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Show someone a picture of a child in a tuxedo or suit and you will have parents, grandparents, friends and family gushing.  What is it about children dressed in this form of attire that makes them look super cute?  Is it the fact that they look like a miniature adults or is it that well frankly we as adults think they look adorable in just about anything.  Most ladies will agree seeing a man in a tuxedo or suit is also pretty good and these from Dobell the UK’s no1 formal wear store are just the ticket.

Gents brace yourselves I am about to show you some great looking stylish tuxedos and suits that your Mrs or Mrs to be will love seeing you in (who knows wearing one of these and looking pretty damn good you could help you meet the woman or man of your dreams).  Before I get onto the photos which by now I bet you are all excited to see I also want to mention that there are a range of other products also available on the site including novelty suits, waistcoats, bow ties, ties, cravats, shirts and dress shirts, trousers, smart trousers, shoes and would you believe it more items also including a range of accessories.  Their range is pretty extensive and is well priced plus you have the reassurance that it has a 5 star trust pilot rating having been rated excellent by over 14,000 customers and would you believe it scored more than Marks & Spencer who we know are pretty good themselves.  Suit prices start from £29.99, Tuxedos from £49.99, Morning Suits from £49.99, Shirts from £4.99 and Waistcoats from £4.99.  This company has specialist style experts that carefully select products for their quality and value.  Orders over £30 automatically qualify for free delivery (within 3 working days) and Dobell also offer a no quibble quality guarantee so if by some reason you are not 100% satisfied then you have 28 days from the date of dispatch to return your order and they will send out a replacement.

This 1 Button, Black Shawl Lapel 2 Piece Tuxedo is their best seller and looks pretty smart if you ask me.


Not bad for just £99!

Their Skopes Milano Contemporary Black Peak Lapel 2 Piece Tuxedo £139.99 (left) and the Dobell Royal Blue Suit £124.99 (right) look great on the dummy and are expertly tailored and I’d bet they look amazing on!  You are guaranteed to be the noticed in these.


Now we know I love to tell you all about any bargains I come across and this happens to be a pretty big one!  For any one in the market for a Selected Homme Black Slim Fit Blazer with Notch Lapel you can save a massive 82%.  I know it’s crazy but rest assured I did read it correctly so you had better hurry on over and snap it up quick.  This was £109.99 and is now £19.99!!!!


Don’t ask why it’s reduced just hurry and buy it before they come to their senses!!!!!

And not forgetting the mini ones.  There are some great suits for little boys.  We ordered the Boys 1 Button, Black Notch Lapel 2 Piece Tuxedo by Alexander Dobell which arrived very fast, you can’t fault the service!  This particular tuxedo according to their website has been featured on tv.  The fitted single breasted jacket comes along with trousers that are fully lined, precision cut and finished with a quarter inch satin stripe detail.  My youngest daughter is standing in for Mr Squishy but because he is still a tiny little chap (2 years old) and the size we ordered was a bit big for him as expected.  The smallest size available is for age 3 on the website but it seems to come up larger so I would say it would be suitable for a child of age 4-6 depending on how tall etc. the child itself is.  How great does she look in that tuxedo it’s like it was made for her!


Do you need a new suit or tuxedo or do you have a male in your life that is in need of either?  Then Dobell is the perfect solution.

68 thoughts on “Dobell Tuxedos and Suits for Children and Adults”

      1. It does! I always think that anyone can rock a tux regardless of age or gender, that is the beauty of fashion x

  1. I think tux’s look so smart, and she looks absolutely adorable in hers. I think more women need to embrace the suits/ tux’s x

  2. They aren’t bad on price really are they!? My husband has b=never had to wear a tux for anything but I’d like to see him in one 😉 haha

  3. Hi there,

    Nice looking suits for children and adults, I adore it so much. Yeah, this comes with an amazing and stylish in look. I think, everyone would like to get it for their children. The color and design of each suit is stunning and cheap in price. I highly recommend this suits for everyone who need such good looking suits.

    This is really amazing to hear the price of this suit was £109.99 and is now £19.99. Unbelievable. Your daughter looks so cute wearing this suit and well fitted on herself. She is quite happy to wear it. Her style and look after wearing this suit is totally changed.

  4. What is it about tux’s that makes everybody look glamourous? Mind you if my husband wears one and puts on a pair of sunglasses he does look as if he is auditioning for the Mafia!

  5. I think adults definitely look better in suits. Nice to see a girl in a suit for once. I agree kids look cute in anything!

  6. Kids certainly do look good in formal attire and yours looks just amazing too. I also love a man in a good suit and can’t stop gashing about it

  7. They are incredibly great value and look like they are pretty well made. It’s amazing you can buy some things nowadays online that are less expensive than getting things dry cleaned!? x

  8. Well doesn’t your daughter look so smart! These look so good for the prices 😳 Going to have to have a look and see if I can get my husband to buy a new one for a ball we’re going to next month :-). Xx

  9. That looks both smart and feminine on her, very sweet to see. I’ve never worn a tux myself, not really any need. Or for the female equivalent.

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