Nancy Fashion Dolls Review and Giveaway

It was my little girl’s birthday and look what arrived from Bandai ‘Nancy Dolls’!  You cannot imagine how excited my girls were when they saw the dolls.  These gorgeous fashion dolls look great, so much more lifelike than the sort that were around when I was little and they are also a good height for a doll standing at 42 cm tall they are very appropriate to children’s current tastes in dolls.  Not only are Nancy dolls trendy but they also come with some great accessories to make imaginative play so much more fun and feel more realistic.


First launched in 1968 the Nancy doll is the leading Fashion Doll sold in Spain and you only need to take a look at the product  range to see why.  Now they are travelling across the sea to come and make lots of new friends in England.

There are numerous pretty dolls in the range including Nancy World Adventures.  There are 4 different World Adventures dolls (Paris, Rio, London & New York City) each includes a bag, pet carrier with dog, travel documents, stickers and also a secret diary with a key!!!!

Each dolls bag has an appropriate picture, the Paris dolls bag has the Eiffel Tower, the London dolls bag has Big Ben etc. It’s great the amount of thought and detail that has gone into the design of each of these beautiful dolls.

Pictured below is the Paris doll.  Isn’t she lovely!



The dolls look great, they can stand by themselves and they are a great size for creative play as they are so much larger than conventional dolls.

The Nancy Dolphins doll looks great too.  Vet Nancy has everything she needs in the medical carry case kit to give mum and baby dolphin a check up. What’s more, Nancy has a magic tattoo that appears when you put her in water!

You can check your dolphin friends’ heartbeat with the stethoscope or give baby a feed from the milk bottle.  Vet Nancy loves spending time in the water!


The Nancy Hair Braids dolls are available with brown and also blonde hair.  Their hair looks lovely and is easy to braid with the added braider and you can create cute hair styles with this and the four cute hair bows included in the pack.



My daughters loved the dolls and sat outside playing with them for hours.  They loved the hard plastic diary that came with the World Adventure doll with the key, notepad, paper and the secret compartment with the mirror hidden inside.  They also thought it was great that you could braid the dolls hair and set to work creating pretty hair styles for their dolls.  The dolls may be quite large but they are not heavy and make great travel companions.


Here the lovely Vicki tells us all abut Nancy Dolls:


As it is almost their bedtime our Nancy Dolls wanted to say good bye before they go.


Before you all log off too I have one last set of dolls to introduce you too.  The Nancy Flowers dolls.  These dolls are just as pretty and stylish as the rest of the dolls in the range but with one special difference which makes them different from the rest, they’re scented!!!

There are 3 scented dolls to collect each with it’s own aroma (Rose, Violet & Jasmine) and each comes with flower accessories, jewel stickers, and glitter so you can make your doll unique and show off your super sense of style.


The Flower Dolls will be arriving in June and can’t wait to make some new friends.

To help them on their way I have one Flower Doll to giveaway to one lucky reader.

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Nancy Dolls are available to buy from The Entertainer, Amazon and Toys R Us and make great friends for little girls.

Disclaimer: We were sent the dolls pictured with my daughters for the purposes of the the review and all views are our own.

Cost-Effective Childcare & Child Transport in London

I am dreading the Summer holidays which will soon be upon us.  Don’t get me wrong as I do love my children but holidays can be even more exhausting than term time with all the activities and work that we do.  Myself and numerous other parents have been discussing the various options available for us during this excessively long holiday and those that work full time are concerned about getting their children to their chosen play schemes, sports clubs, tutors and other activities.  With 3 children of my own helping the other mums get their children to the various destinations and collecting them at the end of their activity is not an option and we too are going to have a busy schedule which hopefully won’t have any clashes as I can only be in one place at a time.  It is estimated that mothers spend two weeks every year driving children around with the school run adding 1 million vehicles to UK roads at peak times, OMG!

My attempt to clone myself is going well by the way , although at the tender age of 7 my eldest isn’t going to be driving anytime soon so can’t help me just yet.


