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Astragalus & Shisandra Face Moisturiser

I like to mix it up a little when it comes to my face cream.  It’s nice to treat my skin to new products that have all sorts of beneficial effects as well as treat myself to new and interesting aromas.  Let’s face it if a product doesn’t smell good how likely are we to use it.  I for one love gorgeous smelling products as long as they fit in with my taste of scent so to speak.  Over the Christmas period I started on a new face cream from a company called Rossi Uvema.  The cream I was trialling was their Astragalus & Shisandra face moisturiser.  As always I was excited about trying something new as it is a natural product containing herbs that I have heard of (not always easy even if you are in the business with the number of existing herbs and continuous new discoveries).

 Astragalus (root) is commonly used in Chinese medicine for colds, allergies, and other areas where the immune system needs a boost and even in the treatment of some forms of cancer.  It is full of antioxidants that help prevent against cell damage.  When used on the skin Astragalus helps to increase the circulation to the area of application which in turn helps eliminate toxins for that area and reduce any existing inflammation and help with healing.  It sounds wonderful doesn’t it and that’s just one of the ingredients.  It even helps the skin produce more hyaluronic acid which is important to enable the skins to make collagen which helps hold the skins structure or in simple terms help keep the skin plumped up and keeps those nasty wrinkles away.  It also helps protect against the breakdown of elastin a protein that keeps your skin flexible.

 Shisandra (berry), another herb that has fabulous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which is what makes it perfect in skin preparations.  This is seen as a tonic herb when taken internally as it has multi-organ benefits.  Just a few of the other effects that Shisandra has are that it can help improve brain function in regards to memory and concentration it can also help improve the function of the liver which is great considering the amount of toxins it has to process and eliminate.  It is also said to have liver protective properties so can help lessen the effect of excessive alcohol consumption.


 The Astragalus & Shisandra face moisturizer is recommended as a night cream although it can be used as a day cream too.  The cream is quite rich and is designed for dryer or more mature skin.  As its main use is as a night cream for the daytime application I combined it with a factor 50 suncream that literally just has sunfactors and is not marketed as being beneficial to the skin in any other way.  The cream is made from the highest quality organic and botanical extracts and as with all Rossi products is 100% natural.  There are no Parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, Petroleum derivatives, harsh detergents, synthetic fragrances or preservatives, silicones or colourants.  The moisturizer gets its unique fragrance from the combination of plant ingredients but the strongest fragrance that comes through is from the Rosa Damascena oil.  The fragrance is unique to this product, not particularly overbearing and has also resulted in me being complemented that I smell nice (not that I didn’t before).  Having used this cream for about 4 weeks now give or take a few days I can say I do like it.  I do feel it is quite effective in improving skin tone and is also great at healing blemishes and scratches (Mr Squishy needs to have his nails cut).  The cream leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished and I found it worked well on my normal type 38 year old skin.  The cream is dispensed by pump which is very easy to control.  Some pump action dispensers leave you with more product than you want but this one is easy to control so you don’t get more than you need.  The cream is a great base for make up and I found it was also great on dry hands.  This is the sort of cream that I am likely to buy and use again although I would love to try some of their other products too now!!!

DSC00677Key stockists of Rossi Uvema include www.rossiuvema.com, www.lovelula.com, www.ausujetdevert.com and Bubbles & Light in Hampstead, London


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  1. Would love to try.

    1. This is a great cream and the pump is easy to control so there is no waste.

  2. looks like a lovely product, im reluctant to use moisturisers as some can bring my skin out really bad.

    1. This one is natural so worth trying as you might be fine with it and then you will see why I love it!

  3. it sounds very thorough and I think we all need a little help sometimes!

    1. This cream is really good, I’m ordering some for my mum as she will love it too!

  4. I really like natural skincare products and this one sounds really good! Thank you for the post!

    1. No problem Katherine, I loved this cream.

  5. Gosh I had never heard of some of these ingrediants but I am liking the sound of them very much especially when it comes to healing, collagen, eliminate toxins & reduce any existing inflammation, it seems to cover all the areas I need some help with.

    1. These are lovely natural produts that work well on the skin.

  6. Great brand
    As I have rather oily skin I’d have to choose a different type
    Live pump action dispensers

    1. Their products are lovely, this is one of the best brands I have tried.

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