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Large Easter Eggs for £2. Bargain!

With Easter on it way my children are getting really excited especially if they get to go to the supermarket with me and behold the wonder that is the seasonal Aisle laden with colourful boxes covered in their favourite characters, some containing mugs, others with morning sets and a selection with kids toys and not forgetting lots of chocolate and sweets.  This has got to be most children’s idea of heaven but then we have the flip side where as parents we don’t want to overdo the sugar intake or spend a fortune buying kids Easter eggs.  Off the top of my head I need to buy about 10 eggs although I may have missed a few children to will need to double check that.  Easter eggs don’t need to cost a fortune and the best way to buy is by doing a quick price comparison of supermarket prices before you go so you know which store to aim for.

For those looking a super Easter egg deal then look no further.  Tesco have a super deal where you can buy a Cadbury egg for a mere £2.  Yes you read that correctly £2!!!!!  These eggs can be purchased online or instore.  The egg weights vary from 266g to 307g depending on which of the selection you choose.

Having compared these with Morrisons  and Asda who are selling the same eggs for £4 each or 3 for £10 and Sainsbury’s who are selling them for £3 each Tesco is selling them for a super bargain price so they are worth checking out if you need eggs as gifts and this way you can get far more for your money allowing for a better treat for a mini or big chocolate monster.

The eggs that can be found on this promotion include: Cadbury’s Double Decker, Whispa, Twirl, Cream Egg, Hero’s, Oreo, Marvellous Creations, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Snickers, M&M’s, Kit at Bites, Mars, Teasers and many more.

This offer is valid until the 14th of March so don’t think about it too long as these eggs will be flying off the shelves fast and I should know I bought 10 today!  These are great as you don’t just get the chocolate you get a fab mug too.

Happy Egg hunting!

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  1. Great post considering easter is near 🙂 thanks for sharing

    1. I know it is handy to know where the best bargains are.

  2. I love easter eggs, i will be sure to get some of these x

    1. Enjoy Hannah. Glad to have helped 😉

  3. This is a great bargain, and though I don’t have to buy Easter eggs for kids, I’m more than willing to buy them for myself and my partner! We could use some sweets for Easter!

    1. They are great especially as you are also left with a mug!!!!

  4. Oh I love the look of the terrys chocolate orange Easter egg, not seen that one before x

    1. They had it when I went but they were all broken which was a shame.

  5. Chocolates are always tempting. It’s my stress reliever. Promotions and bargains make me exceed my limit on buying it.

    1. It try to be organised so I don’t over buy.

  6. I haven’t even begun to think about Easter yet, though I might have consumed a few Creme eggs x

    1. It’s getting closer you might want to act soon as the stocks go down fast every year.

  7. £2 Easter Eggs!? We’re heading straight to Tescos! Can’t believe how quick the year is going already! x

    1. I know it’s crazy isn’t it 😉

  8. Good to know where the bargains are at! It will be upon us before we realise it! My birthday first though 😉 xx

    1. Aaaahhhh I hope you have a lovely Birthday 😉

  9. This is a great bargain! Thank you. I will keep my eye out!

    1. Glad to have helped Sarah.

  10. This post is right up my street, especially because Easter chocolate is my favourite! I definitely want to try the Terry’s Chocolate Orange one this year, my favourite chocolate ever!

    1. I need to pop back and get some of those, hopefully they will have some in now that are not broken.

  11. I have not looked at easter eggs yet, my mum got my Daughter one of the £2 eggs the other day, I am going to have to get her the terrys orange one as he loves those x

    1. I wanted one of those but the ones left were broken which was a shame.

  12. I would like to think I’m organised but I’m not haha I need to start getting easter eggs in so that I don’t actually forget by the time easter comes around!

    1. Happy egg hunting Francesca.

  13. Wow thanks for sharing this info. I love my Easter Eggs.

    1. So do we. I need to try not to buy too many.

  14. What a fab deal! I’ll have to try out my local Tesco for ones. I just struggle with not eating them before Easter! x

    1. I know I have to pass them on as fast as possible so I don’t eat them.

  15. I got some amazing luxurious looking Easter eggs for 1.99 at Aldi. Couldnt believe it and they were gone by the time I popped back for a load more in the afternoon lol!

  16. You have done your rounds finding out all these bargains. We try and get them closer to Easter or they get eaten! No will power in this house.

    1. I know it is hard. I bag mine up and give them as soon as I can.

  17. These are my favorite and they are such a great deal. They make great yummy gifts!

    1. They really do, my girls love Easter due to the influx of chocolate.

  18. I’ve already stumbled across this offer and bought a couple. Now just decide to give them out or keep them and eat them! xo

    1. Lol, eat them and get some more to give x

  19. im trying to hold off buying easter eggs just yet but theres so many good ones this year!

    1. I did that last year and the shops seemed to empty their shelves early. Never again!

  20. ooo such a great find. i would have thought asda at first but glad its tesco. its the closest one to me

    1. I know I was surprised too!

  21. That is a brilliant deal, especially as everything chocolate related seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

    1. Ha tell me about it. By the time I’ve had some there isn’t any left for the kiddies 😉

  22. Ooh, some great deals here! I need to get my Easter eggs before they’ve all sold out.

    1. This offer ends tomorrow as far am I’m aware so hurry if you want them at this price.

  23. I love Easter Eggs!! I have my 3 kids to buy for and 5 nephew and nieces + my husband, so might have to get these ones

    1. It is a great offer!

  24. These eggs seem like they are great value

    1. They sure are I hope you manage to get some.

  25. Great value! i havent seen any with mugs at this price, will have to look out for these.

    1. The ones in the picture had mugs and I got them with this offer x

  26. What an absolute steal. I need to get several myself so will definitely be heading to Tescos! Thank you x

    1. I know it’s great isn’t it. I might get some more for us!

  27. Why did you tell me this! 🙂 Next time I go in I am honestly going to be hunting for these £2 eggs! Really weird but since about the age of 15 I’ve not bought another easter egg…. say what?! I know! Crazy!

    1. Wow really? That is crazy, but if that’s what you like you’re lucky it’s on offer x

  28. Fantastic bargain hunting – I have 16 Guides to buy for, so this is perfect timing!

    1. Wow that’s a lot of eggs. I think this offer may now be over but they might have extended it.

  29. Ooo £2 for a large egg appeals to my sweet tooth! Will have to make a visit to Tesco… x

    1. Hope you got here in time, I’m not sure if it was extended x

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