So what next for those who work full time and can’t take the 8 or so weeks off school to take their children to their various activities?  My search lead me to a company called OneLane who offer a a family ride-and-care service  to fit around working parents and their children’s busy schedules.  Let’s face it most of our children have far more exciting social lives than us and that doesn’t stop for half terms or summer holidays.  OneLane is a London-based family service, which launched earlier this year, offering safe, reliable transportation for children with expert Guardians (they are called Guardians due to the nature of their work).  Their service enables parents to find cost-effective childcare in London that fits around their schedule.  In addition they are now adding on two hours of childcare to their service.


The service offered is an alternative to using nannies or childminders. Instead of forking out a premium, and being forced to commit to a minimum number of hours per week, this reliable and flexible service can “fill the gap” when all that’s needed is a few hours of childcare.  I hear mums all around London breathe a sigh of relief, what a great idea!

What Services are Offered:

*A guardian can come to your house in the morning, get the children ready before driving them to school.  OMG now doesn’t that sound amazing, I wonder if they can also do the spellings on the way like we do, wouldn’t that be just perfect!!!!

*Get children ready / dressed for after school activities after taking them to the venue.

*Drive children home from school / after school activities.

  • Provide 2 hours of childcare.

At the moment the service is restricted to zones 1-3 but due to the nature of the service and the number of people that this would work exceptionally well for I am sure that they will need to expand the zone coverage soon to keep up with demand.  In Fact, OneLine hope to expand within the next 6 months to offer a larger coverage of London and to also offer its services to other UK cities during 2017.  They also plan to add carpooling to their service later in the year.  Their problem-solving approach extends beyond the family circle to society at large.  Its carpooling service will help to solve the issue of congested roads and, as a result, will have a positive effect on road safety and car emissions.

Of course we want assurance that our “little angels” are safe when they are with someone that isn’t us!  OneLine ensures all its Guardians are experienced in childcare (they are selected specifically by their experience) and are thoroughly vetted, with enhanced DBS checks as standard.

This company wants to build long-term relationships between families and Guardians founded on trust.  Guardians are introduced to children initially prior to any trips being taken and where regular journeys are arranged the company will ensure the same person is used for each visit helping to establish a bond between both Guardian and child.

Jina Kwon the Head of Business Development at OneLane, is a London-based mother of one and is passionate about addressing key family issues through OneLane.

She says; “OneLane’s wraparound childcare service allows parents the flexibility to choose childcare when they need it – even if just for a short space of time. Our service is reliable, affordable and flexible. Many other childcare options in London are expensive and don’t allow parents the choice of just a couple of extra hours to help with the school run or after-school activities. With OneLane parents have complete control.

 “OneLane offers a service that parents can trust and rely upon. That’s something everyone needs when arranging childcare.”

I think this is a great service and one that parents at my school as well as all around the country will want to use.  Parents will no longer need to worry about being in more than one place at the same time fulfilling work commitments, enabling children to get to and from school safely and lead active, rewarding social lives. If only I had known about this service a week ago one of my girls wouldn’t have missed a birthday party as it clashed with one we had already said we would attend.

Well thought out? I think so, they even have an easy-to-use app to give parents updates which for me is fabulous as it would save me phoning every ten or so minutes during the first use of their service to check on my little one.

OneLane already has a core of loyal customers who appreciate the stress-relieving, time-saving benefits of this service – and the effect it has of enhancing the quality of their family time.

Having just discovered this great company I plan to spread the word to other mums that I know need the extra assistance but also don’t want to pay excessive fees.  I am sure some of the mums I know will be looking up the site to see how much they could save by swapping to OneLine.

   Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

Encouraging Children to Drink More Water

I love my water and try to encourage my children to drink as much as possible although it really isn’t always an easy task as many other parents will know.  With the “warmer” weather (I live in hope) and all the running around their little bodies can dehydrate fast and I must admit it can be a chore to have to keep on top of them to keep drinking fluids.  Although my girls like me love water in its natural form they do sometimes get a bit bored of the lack of flavour and it can be a struggle to encourage them to drink.  When I heard that Brit Mums had a new project which involved encouraging children to drink more water I was naturally interested in finding out more.


Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is crucial as water plays a large part on our bodily functions. Not only does it keep us hydrated, water also helps us to regulate our temperature by producing sweat when we are hot, is required for transport of nutrients within the body, digestion, concentration, removal of waste from the bowel and urinary tract.  It’s hardly surprising that reducing the amount we drink can lead to constipation, urinary tract infections and lots more.

Having launched their Enjoying More Water campaign earlier this year Robinsons decided to get bloggers involved by sending us 6 packs of Robinsons Squash’d, some stickers and star chart to help me encourage the children to drink more.  Priced at around £2.50 each these teeny tiny packs are packed full of flavour each containing enough super concentrated squash to make 20 drinks and as an added bonus they are sugar free!!!!  This miniature bottle can be popped easily into handbags, changing bags, suitcases, even your pocket.  They are easy enough for a child to use too.  Simply flip open the lid, squeeze some into water and enjoy.  With just 2.4 to 3.1 kcals per 250ml serving depending on the flavour and 6 yummy flavours even adults will be wanting a squeeze.  It is sugar free, sweetened with sucralose.  The flavours are all lovely and you can vary the amount of the squash used where you need to.

Need help encouraging your little ones to drink more?

Tips for Encouraging Children to Drink More Water

  • *The best way to encourage a child to do anything is by making it fun.

*Children also love to have the freedom to do things for themselves and as parents we should readily support this especially as it makes our job easier.




*Have water readily accessible so older children can help themselves


*Sometimes using a special cup can help encourage children to drink more.


*Limit drink options.  I normally just offer water or milk.  With Robinsons Squash’d I will offer the flavour that is already open before opening another.  My girls can sometimes be competitive so I race them against each other which is also useful to increase their water intake.

* Add fruit or a low sugar fruit juice / squash like Robinsons to water.  Don’t forget you can control the concentration used.

*Ice lollies using Robinsons Squash’d are a great idea and easy to make.  Just a little tip, mix the water and squash first before adding to the lolly moulds.

*Very similar but also great fun for children are squash slushes.  These are great for cooling off over the summer period.

*Ice cubes made from the squash can be added to water to make it more exciting.  Children love to play with ice cubes and will also love the added flavour.  Yo can also add in berries when freezing the ice cubes.

*A reward system such as stickers and a chart can work wonders.

*Practice what you preach.  Children often imitate adults so let them see you drinking plenty of fluids too.

*Robinsons Squash’d are portable and can easily added to bottles of water when out and about rather than buying unhealthy alternatives at local stores.

*Why not add this super squash to sparkling water to make your own healthier version of a soft drink for little ones to enjoy.


With flavours including Orange & Peach, Lemon & Pink Grapefruit, Summer Fruits, Apple & Blackcurrant, Passion Fruit & Mango and Lemon & Lime little ones will have plenty of reasons to drink more water.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons.

We were sent the Squash’d range (6 bottles), no payment was taken for featuring the products.

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment is Important

Some of you will be surprised to hear that my children have never been to the dentist before.  I have always promoted good dental hygiene at home making sure that the children brush their teeth twice a day, once in the morning and again prior to turning in for the night.  I try to limit sweets (to a degree) and don’t really allow fizzy drinks at home to help me protect their teeth and keep them healthy and strong.


Both my girls (ages 6 and 7.5) have a great looking set of teeth (Mr Squishy is still working on growing his milk teeth).  The girls have not lost any of their milk teeth although I am sure this will happen eventually and in my opinion it’s a good thing for obvious reasons.  Now that the Summer holidays are rapidly approaching, oh no!!!!!  I am beginning to prepare a list of things that we need to do during this period.  Top of my list, visit the dentist.  I wanted to get the children used to the dentist before losing their teeth as I am noticing some of their friends who have lost teeth have adult teeth that are not growing straight and will be in need of dental assistance in the near future.  Although I can influence the number of cavities and work to avoid these myself I can’t influence the girls teeth and whether they grow straight.  Having gone through the turmoil of introducing one of my daughters to the optician and finding she needed glasses during the last holidays I wanted to take them on a dentist visit whilst there wasn’t anything to worry about so that their initial visit is a pleasant one.  The last thing I need is to be dragging three children to a dentist kicking and screaming as that would be impossible, one child alone doing this would be hard enough.

