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Wahaca St Paul’s

Wahaca, the name automatically makes me think of Thomasina Miers for 2 reasons, firstly and obviously as she is a co-founder of the popular restaurant chain, secondly, she presented the fantastic programme “Mexican made Simple”.  Having loved Mexican food for many years Thomasinas programme inspired me to recreate some of the delicious recipes that she demonstrated on the show.  The restaurant chain Wahaca brings us Mexican street food when and where we want it (they offer a takeaway service, yaaaaaayyyy).  The dishes arrive as they are cooked to ensure fresh and great tasting meals.

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I was invited along to sample the tantilising dishes that Wahaca had to offer and enjoy a taste of the real Mexico without having to step foot on a plane.  If you haven’t eaten for a while or are feeling hungry look away now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

Our waitress the lovely Alice gave us a run through of the most popular dishes.  We studied the menu and there were qute a few yummy dishes so we opted for a selection of the Street Food.  The service was fast and efficient and we selected 6 dishes to share although my friend that accompanied me on this visit isn’t a big eater so with most others I would probably have selected an additional 1 or 2 dishes.

First the: Broad Bean & Feta Quesadillas


Something totally different to what I am used to, I normally stuff mine with smoked bacon, corriander, red onion and cheese but this version makes a delightful change.  The filling was amazingly smooth and the cheese creamy, it simply melts in the mouth.  A lovely mix of flavours that work well combined.

Pork Pibli


Naturally my fork gravitated towards the pretty pink fiery pickled onions and boy did they pack a punch but I loved them.  The burst of flavour that they contibute to the mixture of textures and flavours of this dish was lovely.  The pork was soooo tender it was almost creamy and I could see why this is one of the most popular dishes on the menu it was delicious!!!!  The soft corn taco was perfect to just wrap over and pop it into your mouth, how easy although next time I won’t be sharing with anyone.  This was the spiciest of all the dishes we sampled.

 Cactus Taco

P1130287  P1130305

Alice told us that this was one of those dishes like marmite that customers either like or hate.  To be honest there was nothing offensive about the dish, it had had a gorgeous fresh coriander flavour.  I’m sure that you all want to know about the cactus so here you go.  The texture of the cactus was similar to that of a gerkin and the flavour was that of cooked green vegetables similar to the courgette.  The dish had a slight chili kick but this was very mild and I loved the flavour of the guajillo oil.

Chicken Guajillo Tostadas


I looks and tastes healthy!  This dish was extremely refreshing counter balancing spices from other dishes although none of the dishes were excessively spicy.  The smokey guajillo oil is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the fresh flavours from the avocado and salad.  This is one of those dishes that you wish was just that little bit bigger, it really is that good and although its very healthy there is no compromise on flavour.

MSC Ceviche Tostadas


Another fresh tasting dish.  A squeeze of the accompanying lime gives this seafood dish a delicious tangyness whilst the pieces of chili give it a mild kick.  It tastes fresh and healthy and was by far my friends favourite dish.  Personally I would have used larger prawns if I had made this at home as I prefer their texture.

Black Bean Tostadas


I don’t understand why the variations of cheese with salad are not found more often in restaurants, it adds a lovely creamy texture and varying flavours depending on the cheeses used.  This dish does not fail to get the taste buds excited with delicious Lancashire cheese and refried beans, avocado salsa, crema and fresh tomato salsa and a slight touch of chili.

We decided on a dessert to share.

Churros y Chocolate


The aroma alone was enough to get you excited as the plate was placed on the table.  The warm scent of cinammon and warm sugar were an indicator of the amazing flavours that were to be sampled.  Accompanying the churros a rich dark chocolate sauce, these tasted divine.  I do love these and these were a particularly good example of how they should be made.

And finally some drinks

The Mexican Hot Chocolate shot and a Fresh Mint Tea


 My friend had the hot chocolate which has a nice rich chocolatey flavour.  I do believe that a good mint tea ideally is made from fresh herb rather than dried where there is an option.  This enhances the flavour as it is the essential oils within the leaves that give the herb its gorgeous, fresh, intense flavour.  Mint is brilliant to aid digestion and the perfect way to end a lovely meal.  I really enjoyed my meal at Wahaca and even though the meal was complimentary the views that I have expressd are purely my own.  I would put this on the must try list if you haven’t been already it’s really worth visiting again and again!

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  1. Oh myyyy, I have always wanted to go to Wahaca 🙁 wish they’d bring one to Nottingham! 😀 the cactus taco looks amazing xxx.

  2. I so wish I would have listened to your warning, haha, I haven’t yet eaten and I am now feeling VERY hungry, the food looks amazing hun. 🙂 x

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