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Corfu Natural Snake Sandals / Flip Flops from Vionic

I love wearing sandals and flip flops.  They allow my feet to feel free and breathe unlike the ballet shoes that I also love to wear.  I am constantly on my feet so footwear that is comfortable and also looks pretty and feminine and isn’t too bulky much like my choice in jewellery is essential.  Cue Vionic, a company that encompasses the idea that footwear should not only look but also feel great on.  I got a pair of flip flops from these guys recently.  The cushioning meant that I could tread on anything and not feel it which makes a big difference from wearing ballet shoes with which I can feel everything, OUCH!.  These sandals are so amazingly comfortable you simply won’t want to take them off. Vionic offers a range of stylish podiatrist designed footwear that is not only great but also featured patented FMT orthopaedic technology.  I was impressed at how comfortable my flip flops were and how easy it was to walk in them.  I actually forgot I had them on they were that comfy.

How lovely are these!

Corfu Natural Snake Sandals / Flip Flops




Even though there is a toe post it didn’t cause any discomfort unlike some sandals which have them as it was thin and soft.

There is a really good varied selection of shoes for both women and men on the site including flats, wedges, sneakers, heels, wedges and slippers all of which are designed to be comfortable and supportive.  I have my eye on a lovely pair of boots on their site which would be perfect for Autumn.

Do you need new footwear?  If so why not visit their site and take a look at the fabulous range of shoes available.  The choice is varied so you are bound to find the perfect footwear that not only looks good but also provides your feet with great support and comfort.

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  1. Well these are a really snazzy design, I am obsessed with m Fitflops, so I would never but anything else, but I do love the snake pattern x

  2. Oh I hate wearing thin soled shoes and feeling everything, very uncomfortable. I’m glad this isn’t the case with these, they’re cute! x

  3. I love these flip flops. I could wearflap flops all the time I literally live in them. x

    1. These are lovely I could wear them all the time 😉

  4. How unusual are these!? They look fab, I love them! H x

    1. Perfect for the weather we are having 😉

  5. Now they look lovely! They actuallu look like they are well made with that curved sole.

    1. They are very comfortable to walk in, I could wear them every day.

  6. love the look of these, I must get some.

    1. They are really comfy x

  7. These are lovely! flip flops are so comfy for lounging around in

    1. There are, I love mine.

  8. These look lovely! I bet thy go with any outfit.

    1. They are great and yes go with a range of clothing.

  9. Looks great. I really love the snake design, very pretty.

    1. They are good looking sandals 😉

  10. Really lovely, always love your choices and look so comfy 🙂

    1. Thanks Jennifer, these look and feel great.

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