With glowing recommendations my attention focused on one particular dental practice ‘Hampstead Orthodontic Practice’.  Established in 1994 this dental practice has build up a reputation for its innovative approach to dental care.  They aim to give all clients an exceptional level of care in a friendly comfortable environment using the most effective treatment, state-of-the art-materials and the latest in computer technology.

Although stating the obvious the best time to receive orthodontic treatment is as a child.  It is best to identify any issues and begin treatment at early stages to prevent problems later on.  Early orthodontic treatment can be started on children as young as 7 a good idea when you think how self conscious they will be in their teens.  My girls are already taking note of their appearance and are very self conscious.  I  would hate for my little ones to have to go through having to wear braces when they are older.

Where required treatment normally lasts from 8 to 12 months and can be used to correct problems such as overbites, underbites, crowded and protruding teeth.  Early treatment of these may negate the need for future treatment.

The American Association of Orthodontists suggested that children attend their first orthodontic screening by age 7, perfect timing for my eldest then.  During our first session they will evaluate front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships to detect any possible overbite, underbite, or overcrowding issues.  If treatment is required then we will receive a personalised treatment plan which may include fixed or removable children’s braces.

Why is Early Orthodontic Treatment Important

1. Overbite or underbite can be corrected early before issues arise.

2. Issues with crowded teeth and unerupted teeth can be addressed early.

3. Reduces the need for tooth removal.

4. Helps reduce the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth.

5. Allows for facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth / development.

6. May reduce the need for braces during teenage / adult years.

7. Treatment time is reduced when issues are addressed early.

8. Overall costs are reduced with early treatment.

The dental practise of course also treats adults and they offer a range of cutting-edge orthodontic treatments some of which can reduce orthodontic treatment time by up to 50% so a great way to save money too.

 Hampstead Orthodontic Practice offer interest free payment plans with flexible monthly or quarterly payment options over a 24 month period to help spread the cost of treatment where required.

I’m planning on booking the girls in for their first visit soon and as an added bonus Hampstead Heath is nearby so we can have a full blown day out with a dental visit followed by a picnic and run around in the park.


Want to know if your child is a candidate for early orthodontic treatment and children’s braces?  Why not contact Hampstead Orthodontic Practice today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

This IS a sponsored post.

Project MC2 Circuit Beats

My daughters and I have just been introduced to the world of Project Mc2 where science meets style and everyone knows it’s cool to be smart!  The NEW fashion doll line by MGA Entertainment, Project MC2 offers tweens a fun, science inspired form of play.  This super cool range focuses on 4 main characters each with their own unique personalities, interests and sense of style.

Project Mc2 4

McKeyla McAlister (Mc2)

Is a keen writer, hipster and undercover spy.  When McKeyla isn’t writing in her journal, you’ll find her reading a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, upcycling or saving the world! Her catch phrase is “I’m smart. Get over it!”

Adrienne Attoms (A2)

A culinary chemist originally from Spain (her father is a diplomat), she just loves to host dinner parties. Her catch phrase is “Pretty Brilliant”

Bryden Bandweth (B2)

Bryden is a total tech geek.  She loves tweeting, digital photography, streaming music.  Don’t ask her to go anywhere without a hotspot! She’s a 24/7 #digitaldarling. Bryden’s catch phrase is? “Stand Back, I’m Trending”

Camryn Coyle (C2)

I well known for her high IQ, but her real genius comes out in the garage – especially when it comes to her souped up skateboard! Her catch phrase is “Nailed It”

The four girls are also part of a secret, seriously cool organisation, NOV8 (pronounced ‘Innovate’). Even their friendship makes mathematical sense – based on the Pythagorean theorem that A2 + B2 = C2

There are various products in the range including:

Project Mc2 Dolls with Experiments (RRP £24.99)

Each character comes complete with their own experiment for you to make at home. Build McKeyla’s lava light or Camryn’s skateboard, make Adrienne’s volcano erupt or Bryden’s glow stick shine! All experiments use products you can find in your own home for the ultimate in interactive science play.

