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Mister Maker Watch & Make Vol.5

Kids need stimulation in various forms and some believe that between the ages of two and five children are most amenable to learning.  Colourful, fun and interesting programmes not only attract a child’s attention but also help to encourage imaginative and creative thinking.  I am a firm believer that certain programmes are fantastic as educational tools and as a result Mister Maker is a firm favourite within our household. The programme is aimed at children between the ages of 3 to about 7 years old.
From the second the dvd was turned on the children’s gaze was fixated on the tv screen.  What a relief!  We have been watching previous Mister Maker episodes for a while now and created all sorts of master pieces.  It was great to be sent a copy of the new dvd Watch & Make Vol. 5 Mister Maker as we were already fans of the programme and had seen most if not all of the previous episodes.
The kids love the shapes section and always get up to have a little dance when they appear on screen although on this occasion the kids suddenly became very camera shy when I got the camera out so no funny video this time.
I love the doodle draws they are absolutely amazing they seem to have everything you could possibly want for arty creations and now have my own doodle box!
In Volume 5 Mister Maker makes enough arty pictures and objects to keep the kids out of trouble for hours.  Included on the DVD are the following:
Mister Maker Makes a Splattered Space Picture!
Watch Mister Maker make a splattered space picture, some noisy coin clackers & hilarious worms in a can!
Mister Maker shows you the perfect boredom buster!
Get creative with Mister Maker as he shows you splatter stencils, an incredible ice cream cone game and wobbly eggs!
Mister Maker has fun with bubbles!
Have fun with Mister Maker whilst he creates bubbles, a fabulous fish with shiny paper & space skittles that are out of this world!
Mister Maker makes a brilliant Wrap Paper!
Make along with a brilliant bubble wrap picture, a straw powered rocket & crazy carnival shakers!
Mister Maker creates a Space Age City!
Watch Mister Maker transform everyday objects into incredible insects, torn paper & a space age city!
We loved watching the different items coming being made and are looking forward to attempting to make them ourselves, gloopy glue at the ready!
This great DVD can be purchased from all good DVD stockists and after a quick search I found it on Amazon for £5.99.


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