dress. I need, I need, I need……

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