Win Limited Edition #DreamWorksTrolls Vosene Bottles

I was fortunate enough to be invited along by the lovely guys at Vosene to a special screening of the animated movie, Trolls.  For those that have yet to see it you really should take your little ones or anyone you know that is young at heart as they will love it, it’s brilliant!!!!


Many of my regular readers will know we have been using vosene products and trying out their new products as soon as they come out, we just can’t get enough of them!  Well we are excited to announce that vosene have teamed up with dreamworks to celebrate the launch of the brilliant movie Trolls and you will find that these cute characters have made an appearance on vosene bottles.


Don’t they look great!

To celebrate we thought that it might be nice hold a competition for one lucky reader to win 2 of each of the adorably designed bottle shown above.

So that’s:

  2x Conditioning Defence Spray

2x 3-in-1 Shampoo

2x 2-in-1 Shampoo Strawberry

2x 2-in-1 Shampoo Fresh Melon

In order to win these beautifully scented limited edition products which will make you hair smell amazing whatever age you are you need to enter below.

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The Wedding Reception

This weekend I went to a wedding.


This was no ordinary wedding though this was an Interactive theatre show (2.5 hours) that just like many weddings I have been to takes place in a hotel in London (although it travels to various other locations too) and is set out in the way a wedding would be.  You arrive at the hotel and are shown to a room for drinks (drinks are not included in the price).  Here you can mingle with other guests and also the actors who are already in character.  Unlike traditional theatre you become part of the show too which is highly improvised, fast paced and pretty hilarious at times.


The plot follows couple Will and Kate who dream of a small intimate wedding but Kate’s mum has her own ideas.  In order to keep the peace they come to a compromise a registry office wedding followed by a lavish reception.   Of course no wedding ever goes exactly to plan including this one with some disastrous and hilarious consequences.  The actors really do earn every penny at this fabulous show.  It’s great that when you sit down for dinner the actors were literally all around you not just in one part of the room.  The characters come and chat with you and treat you as if you were a real guest and in some cases you actually become part of the show but I won’t give too much away.  The show features award winning performers who take on multiple roles and I think everyone that has experienced this first hand will agree they do a superb job.

The Food

Unlike any other theatre show this one comes with food which makes it’s pricing of £43 per person even more reasonable.  There is a set menu which will vary at each location and they do state that the food is a prop for the show and not the other way around so I left food critic part of myself at home so as not to judge that part too harshly.  At the dining tables were bread rolls and butter and the starter.   There was also a jug of water at each table and we were advised to order drinks before being seated as to cause as little disruption going in and out or the room as possible.  Waiting staff did the rounds of the tables taking drinks orders which was handy.


Only a third of the show is scripted and the result is pretty funny I must say, don’t blink you might miss something.  The mother of the bride was hilarious giving a critique of the cheese and tomato starter.  After this course had been eaten staff came around and offered seconds.  The show continued through the various courses as a real wedding would.

These guys have a lot of energy with their toing and froing across the room.  In fact they moved so quickly I must say I struggled to get photos to show you as many were blurred as they whizzed around.  The audience involvement was not excessive but worked extremely well with the theme and it was just like being a guest at a real wedding apart from the fact that you don’t know the newly weds or anyone else present other than those who you have come with.

wedding3This is aimed towards adults and there is some strong language and sexual innuendo.  The Wedding Reception is simply fantastic and a must see, I can’t fault the show at all.  If you are near any of the locations this is available at I suggest you book your self in immediately you will love it.  Everyone at our table thoroughly enjoyed the show and of course being me I made a point of asking around others opinions.  It’s a novel idea for birthday parties, hen night, stag do’s and even Christmas parties.

Would you consider something like this for a night out with friends?

My Top 5 Sites to Help Save You Money and Get Freebies

I have been using a range of sites to save money over the last few years and it occurred to me just the other day that you guys might also be interested in hearing about them too.  We all love to cut costs in order to save more money but it can be quite hard to figure out where exactly can you get the best deals available.  Having had a bit of experience over the years (I do have 3 children so being savvy comes as part of the package) I wanted to share with you all a few of my favourite websites and apps that can help save you those precious pounds.

