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Demin: From Casual to Glam Made Simple

Denim is super flexible in terms of styling.  You can dress it down for casual daily wear or dress it up to create a cute little outfit for a night out, but, make sure you don’t forget the accessories.

Denim is great no matter what shape or size you are but make sure you choose the right style to fit your body shape.  I will be addressing jeans to specific body types next week so make sure you watch out for that post.  But back to this week’s post, creating a casual look is simple enough all you need is a style of jeans that suits and is comfortable to wear.

What do we consider?  The weather is a biggie, who wants to go out shopping in the West End or their local shopping area and get soaked, frozen or baked.  As we are approaching Autumn I will make the assumption that it will be cool with the possibility of rain when styling this option.  The first item I am going to mention is this pretty silver tone star necklace from Majique, just the thing for casual wear!

DSC02843DSC02840Working my way down to the top this great crossover top is perfect for a casual look.

next 10 This soft lace panel blouse looks beautiful and creates a great feminine look.

next 12

Then the jeans.

Next 8Boot cut jeans can be worn with a great range of boots and heels depending on the look you are aiming for and come in varying sizes and lengths

Choosing the right footwear is of utmost importance and these boots would work perfectly with this day outfit.

 Whether you fancy ankle boots

Jones Bootmakers 3 Jones Bootmakers 4or long boots you will find every taste accounted for at the Jones Bootmakers site.

Jones Bootmakers 1 Jones Bootmakers 2With the temperature having dropped this short down jacket is casual, functional and looks great.
next 14
And to finish the ensemble a gorgeous rose umbrella that you can find out more about ‘here’.

DSC01071Moving on to the going out outfit.

This super sparkly silver tone and crystal necklace is the ideal swap to add a touch of glitz and glam.

DSC02822This is exceptionally sparkly and the picture really doesn’t do it justice.

DSC02825The necklace is very long and can be worn as it is but I think it looks great doubled as shown in the first picture.

A quick change of the top to this gorgeous navy mirror embroidered folk blouse combined with the gorgeous necklace will have you turning heads.

next 9And so will this 2 in 1 sparkle lace layer jumper with detachable lace trim cami.

next 11Although the jeans will remain the same if you are going for a super sophisticated / sexy look then these court shoes with varying sized heels are a must.  How lovely are they!!!!!

Jones Bootmakers 7Jones Bootmakers 5Jones Bootmakers 6A sophisticated and stylish faux fur lined waist coat is perfect to complete the look.

next 13The second necklace can also look great as a bracelet, take a look at this:

DSC02832All the gorgeous clothes featured in this post are from next and all the fab footwear can be found over at Jones Bootmakers.

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  1. Love all of these ideas! The umbrella is especially cool 🙂 It’s weird how the dressed up and dressed down outfits aren’t actually too different, all you need to do is change a little part of the outfit to something more glam and suddenly your whole outfit looks much fancier! Great post 🙂

    1. It’s a great way to make getting ready to go out nice and simple.

  2. Love the outfit and shoe choices, especially the fur trimmed coat! Thanks for sharing x

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it, I might be popping it on my shopping list.

  3. Love those shoes and jewellery choices……excellent xx

    1. Thanks Jacquie, there are some lovely items on both websites.

  4. great post i love the boots you’ve chosen especially the ankle boots!

    1. I love that style of short boot as it’s lovely and feminine.

  5. Love the ideas you’ve put together, I am a huge fan of denim but usually just wear jeans. This year I branched out and bought a denim dress which I love 🙂 The sparkly necklace is definitely my favourite piece!

    1. I love jeans, they are a great go to and easily adapted.

  6. I love these clothes and accessories 🙂 Gorgeous!


    1. Thanks Claire, they really look great together.

  7. I love the three star necklace, really like that, so pretty x

    1. It looks so cute with the outfit but luckily can be worn with most things.

  8. I love the umbrella, it makes a nice change from the boring black ones.

    1. It really does, all the mums at my childrens school want one now too.

  9. Fantastic taste ! I love all of these although I prefer the boots with jeans.
    Can you collect up my wannabe new wardrobe. You’d be perfect!

    1. Seems like we have similar taste Renna. We may have to start shopping together.

  10. Oh what a great collection of things – please can I have ALL those boots! oh and the coats too! Kaz x

    1. I know what you mean, I think these are all perfect for this time of year.

  11. Love this advice. I hate shopping at the best of times. That umbrella is lovely x

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it, the company that does them have a great range.

  12. I really love the star necklace and the crossover top. And the umbrella is just fantastic!

    1. These are lovely items and look great on. The umbrella is gorgeous and the great thing is it comes in other colours too!

  13. I adore the star necklace and the panelled blouse/tunic, perfect for A/W 🙂
    X X

    1. They look great and really are perfect for this time of year.

  14. Jeans are just so versitile aren’t they?!! I could do with a new pair, mine are looking a bit worn out now!!

    1. I normally have a few at a time so I can mix and match styles with tops depending on what look I’m trying to create.

  15. Think I need to go with the skinny jeans

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