Project Mc2 2

Project Mc2 Dolls (RRP £14.99)

Based on the girls in the show which you can find on YouTube, the range includes a lifelike McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn – each with their own distinct styling

Project Mc2 1

A.D.I.S.N – Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook (RRP £24.99).

You can be a secret agent just like McKeyla McAlister with your own personal, digital notebook.  With fun phrases directly from the character in the TV show, a booklet containing secret missions, hidden compartments and a special NeRDy bracelet, being an agent has never been more fun! The Notebook also ties into the free app, Project Mc2 Case Files, for even more action.

Project Mc2 3

You can become an honorary member of NOV8 and ‘ladder up’ through the organisation via a series of fun Ops tests, play games, take quizzes, watch videos, learn more about the girls from Project Mc2 and even ask them questions!  Visit

Download the free app, Project Mc2 Case Files, from the App Store to go on missions for NOV8. Collect evidence, analyse the clues and solve the case! If you’re playing on a smart phone, you can pop your device into the A.D.I.S.N. Notebook for added secret spy mission play, just like you’re McKeyla McAlister. Use the key code in the back on the booklet included with A.D.I.S.N. to unlock even more clues. With over 1,000 missions to play on the app, NOV8 will be keeping you busy.

We were sent a Project Mc2 Circuit Beats to review.  This awesome kit allows you to make music out of all sorts of items from tulips, glasses of water and even ice cream.


The girls decided they wanted to make music with bananas.


You can chose from one of 5 sound options using the dial on the board: drums, guitar, piano, cat meow or even record your own.  Simply attach the grounding wire to your finger and then tap the objects with the other hand to play music by completing the electrical circuit.  A great educational toy that helps teach little ones about simple electrical circuits and also about electrical conduction.


How cool does that look!

The best part is that one lucky reader will have the chance to win one of their own.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Tonight I will be surprising my daughter’s, ssssssshhhhhhhh don’t tell them but I have gotten my hands on a copy of Alvin and the Chipmunks The Road Chip.  Available on DVD and Blu-Ray from the 20th of June this is sure to keep them entertained for the full duration of the film which is approximately 88 minutes.  I plan to declare tonight a non homework night and snuggle up with my girls to watch and of course sing along to the wildest, funniest road trip ever which boasts the Ultimate Playlist featuring the best songs from all of the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies in one place!!!!!  Let’s face it we all love a good sing along even if we won’t admit it parents and children alike will enjoy singing along to the various catchy songs and music videos.  The fabulous singing fur balls Alvin, Simon and Theodore return to the screen in their latest adventure where they end up taking a nutty detour whilst on a road trip to Miami.


Blu-ray™ Special Features Include:

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Story So Far

Cue the Chipmunks: The Great Big Chipmunks Music Finale

Our Furry Planet


WETA and the Chipmunks: Animators’ Reference Reel

Ultimate Playlist:

Music Machine

“Juicy Wiggle”

“South Side”

“Iko Iko”

“When the Saints Go Marching In/Uptown Funk”



“I Love Rock N Roll”

“Get You Goin’”

“Hot N Cold”

“Real Wild Child”

“Born This Way/Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now/Firework”

Music Videos (with optional Sing-Along):

“Shake Your Groove Thing”


“Bad Romance”

Lyric Videos:

“Juicy Wiggle”

“Uptown Munk”

“Wreck the Halls”

“Pizza Toots”

“I Want Chipmunks for Christmas (a.k.a. Pester Song)

Munk Rock

RedFoo “Squeaky Wiggle” Dance Instructional

After the Party: A Munkumentary



DVD Special Features Include:

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Story So Far

Ultimate Playlist:

Music Machine

“Juicy Wiggle”

“South Side”

“Iko Iko”

“When the Saints Go Marching In/Uptown Funk”



“I Love Rock N Roll”

“Get You Goin’”

“Hot N Cold”

“Real Wild Child”

“Born This Way/Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now/Firework”

Music Videos (with optional Sing-Along):

“Shake Your Groove Thing”


“Bad Romance”

Lyric Videos:

“Juicy Wiggle”

“Uptown Munk”

“Wreck the Halls”

“Pizza Toots”

“I Want Chipmunks for Christmas (a.k.a. Pester Song)

Have you seen this movie yet?