Here are My Top 5 Sites to Help Save You Money.

Money Saving Expert


Martin Lewis is a consumer champion and has now also become a familiar face to many since appearing regularly on national TV and in the press sharing his various money saving tips. Back in 2003, he set up a website called, which has 15 million visitors per month and I’m one of them.

On his website, Martin and his team advise on how you can cut costs in practically every single area of your life. It’s a great idea to sign up for its weekly money saving email list and they also have some apps you may like as well. The Local eBay Deals Mapper, for instance, will display ‘pick up only’ deals in your area. These tend to be cheaper since a lot less people bid on them. If you need to travel by train you might also want to check out Tickety Split which is a handy tool which tells you when it’s less expensive to by two tickets for different parts of a journey instead of buying one directly.

My Supermarket


I’ve used this on numerous occasions.  If you’d like to save some cash on your weekly shop but aren’t quite sure which supermarket is the least expensive My Supermarket is just the website for you. You can create your very own shopping list, and it’ll work its magic telling you what it would cost in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Aldi, and Waitrose so you can choose the cheapest option.



If you haven’t ever used a cash back website such as TopCashback when you shop you’ve definitely been missing out. It’s easy to sign up for a free account and then whenever you go do some online shopping, whether you’re buying groceries, an electrical item, a new outfit, a TV package or even renewing insurance, you can click on the merchant link at the TopCashback website. The merchants reward TopCashback for sending a customer their way, and they pass on part of that commission to you.  So basically you sort of get paid to shop, sounds good doesn’t it!

Voucher Codes


If you wanna shop savvy, check out, alternatively you can download their app. There are literally thousands of money-off vouchers for the best retailers and even restaurants always good to know if you love shopping or are a foodie like me.  These allow you to save cash whether you shop in-store or online.

WOW FreeStuff


WOW FreeStuff is one of the biggest freebie sites around offering up to 10 freebies a day straight to your inbox as well as offering free stuff on their Facebook, Twitter feeds and website. They only offer UK free samples and they have a great range of perfume samples, beauty samples and lots of free food and drink samples.


So what are you waiting for guys check out these sites!!!

Bratz Instapets – Raya and Bumblebee

My little girls love the trendy and fun Bratz dolls.  Over the summer we reviewed the Bratz remix doll Cloe.  The Bratz are back yet again and they have brought with them their adorable pets that they love snapping photos of and posting on instagram.  From left to right we have Raya who has a bumblebee pet, Cloe who has a pig pet, Yasmin who has a frog and Jade who has a cat.


This time around we are reviewing Bratz Instapets Raya.


Raya comes with her bobble head instapet and the girls loved playing with her.  They love her style and the range of great accessories that she comes with that are all co-ordinated to match the colour of her pet – a bumblebee.  They loved the outfit and the pet and wanted to tell you all about it in a YouTube video.

As you can see from the video the girls loved that the brush was lip shaped and there were lips at the back of the phone and the phone cover looks like a bee, what’s not to love it’s cute.  Here is Raya being read to by one of the girls.  Apparently she also likes sleep overs and they get up to all sorts of fun.


Now the girls and I agree that this would make a super gift for a birthday, Christmas or for just being good so to make sure the word gets around to all the mummies, daddies and grandparents we are hosting a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a gorgeous Raya Instapets doll.

For my hardcore readers you know the drill and for anyone that’s new, welcome and we hope you like variety as this blog covers all sorts.

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Introducing My Friends to Speed Dating

Amongst my friends there are a few that are still single.  I don’t see anything wrong with being single in this day and age but it is a shame when they see the rest of us in the group coupled off, married, some with children and would love to be in the same position.  Meeting people in pubs and bars is no longer what it was when I was on the dating scene and having heard various stories I will admit I am relieved not to have to worry about this myself. I do feel sad for my friends though that want to be in a steady relationship and have heard that speed dating can be a great way to go out, meet a range of people and then if there is a mutual attraction you can exchange details and who knows what the future will have in store possibly the ringing of wedding bells, well you never know.


