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Introducing My Friends to Speed Dating

Amongst my friends there are a few that are still single.  I don’t see anything wrong with being single in this day and age but it is a shame when they see the rest of us in the group coupled off, married, some with children and would love to be in the same position.  Meeting people in pubs and bars is no longer what it was when I was on the dating scene and having heard various stories I will admit I am relieved not to have to worry about this myself. I do feel sad for my friends though that want to be in a steady relationship and have heard that speed dating can be a great way to go out, meet a range of people and then if there is a mutual attraction you can exchange details and who knows what the future will have in store possibly the ringing of wedding bells, well you never know.


There are plenty of speed dating places around but as I mother almost everyone I feel protective towards my friends and want them to go somewhere with a safe and comfortable environment.  Having seem friends getting a bit disheartened with everything involving dating I thought as a loving friend I would do a little research and then let them know my findings. This may also be of interest to some of my readers so I’ve decided to write a blog post rather than keep the information between myself and my friends, who knows one of you guys could be ‘the one’ for them.


During my research I stumbled across Dateinadash.com who offer a range of venues for those in London that would like to try speed dating.  With venues such as Mahiki in Mayfair, Fifty 9 in Mayfair, Institute Piccadilly Circus, Core City of London and many more (these were my favourites from the site) you have a good range of locations and types of meeting place to choose from.  All the prices for each are clearly marked on the site as is what is included at each.  Each venue is easy to get to and the age range for each event is also on the site.  These range from 18 to 55 and prices from £10 to £25 depending on when and where you book for.  If you feel a little nervous or shy do NOT fear there are friendly hosts on site to help break the ice and make sure that each guest has a lovely time.  Other speed dating companies normally give you 3 minutes per person but these guys give you that extra minute which could be all that you need to hit it off making either a new friend or finding somebody that could be something more.  I was also pleased at the fact from a safety perspective (I may have a little OCD when it comes to safety at night) you can bring a friend for no additional cost to provide that little bit of support.


There are a range of different types of speed dating on offer.  These guys seem to have thought of a whole range of fun events to get singles together including ‘Lock & Key Dating’, ‘IQ Dating’, Quiz Dating’, Play Date, Escape the Room and much more.

No luck at the event you needn’t fear there is a 100% no match guarantee so if you don’t meet anyone you would like to see again your next event is free!  So even if your nerves get the better of you the first time around you can always give it another try.  On average 75% of those that attend meet at least one person they would like to meet up with again.  All matches will be emailed to you 24 hours after the event.

Of course as part of my scoping out criteria I ventured over to the Trust Pilot site to check out the comments from those that had already experienced one of these great sounding nights out and although the comments are varied the majority are extremely positive with the company scoring a 7 out of 10 which isn’t bad at all.

I saw a review on the site from another Melanie (not me) and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

“I have been to several speed dating events at One Kew Road in Richmond. The venue is really nice and there is a great atmosphere. It’s a good way to meet new people and have a lovely evening, The event run by Rob is well organised and the results are put on their website within twenty four hours. When I have emailed Rob with a question he has got back to me with a reply quickly.  I really like the friend option, as some speed dating events don’t have this and it’s nice to be able to choose.  The date in a dash website is easy to use and is well thought out. I have seen others and this is the easiest one to navigate. Overall a great night out.”


Would you consider using a speed dating company to help you find the perfect partner?

Photos featured are from Dateinadashwebsite so you can see them in action.

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  1. This sounds like fun! I’ve been speed dating once – on a boat – and had such a fun time that I would likely try it again. I think the key is to take it with a pinch of salt and don’t go expecting to meet someone as you put a lot of pressure on yourself that way x

    1. I would love to go with my friend as I am curious to see it in action.

  2. It sounds quite fun, its something i would have probably enjoyed when i was younger and single

    1. It does sound like fun and I love the variety in options.

  3. Friends of mine who are now married met at a speed dating event a good few years ago and had they both not gone to it, they possibly would never have met x

    1. Thanks for your comment Rachel, I shall make sure my friends see your comment as I really think they should give it a try.

  4. ah such a positive review on speed dating. it sounds fun!

    1. It does doesn’t it. I hope my friends try it 😉

  5. If I was single, I’d only do speed dating if I was drunk. Haha I’m a massive wuss otherwise!

    1. Lol, you can always take a friend for free for moral support 😉

  6. I tried Speed Dating with a couple of friends some years ago now and it totally put me off but I guess it’s just the luck of the draw on who turns up? 😉

    1. It is true it does depend on who turns up but at least with this company you can do the next one for free if you don’t meet anyone you like.

  7. Awesome!! One of my friends recently went to a speed dating event in london, she bonded really well with someone and they are currently taking it slow!! 😀

    1. What a great story, I really hope it works out for them.

  8. Sounds interesting, I’ve never been speed dating. I probably wouldn’t go alone but would with a friend. x

    1. It does seem like fun 😉

  9. I think I would be too scared to try out speed dating but I think that it is a great concept! You never know who you might find.

    1. Don’t forget yo can always take a friend for support.

  10. As someone who is single I have thought about speed dating as not sure how else you’re meant to meet people unless it’s online now! x

  11. Sounds like fun and a great no pressure way of meeting someone even if it does end in friendship and not a relationship

    1. It is a nice way to meet new people and you never know.

  12. Sounds like a lot of fun. If i were single id definitely give ot a go .

  13. Had a few friends try speed dating they seem to like it. 1 friend tried many years ago but wasn’t my sort of thing luckily I am not single not that it’s a bad thing just don’t think I would be good at starting again on the dating scene wouldn’t know what to say

    1. This sort of thing help help give people a bit of practise talking to others which is also good 😉

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