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Sneak a Peak at Thorntons Christmas Selection for 2012

I thought I would share with you the delicious selection of chocolates that Thorntons will be offering in their Christmas selection, or at least pictures of them. I  know it seems like I’m teasing you, but, really I’m just preparing you as you really should try these. I discovered them when I went with my daughter to visit the Thorntons team and also Santa (you can read all about it in my other blog post ‘Christmas comes early Thanks to Thorntons Chocolate’)

There are 5 different chocolates in the selection, no fruit ones I was relieved to see, as I’m not very keen on those unless they are filled with a cherry and liqueur then those are alllllll mine!

We were given a gift from under the Christmas tree wrapped in golden wrapping paper, how pretty.

On ripping open the parcel my daughter discovered the delicious looking Christmas selection which we took home and popped into the fridge. I find that some chocolate’s taste that bit yummier straight from the fridge, that of course is if you have the will power to leave it in there long enough to chill.

I shared this box with my parents and sister and of course the kids to get a range of opinions. The first one we tried was the Vanilla Mousse Snowball, this was very sweet, with a light, fluffy vanilla mousse, it was nice to have the difference in textures from the hard outer chocolate coating to the smooth and soft inside. This was enjoyed by all although my mother found it a little too sweet (she doesn’t normally eat white chocolate though).

The Chocolate Truffle star was a winner with all, after biting through the milk chocolate coating into the velvety soft truffle everyone reached over to the plate to grab another piece (shame the kids weren’t faster). Absolutely delicious!

The Gift Wrapped Runny Caramel, wasn’t very runny as it was straight from the fridge but it didn’t take away from the fact that it was full of flavour. The caramel seemed to be slightly salted, and Thorntons seem to have gotten it spot on as some other salted caramels I have had in the past from other companies have been awful. My sister looooooved these and finished off the rest by herself.

Snowy Blizzard fluffy Butter Fudge, my dads favourite. Creamy, smooth and fluffy fudge with a very Christmassy design. Not long now, I’m sure he will want at least one box of these! The kids really enjoyed these aswell and had extrmemly large grins on their faces as they ate them.

The Yule Log Hazelnut and Almond Praline, had a pretty chocolate holly design on top and was the one my eldest had had her eye on. Fantastic! Smooth and creamy yet also crunchy. Don’t worry I did share.

I am sooooo looking forward to Christmas this year, and if i’m lucky Santa might pop one of these under the tree for me, fingers crossed.


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  1. i love fruit flavours or anything nutty!!!!

    1. ooooo Sandy, you will love the yule log one it is delicious 😉

  2. Thornton’s always do lovely chocolate, there’s never a time I’ve been able to walk past a shop with out going in to bug something, usually marzipan chocolate yum yum yum 😉 x

  3. oooooo I love marzipan, I had a marzipan fruit when we went for the Christmas event and now I have decided to ask Santa for a box, I had better make sure I’m a good girl 😉

  4. what a nice sneeky peek at the thorntons christmas box1 devine!!!!

  5. I can’t wait until they have them in the shops 😉

  6. Those chocolate truffle stars look lovely!

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