There are plenty of speed dating places around but as I mother almost everyone I feel protective towards my friends and want them to go somewhere with a safe and comfortable environment.  Having seem friends getting a bit disheartened with everything involving dating I thought as a loving friend I would do a little research and then let them know my findings. This may also be of interest to some of my readers so I’ve decided to write a blog post rather than keep the information between myself and my friends, who knows one of you guys could be ‘the one’ for them.


During my research I stumbled across who offer a range of venues for those in London that would like to try speed dating.  With venues such as Mahiki in Mayfair, Fifty 9 in Mayfair, Institute Piccadilly Circus, Core City of London and many more (these were my favourites from the site) you have a good range of locations and types of meeting place to choose from.  All the prices for each are clearly marked on the site as is what is included at each.  Each venue is easy to get to and the age range for each event is also on the site.  These range from 18 to 55 and prices from £10 to £25 depending on when and where you book for.  If you feel a little nervous or shy do NOT fear there are friendly hosts on site to help break the ice and make sure that each guest has a lovely time.  Other speed dating companies normally give you 3 minutes per person but these guys give you that extra minute which could be all that you need to hit it off making either a new friend or finding somebody that could be something more.  I was also pleased at the fact from a safety perspective (I may have a little OCD when it comes to safety at night) you can bring a friend for no additional cost to provide that little bit of support.


There are a range of different types of speed dating on offer.  These guys seem to have thought of a whole range of fun events to get singles together including ‘Lock & Key Dating’, ‘IQ Dating’, Quiz Dating’, Play Date, Escape the Room and much more.

No luck at the event you needn’t fear there is a 100% no match guarantee so if you don’t meet anyone you would like to see again your next event is free!  So even if your nerves get the better of you the first time around you can always give it another try.  On average 75% of those that attend meet at least one person they would like to meet up with again.  All matches will be emailed to you 24 hours after the event.

Of course as part of my scoping out criteria I ventured over to the Trust Pilot site to check out the comments from those that had already experienced one of these great sounding nights out and although the comments are varied the majority are extremely positive with the company scoring a 7 out of 10 which isn’t bad at all.

I saw a review on the site from another Melanie (not me) and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

“I have been to several speed dating events at One Kew Road in Richmond. The venue is really nice and there is a great atmosphere. It’s a good way to meet new people and have a lovely evening, The event run by Rob is well organised and the results are put on their website within twenty four hours. When I have emailed Rob with a question he has got back to me with a reply quickly. I really like the friend option, as some speed dating events don’t have this and its nice to be to choose.The date in a dash website is easy to use and is well thought out. I have seen others and this is the easiest one to navigate. Overall a great night out.”


Would you consider using a speed dating company to help you find the perfect partner?

Photos featured are from Dateinadashwebsite so you can see them in action.

Courgetti Carbonara

I was a little worried about whether this would work when I first decided to make this and even more concerned about whether my husband would like this recipe.  Thankfully it worked well and he loved it, so much so that when I said I was considering making it again the following day he said he would love to have it again which goes to show it’s pretty good.  As an added bonus even Mr Squishy approves which is great as the more that can eat the same meal the better.  This is a low carb dish that is not only delicious but also quick and super simple to make.

First of all you will need a spiralizer to make this.  I got mine from UK Juicers and have made another great recipe with it including my Crispy Duck, Hoisin and Cucumber Salad. (Hurry on over to that post as I have a giveaway for one lucky reader to win one of these super spiralisers!!!!) Should I let slip I have another fab recipe too come, just keep it between us for the moment though!!!!!  This is a great gadget and is well priced as it is very sturdy and leaves very little waste.

Courgetti is a great pasta substitute as it contains far less calories and you don’t have the worry of gluten that quite a few people are allergic to.

This alternative to conventional spaghetti carbonara is not only much healthier it has the added benefits from the vitamins and minerals found in courgette.

Courgetti Carbonara

Serves 2


3 large courgettes

300g lean unsmoked bacon

Olive oil

1 clove of garlic

3 medium egg yolks

70ml double cream

60g Grana Padano plus extra for sprinkling

Salt and pepper to taste


Spiralise your courgettes using the small spiralising blade that comes in the box.

