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Fentimans Sparkling Lime & Jasmine

I really don’t drink enough fluids although I really do try.  The intent is sooooo there but the memory capacity simply just can’t cope with everything else I must contend with as a busy mother of 3 children, 1 husband and 2 bunnies!  All other mums will understand what I mean, we put the needs of those around us ahead of our own and in some cases the thought of drinking plain water doesn’t always seem appealing.  I love herbal teas, well I should really being a herbalist but many teas contain tannins which have a diuretic effect on the body which in turn dehydrate you further.  What I am partial too is a bit of sparkle in the form of jewellery naturally but also in drink form.  My taste buds and I were extremely excited when we recently discovered a company called Fentimans.  I must admit that I am disappointed that I didn’t discover this company’s products sooner as they would have made a superb addition to the lunches that I have at home with friends and would easily have helped me increase my daily fluid intake.

These guys have been around for over 100 hundred years making drinks using a time-honoured botanical brewing process (a process using herb and plant roots).  Fentimans has a range of products from soft drinks, mixers, pre-mixed alcoholic drinks and even a gluten free alcoholic ginger beer (sounds yummy doesn’t it).

Fentimans 1 Fentimans 2Fentimans have been working on a new product Sparkling Lime & Jasmine and asked me if I wanted to be one of the first in the UK to give it a try.  Having looked up the site and reading about the fact that this company produces all natural products that do not contain additives or preservatives and various herbal infusions I would be crazy not to!

This product is so new that it hasn’t even been added to the website so they sent me some information to tell me about their new non alcoholic drink.

Fentimans 3So what did I think?

The drink was very refreshing for starters and was very easy to drink.  The flavour wasn’t excessively sweet and there is a nice contrast between sweet and bitter.  The bitterness really does kick start those taste buds into waking up which I made the most of as I drank it with a meal.

DSC02273Hyssop one of the herbs used to make this delightful drink is commonly used medicinally for sore throats, to help treat coughs and also as an expectorant (helps bring up mucus from the lungs).  Juniper Berries also used in this drink are commonly used as a diuretic and to help relieve trapped wind.  I would assume the quantities of each herb are small so as not to have a medicinal effect merely to provide a natural flavour to the product.  This is great served chilled and goes well with chicken, fish, meat and salads.

What to try it too?

Well 1 lucky reader will win 1 case of Fentimans Sparkling Lime & Jasmine, that’s a whole 12 bottles!!!

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  1. cool prize

    1. This is yummy!!!!

  2. I’m exactly the same. I never drink enough and am told I’m very dehydrated but plain water just isn’t for me. The flavours look great and essential at the moment no alcohol!

    1. This one is rather addictive once you start I must admit. Enjoy!

  3. Fentimans is just so refreshing. x

    1. It really is and very easy to drink, good luck.

  4. Fab giveaway!

    1. Thanks Amanda, make sure you enter the others too.

  5. Love fentimans especially when the weather is warm
    Has a unique flavour to it

  6. This looks lovely x

    1. It’s really refreshing and they have a nice range of flavours.

  7. I live Fentimans

    1. Me too 😉

  8. I love fentimans, they are probably one of my favourite drink brands. The elderflower one sounds lovely.

    1. It is really nice, I’m searching for more to try now.

  9. I’m a huge fan of fizzy drinks myself – I’ve tried a few Fenitmans drinks and absolutely loved them.

    1. I want to try some more like the rose lemonade and the ginger ale, yum!

  10. I love the Rose Lemonade that Fentimans do – it’s like drinking liquid Turkish Delight and whenever we go out to my favourite restaurant I always have it to drink. these sound lovely!

    1. Wow that sounds amazing, I need to try it!!!

  11. I’ve not heard of this brand before but I love the flavours! Refreshing!

    1. It’s really good. I only discovered it recently.

  12. i love fentimans have you tried their dandelion and burdock? it’s gorgeous

    1. I need to try that and the rose lemonade, yummy!

  13. Oo that sounds delicious

  14. I rather like the sound of the Lime & Jasmine. Am also intrigued by the effects of Hyssop. Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock is one of the nicest non-alcoholic drinks around.

  15. Fentimans is refreshing xx

  16. I commented on New post featuring New Look ASOS Yoins and Rosewe blog post

  17. This sounds like it would taste absolutely delicious and so refreshing, I love lime and I love Jasmine so I can imagine they are a match made in heaven x

    1. They work really well together, I love this drink.

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