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Mr Squishy Gets the Munchies

   One day Mr Squishy’s mummy decided to take him and his older sisters to the park to play.

His sisters ran around the park looking for grasshoppers.

P1150675P1150674Mr Squishy felt a funny rumbling in his tummy.


Mr Squishy had the munchies!!!

 What was he to do?

 What a lucky little man he was.  Mummy had heard the rumbling of Mr Squishy’s tummy and had taken out a tasty snack.  Strawberries, Mr Squishy’s favourite.

 Mr Squishy thought the flippy snack cup that his mummy had put his strawberries in was great.  He could see the food inside and it was also easy for him to hold…….

P1150707and chew, especially the lid and handles.  In fact it was so much fun that he planned to play with it all the way home.


Look, there were even flaps for Mr Squishy to get the strawberries out himself. P1150704

But mummy had other ideas and had brought a fun, soft, on the go feeding spoon.  What a clever mummy.

P1150711P1150715 Mummy fed Mr Squishy the strawberries.

P1150756Mr Squishy helped.

P1150757This spoon is great he thought to himself as he grabbed it off mummy and popped it in his mouth.

P1150739The spoon was lovely and soft and also nice and chewy!

P1150729Soon the strawberries were all gone but then Mr Squishy began to feel a bit thirsty.

Mummy pulled out a sippy cup from her bag.  It was full of water.  Wow, this sippy cup must be magic Mr Squishy thought to himself, it doesn’t have a lid yet it hasn’t spilt everywhere.

P1150683Mummy said his cup was a wonderful idea as he could use it with and without the handles and when he was a BIG boy mummy could take the sippy lid off and put a special lid for big boys.

cupMr Squishy is practising using his sippy cup every day so he can grow up to be a big boy like his daddy.

 The products have been sent to me by OXO for an honest review.  All views are my own and Squishy’s.

For more information and links directly to the products please see the featured videos

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. You have such gorgeous kids! I love the snack cup – perfect for little hands 🙂

    1. Thanks Danielle, the snack cup is great whenever and wherever we go.

  2. I like the look of the sipper cup, it’s great that is can be used with or without handles.

    1. It really is handy for various stages and my little man loves it.

  3. Mr Squishy is so cute and so lucky to have two beautiful big sisters.

    1. Aaaahhhh thanks Judith, he is very lucky as they like to help look after him.

  4. Mr. Squishy is absolutely adorable! I love the handy case for the spoon 🙂

    Erin Islandbell xxxx

    1. It’s great, it pops into a handbag and doesn’t get any fluff etc on it, yaaaayyyyy!!!

  5. Thought for a minute he’d eaten the grasshopper! Lovely review, I really like the Flippy Snack Cup.

    1. Lol, he might haveif I had let him loose. The snack cup is really handy 😉

  6. Aww, how cute is he!? I love strawberries too, they’re my favourite. The snack cup is a great idea

    1. It’s really useful, he loves it so we use it daily now.

  7. these look really good, i’ll show my friend …. shes got a baby shes just started to wean !! 🙂

    1. They are really handy to use when out and about and even at home.

  8. They look great! What a cutie x

    1. Thanks Kim, I think so but I am of course biased 😉

  9. Love the look of that spoon x

    1. Mr Squishy loves his spoon, it’s his favourite one.

  10. Mr. Squishy is absolutely darling! I too love strawberries, they’re my favourite. I really like how they designed the flippy snack cup, brilliant idea.

    1. The snack cup is brilliant, it goes everywhere with us.

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