Set the courgette aside and remove as much fat from the bacon as possible, cut into small pieces and pan fry in a little olive oil until cooked well.

Chop the onion and garlic and pan fry in a little olive oil.

Grate the cheese plus the extra.

Separate the eggs yolks in one bowl and white in the other. In the bowl with the yolks add the cream and give it a stir.  You can save the egg white for a pavola or egg white omelette or scrambled eggs.

Add about 1.5tbs of olive into a heated pan, toss in the courgetti and cook for a few minutes until it softens slightly.  Add in the bacon, onion, garlic and pour over the egg and cream mix and the cheese (not the extra) and stir well.  Add some salt and pepper to taste.  Separate between two bowls and then add a sprinkle of the extra cheese on top.

Serve fast whilst it’s still hot.



5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before having my First Child

HomeServe the home assistance provider have a blog called ‘ketchup’ which is turning 1 this week.  An odd name for a blog I know but they called it this because it’s something that every household has.  It makes sense, who doesn’t have ketchup!  The blog is full of useful tips & tricks for your home, as well as gardening advice & family friendly activities.  To help them celebrate their blogs 1st birthday I thought I’d write and share a post about what I wish I had known before having my first child.  I am hoping some of you that are yet to have children or know others having them will find this useful, as a mother of three I can say don’t worry it will all work out in the end.


Ok so let me start with, this was a pretty long time ago now as my eldest is almost 8 years old so I am fairly experienced as a parent or at least with the parts I have covered so far, OMG I’m really dreading their teen years.

So what is it that I wish I had known during my first year as a parent?

I will try and limit this as we could be here all day, in fact I could probably write a book.

So here we have it:

5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before having my First Child

Getting baby into a Sleep Routine can be Simply Fabulous IF you can Manage it.

During your first year as a parent it’s a given that you will be sleep deprived unless of course you have your own live in nanny doing the night shift which let’s face it most of us don’t.  Once you establish a sleep routine you can quickly learn how early you can get away with putting the mini one to sleep, sleep duration and also an approximate when and length of naps giving you the opportunity to have a nap, get some house work done etc.  I found I was pushing myself to do too much at first and was physically exhausted.  After I began to take naps in the day sometimes when baby did I must admit I did feel much better although still tired.


Children Develop at their Own Pace so DON’T compare them.

Whether it’s when they are finally sleeping through the night if they even get to that stage, when they start walking, talking, are potty trained etc. each child is unique and learns at different rates and will develop at different rates.  Eventually they all even out don’t they?  It’s not like you see children in reception having nappy changes so try not to get too concerned.  I found some mums to be very competitive with the “my child is doing this, isn’t yours older (when they know yours isn’t doing whatever it is yet).  But look at it from another perspective they are super excited about the milestone their little one has reached and it won’t be long until yours catches up and may even overtake in some areas.


Being excessively Tired Can Make you Feel Sad

It’s a shock to the system having a baby. The sleepless nights, the feeds every 1 to 1.5 hours (that was what happened to me at first, OMG nightmare) can really play a toll on your emotional state.  I’m the sort of person that is generally very happy, I am also very smiley and when I was working during my first pregnancy I was told by numerous people that I was the happiest pregnant person they had ever seen.  I may not have felt like everything was sunshine and rainbows but I generally didn’t show it.  Cue the baby.  Now I wasn’t what one might call depressed but I have always been quite a sensitive person so coupled with exhaustion the silliest things would trigger me off whether it was something in a cartoon or a kind gesture.  My goodness there were floods, fortunately this normally happened when I was alone so I didn’t have an audience.  Needless to say the news was no longer watched at ours, it simply wasn’t safe.  I found that as I got more sleep I wasn’t so bad although I must admit I am still pretty sensitive so wouldn’t fit well as a celebrity as the media and trolls can be so cruel sometimes.


OMG My memory is Non Existent

It’s embarrassing isn’t it when you forget some ones name but what if you have a conversation with someone and totally forget about having it?  It happened to me on numerous occasions which actually prompted me to go to the doctor (when I finally remembered to book) as by this stage I was concerned.  After a numerous questions and a quick check up the doctor said that I needn’t worry it was just …. exhaustion.  It was a relief that it was nothing serious yet also not something I was not able to do much about especially when not long after baby no2 made an appearance.   Hurray more sleepless nights lol.


