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Great gadget from Logitech – It’s Like Magic!

How many times have I reached for my phone to turn the television over or turn off the stereo?  The answer to that is frankly way too many to remember.  My husband is just as bad so I am putting it down to either exhaustion or senility, both would probably be appropriate.  It doesn’t stop there.  Did you know you can’t open the car or front door with your mobile?  Hasn’t stopped me trying though!  I am pleased to say though that help is at hand in the form of …. (no NOT a straight jacket) a simple device that is simply magic!  Ok, so it’s not literally magic but it is very clever.  The Harmony Ultimate Hub from Logitech allows you to use your mobile whether it is an iPhone or android as a universal remote control to control your home automation and entertainment devices by Wi-Fi, IR or bluetooth.  Also included are 50 Favourite Channel icons and one touch control.  Sound too good to be true?  Well for once it isn’t, it really is that simple to use!  All you need to do is download the app to your phone and anyone in the house can do this.  Then the Harmony Hub will turn Wi-Fi signals from your phone into Bluetooth commands.  Worried it won’t work with your devices, don’t be as it is compatible with over 225,000 so the likelihood is you’re covered.

You can use the Harmony Hub with HDTVs, Blu-ray players, cable & sky boxes, games consoles including Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 3 and X Box 360, lights, locks, heating.


Harmony hub

The Harmony Hub is a great space saver helping avoid the clutter of numerous controllers and it is itself very compact in its sleek and sophisticated design.


harmony hub 1

It’s very easy to set up and just as simple to use.  I grabbed my husbands phone and set to work installing the app.





You will need to add the make and model of the tv if you want to use your phone to control this.  The same goes with all other devices that you wish to control via the Harmony Hub.

harmony hub 3


Now the phone is a remote control.


So even if the kids have hidden or the baby has run off with the remote control yet again we can still pause Game of Thrones to go and make a cup of tea.


The app appears on the phone so you can access it easily.


The app also allows those that have it installed to control devices when on the go which can be very useful.

It’s very easy to use, just swipe and tap.

harmony hub

You can even control home theatre devices that are located in cabinets and behind walls plus you don’t have to point at anything.  I was able to control the tv from another room which was hilarious as I decided to play a trick on the children.  They thought mummy had magical powers as she was able to control the tv from elsewhere in the house.  What I also found to be very handy was the fact that I could set up favourites (up to 50) so we can put channels such as baby tv or Sky Premiere on without having to go through the sky planner.

harmony hub 2

This is a handy gadget and one I know gadget lovers would want to get their hands on!

This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. OMG what a great idea! It would save the ….’alright whose got the control’ conversation that is quite frequent in our house.
    Thank you for the great blog.

    1. It is brilliant, I’m having a great time with it 😉

  2. Wow very technical. I need to show this to my hubby x

    1. It’s a great gadget Debbie he will love it.

  3. WOW love it what a great idear.Hubby going to love I can just see him now using it

    1. make sure you programme your phone too Veronica so you can both control it, that could be quite amusing 😉

  4. That is such a brilliant idea. We are constantly losing one remote or the other in our house.


  5. This sounds so good, we have so many remotes… but what happens if yor phone battery dies??

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