This is NOT a sponsored post.

The Secret Life of Pets & Munch Bunch Giveaway

The Secret Life of Pets previews were showing this weekend just passed before the official release day of the 24th of June and we lucky enough to go along to enjoy the movie.  When we arrived we were greeted by some special guests on the red carpet and even bumped into a well known face.  I would like to thank the very kind Vanessa Feltz for posing with the little ones for me.


After our little stint on the “Red Carpet” we then strolled into the cinema and took our seats.

What can I say the movie was really good and had both young and old(er) laughing.  I don’t want to give away too much of the plot but it basically looks at the amusing / hilarious things pets get up to when their owners go off to work.

Here is a sneak peak of the movie:

I discovered that characters from this great children’s movie are being featured on Munch Bunch products  which we all love like the Huge Tubes.  I know my little ones will want me to get my hands on some of these for them.


In addition they are also running a competition for entrants to win 1 of 100 days out?????


Click ‘here‘ and fill in your details to enter.

Entrants have a chance to win 1 of 100 fun-filled days out for the family! With everything from ice skating & bowling to aquarium & farm adventures up for grabs.

We were invited to go along to the cinema but were not obliged to write a blog post we just knew you would all love to hear about the great movie and competition!!!

Busaba Eathai Leicester Square, London

Busaba Eathai has been enticing people to try their fabulous Thai food at one of the most well known Foodie Festivals The Taste of London for years and I have been meaning to try it for longer than I remember but for some reason I have never managed to.  Finally this weekend I made it and boy did I wish I had gone along sooner!!!

From the exterior you could be fooled into thinking that it was just another London restaurant.


But as you step between the large wooden doors you are greeted by a golden Buddha, the scent of burning incense wafting through the air and Gerbera floating gently on a shallow bed of water.



The relaxing and calm atmosphere entice you in.  The appearance of the restaurant represents a Thai casual dining venue with its large wooden benches and tables with ample room to give dinners a fuss free relaxed and comfortable eating experience.


As we entered we were greeted warmly and shown to our table.  There are also seating areas facing windows to allow for a more private meal should you prefer.  There you can gaze out at the passersby and maybe even spot a passing celeb, very possible as it is literally just a stone’s throw from Leicester Square gardens and the Odeon Cinema.  They also have some other sites dotted around London as well as Manchester and Liverpool.

The menu is clearly set out with explanations of each dish and special menus for certain times of the day clearly marked.



They have a good selection of dishes to choose from and icon / signature dishes are clearly displayed.  Dish types include soups, noodle dishes; stir frys, curries and rice dishes.  A range of snacks and side dishes are also available.

I was please to see that they had a children’s menu.  The children’s menu also has some fun activities to keep them entertained whilst waiting for their food.


There were numerous dishes for the vegetarians among us and I was also informed that any dish that included meat could be made vegetarian should the diner desire.

 Gluten free, nut free and vegetarian options can also be found on the menu.

Just a quick note, all small and large dishes will come out when ready so what one might perceive as a starter may come with the larger dishes.  If you want to have them separated all you need to do is ask, nothing was too much for the fabulous guys that were on site when we visited which added to the overall experience.

Whilst we waited for our food to come we enjoyed some prawn crackers served with sweet chilli sauce and some wok tossed cashews with chilli and salt.


Starters / small dishes

Thai Calamari with Ginger and Peppercorns

This is the most popular dish on the menu and it is obvious why when you bite into the firm, thick yet tender pieces of squid with a thin batter coat that adds to the flavour but doesn’t feel at all greasy.  The gorgeous flavour of the fresh ginger with the delicious secret sauce and peppercorn (the peppercorn was not overwhelming) had chopsticks diving back in for second and third pieces.  This moreish dish is a must try for any newbie, you can thank me later.



