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Simple Tuna Fish Cakes

I don’t eat anywhere as much fish as I should but I find that if I make recipes using it that are full of flavour than it is more likely to entice me to do so.  One such recipe includes tuna.  Tuna is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which reduces cholesterol levels in arteries and blood vessels.  Two portions a week can help reduce LDL (low density lipoproteins) thus reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.  Tuna also contains selenium which is an antioxidant and helps fight off free radicals thus reducing the risk of illness.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as tuna has many more benefits.  Tuna cakes are a great way to increase your fish intake and these are packed with all sorts of nutrients too.  In addition the tuna recipe also contains anchovies and these too contain omega 3.  Combined with the immune boosting properties that the garlic and onion bring with them this is not just a tasty and healthy food it is great to help ward off illness and to fight it.

So without further ado I give you my recipe for:

Tuna Fish Cakes


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For the fish cakes:

2 120g tins tuna steaks

1 slice of brown bread

1 tin of anchovies

2 small onions

2 tbs chopped coriander

2 medium eggs

3tbs Worcestershire sauce

oil for shallow frying

For the garlic and lime mayonnaise:

1 small clove of garlic grated

3tbs mayonnaise

black pepper to taste

3tbs lime juice

grated lime rind optional, it adds more flavour and also adds a touch of colour


For the mayo:

Spoon the mayo into a small bowl then add in all the prepared ingredients.

Cover with cling film and place n the fridge for the flavours to infuse.

For the fish cakes:

Break up the bread into crumbs either by hand or in a food processor.

Break up the chinks of tuna.

Chop the anchovies.

Chop the onions.

Give the eggs a quick light whisk.

Combine all the fish cake ingredients in a bowl.

Mould the mix into small burger shapes or balls (the number you make will vary depending on their size).

Place them n hot oil cooking for approx. 5 minutes each side.  You will need to do this in batches.  Cooking times will vary according to the heat of the oil and the thickness of the fish cakes.  Once they are a dark golden colour they are ready.

Place the fish cakes on some kitchen towel and allow the oil to be soaked up.  Repeat with fresh towel on the other side of the fish cakes but be quick as they are best served hot / warm.

Take out the mayonnaise from the fridge, spoon some into a pretty serving dish and place that with the fish cakes.

This can be served with salad or vegetables for a yummy and healthy meal.


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  1. Thank you these look delicious! will definitely be making these with my daughter 🙂

  2. They look lovely, most of the ingredients look like ones i would always have at home which is great!

  3. This looks like a very good way of eating tuna in the winter. We have tuna steaks with salad and stuff quite often in the warmer months, but tend to neglect it in the winter!

  4. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe – I love tuna so will make an attempt!

  5. Wow, it’s been a really long time since I have had a tuna cake. This looks like a really good recipe and a great way to up your fish intake, which I am not so good at making sure I do x

    1. It is a good way to increase your intake of fish and well worth trying as it’s very tasty x

  6. I love the look at those tuna fish cakes, they are so delicious!

    1. I do love fish cakes and it helps that they are good for you.

  7. I love fish cakes but never had them with tuna. They sound yummy. Jo x

    1. They are nice, I need to make a few different ones for you guys 😉

  8. Fish is a great food to work with, usually quite easy to muster up a decent meal. Your fishcakes look and sound delicious. Worth trying out.

    1. Thanks so much Jen they are pretty yummy 😉

  9. This sounds delicious and made me hungry before bed lol x

  10. I eat a lot of fish on a weekly basis and these tune cakes look so delicious. I’d love to try them.

    1. That’s great to hear, I hope you try my version 😉

  11. Fish has plenty of antioxidants and is very good for you. These fish cakes look super fresh!

    1. Fish is great for us, I must try and ea more. Thanks Ana 😉

  12. Great post! These look delicious 🙂

  13. always wanted to make fish cakes i love em

    1. Me too, I hope you enjoy these ones x

  14. I love tuna and I love fishcakes. What a great way to combine the two.

    1. Thanks Teresa they are yummy xxx

  15. Oh I do love tuna fish cakes, I’m usually too lazy to make them myself but I need to start cooking myself more x

    1. These are a lovely simple recipe to start with, enjoy x

  16. These look really easy to make. The only fish i really eat is the stuff you get from the chippy

    1. Ha, this will change that Hannah x

  17. Yum we love fish cakes I like that this is a simple recipe.

    1. Me tooooo. It means it’s not long between making and eating lol 😉

  18. My boys love fish cakes but haven’t tried to make them before. Your recipe looks great and definitely worth a try!

    1. It’s very easy, I hope they like them, enjoy

  19. These look lovely, Mel! I love a tasty fishcake.

    1. They are really yummy x

  20. OOh Mel these sound absolutely delightful, I am a huge fan of home made fish cakes but have never used tuna x

  21. I love fish cakes they are one of our family favourites I will definitely try out this recipe k x

  22. I adore fish dishes! Think I will have to try these! xo

    1. Enjoy, these are really nice 😉

  23. Honestly I donnt eat fish at all so you’re doing better than me! My husband would love these though he is really into his fish and seafood!!

    1. He sure would love this, why not try it out on him.

  24. These sound delicious, not the biggest fan of Tuna but with so many health benefits we must try it more x

    1. It is worth trying as there is a lovely mix of flavours.

  25. ah me mum used to make these when I was younger, should try it on my girls see if they would like also thank you for the reminiscence

    1. No problem, hope they like them.

  26. I lovee salmon fishcakes but have never tried tuna ones so I’ll give this a go!

  27. These sound amazing, I love tuna fish cakes, I’ll have to make them at the weekend x

  28. I love making my own fishcakes. These look really lovely.

  29. I love Tuna but I have never tried to make fish cakes before. Thanks for this awesome recipe

  30. I’m not keen on fish, even though I should be as I’m on Slimming World! but these look delicious and I might give them a go to see if I can encourage my children to eat more fish.

  31. MMMM!! These look absolutely delicious and easy to make!

    1. They are very easy to make which is good.

  32. Mmmmm yummy! These sound so tasty. And I love the Sound of the mayo too! I Will be trying these out soon xx

    1. Enjoy Tanya x

  33. These looks amazing! I love fish cakes – will definitely try out this recipe xx

    1. I do too, they are tasty 😉

  34. Will have to try some of these fish cakes, they look so tasty x

    1. They are yummy.

  35. I love tuna and I love fishcakes, therefore these will be making an appearance in my kitchen soon!

    1. Sounds good tome, have fun x

  36. These look lovely and I adore fish cakes with a nice sweet chilli dip.

  37. These sound delicious definitely on my to do list for January

  38. yummy these look amazing, mu boys love tuna its so healthy for them got to try these

    1. I hope they love them too x

  39. These look yummy!

  40. good food for all the family i love tuna

  41. This is a great recipe to get the kiddies eating some fish.

    1. It sure is. It’s good for adults too 😉

  42. I don’t think I eat half as much fish as I should. But I do love Tuna as do my girls. Going to have to try this. Sounds fab.

    1. Enjoy Laura they are very easy to make.

  43. Sounds delicious, will have to try this. Haven’t thought of tuna for fish cakes.

    1. It does work well. Why not try it for yourself.

  44. Tuna is one of my favourite things to eat

    1. They are pretty yummy 😉

  45. love the look of this recipe x

    1. It’s really simple to make and pretty healthy too!

  46. These look lovely and my daughter likes fish cakes too.

  47. They look very nice, Megan loves fishcakes, I should try these, she would eat fishcakes for breakfast dinner and tea if she could xxxx

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