Soft Shell Crab

A perfect example of how the dish should be made as the crab was not greasy and it was perfectly crisp and tasted lovely.  The accompanying sauce with garlic pepper, chilli, spring onion and oyster sauce added extra flavour and heat to the dish.  I do love soft shell crab and this was a great version.



Main Dishes


Chicken Fried Rice

This is the perfect dish for children that are not very adventurous.  The portion is enormous, both my girls could have shared it as a main meal.  My little one loved it but only managed to eat about half of the portion which was good going for her.



Pad Thai (Children’s)

A great dish for little ones this was not spicy like the adult version and again was a very generous size.  There are plenty of prawns to keep little ones happy and these were a nice and plump as you can see from the picture.



 Tom Yam Goong

Full of flavour this delicious soup combines coconut, lemongrass, galangal, king prawns and glass noodles topped with fresh, fragrant Thai basil.  This soups is not only filling it also tastes amazing and is one of the most popular dishes featured on the menu.  Fresh ingredients are used to make this and all the other meals available.


Sen Chan Pad Thai

 This is similar to the classic but with additional extras of crab meat and green mango.  The combination of sweet, salty and spicy flavours work well together.  Make full use of the lime as this adds a burst of flavour from the fresh lime.  Having tried this version I would say the mango is a necessity which should be an ingredient added to all versions of Pad Thai it really tastes great.


All meal portions were generous and each of us felt comfortably full at the end of the meal. As part of the children’s meal there was an option of vanilla or coconut ice cream.  Both children enjoyed the later and us parents tried our best to resist but failed miserably.  In our defence it was very good.


You can eat a large meal here for about £20 or less per person depending on the time you dine.

 Busaba Eathai is the sort of restaurant you will want to revisit over and over so you can work your way through the varied menu as well as enjoy your favourite dishes again and again.

 Fancy trying this great restaurant?  Want a discount?  If you download their app you can get £5 off your first bill and further rewards as for regular app users!!!

Rating 4/5

We went along to Busaba Eathai as guests.  All views expressed are our own.


All Butter Rose Shortbread from Waitrose


I just tried a pack of biscuits from Waitrose, not something unusual but this is one of those occasions that I felt I really should share with you, no not the biscuits they’re all gone but how good they were.  The biscuits in question: Seriously delicate All Butter Rose Shortbread and OMG these are divine.  They are flavoured with black tea and rose.  The black tea and rose go extremely well together and the rose flavour is the more dominant of the two.  What a great idea to combine these in a moreish, crumbly shortbread biscuit.  They are suitable for vegetarians too for those interested and a re great with a nice hot cup of green tea or a bottle of milk according to my taste tester.








Where did all the biscuits go?

Have you tried these yet?  If not your really should they are lovely.

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Num Noms Series One Party Pack: Cupcake & Mystery Pots Unboxing

You may recall me introducing you to Num Noms earlier this year, well we are at it again.  This time I have included unboxing videos, please excuse the girls they are only just starting out with videos and their introduction and ending are a little slow but I am sure they will find their feet soon enough.  Me on the other hand there may be no hope for but I shall plod along with my dodgy videoing as long as we have great products to unbox, who knows I may even improve eventually.

Num Noms consist of two parts a Num which is a cute scented topping which may be an ice cream or cupcake topping.  Noms also very cute and scented and they are either motorised or contain lip gloss.  You place Nums on top of Noms to create different flavour mixes.  In this pack we have a cupcake base to place the Num Noms on.


 Motorised Noms are found in the large packs and the lip glosses are found in the mystery pots.


There are some great scents including bubblegum, mint, vanilla, orange, strawberry, caramel, banana and that’s just a few.  By combining the different toppings and bases you can create different sweet aromas that smell delicious, it’s a shame they are not edible.

In my first video we unbox the series one Party Pack Cupcake.  The topping are cupcake topping not ice cream topping (I think one of my daughters said ice cream in one of the videos, opsy).

In our second video we are unboxing 2 Mystery Pots.



Series two is set to hit supermarket shelves sometime in July and we will be introduced to some more great scents that children will love.

Do your little ones love Num Noms / are they continuously asking you to get them some???  Don’t worry I have a big announcement.

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