Enjoy Every Moment

It’s shocking how quickly children grow up.  Within the blink of an eye they are onto solids, then walking around.  Where once you were wishing they would say their first words you get to the stage where you wish they would be quiet even just for a minute.   My youngest has just turned two and I must admit I do sometimes miss when he and his sisters were small enough for me to hold in my arms easily.  Soon enough my children will be off to University and I will miss them like crazy so I am making the most of the time I have with them whilst they are small.


For those with children what do you wish you had known before having them?

Tommy Tucker Gourmet Popcorn (plus a competition too!)

Who loves popcorn?  I am sure if you were all in the room with me I would see a sea of hands.  I think that there are very few people that do not enjoy this treat that is if you think about it very versatile as it can be found in a range of sweet and savoury flavours.  Recently a company called Thomas Tucker got in touch and sent me some of their popcorn to review.  I must admit I hadn’t really known much about this company before now which really is a shame as they are a UK based company and I do love to promote UK based products where possible.  Their popcorn is apparently so good that they are the supplier of choice for the British cinema industry, they also supply their goods to a string of high-profile businesses across the retail, leisure and hospitality industries, and, since their acquisition of RJ Foods in 2015, offer a growing portfolio of baked goods too.

I was pleased to discover that their popcorn does not contain artificial colours or flavours and is wheat, GM and gluten free so we were off to a good start before they had even sent the product.

Mr Squishy a foodie himself clearly sensed the presence of food hidden within the box and tried his hardest to break into the box and begin consuming it’s contents but fortunately to no avail as it had been sealed well thankfully.

Tommy Tucker have a range of popcorn available and they sent me some of their gourmet range to taste.  Of course I was besides myself with excitement, who wouldn’t be!

So the big question, was it any good?


Salted Caramel and Vanilla

For the lovers of sweet and salty combined of whom I know there are many this is the flavour for you.  With the perfect mix of sweet and salt and is my favourite out of the selection I tried.  I can safely say it’s yummy!

Raspberry Sensation

Unusual for a popcorn flavour but interestingly this actually does seem to work.  There is a lovely sweetness from the toffee coat with a tangyness from the raspberry.  This sure is a unique flavour, I wish it could be counted as one of my five a day.

Indulgent Cocoa Nib

This has a lovely toffee and cocoa nib coating that really did go down well, my hubby, daughters and little man polished this off but I did manage to try a few pieces first.  Perfect for chocolate lovers which we have no shortage of here.

Gingerbread Latte

Would you believe I have never had an actual gingerbread latte before?  I know for a foodie that really is awful but I hope to rectify that this winter.  This is lovely it tastes like a crunchy gingerbread and is super tasty.  It’s also my favourite (ok, so I have two but it’s really hard to decided between them!).

Tropical Coconut

Again with a toffee coating but this time combining it with coconut with works again incredibly well.  I do love coconut and am impressed how well it works as a popcorn coating.  I love this too!!! (Also my favourite lol, I see a trend here.)


The recipe creators at Tommy Tucker have clearly done a superb job and are clearly simply fabulous at what they do.  Dare I say the test is in the tasting and I’ve tasted and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A suggestion for the company although probably unnecessary would be to make the packs resealable.  I know that this suggestion might sound ludicrous to some but I have a couple of friends who like to spread the enjoyment of such a product over a period of time, I know crazy right! just buy more packs lol.  Anyway, for their sake I would suggest the resealable pouch.  Not such an issue at mine as I live with what seems like a swarm of locusts and this sort of thing doesn’t last long at all in fact it generally becomes every one for themselves and you wouldn’t believe how well Mr Squishy does with the treat food scrambles (he is shockingly strong for a 2 year old).

Now for those that are unaware I am from Greek origins and as a result we of course love to eat food but we tend to love to share food too.  Don’t worry I am not sending anyone any half eaten packs of popcorn, those are mine!  But what I am doing is giving away one box of the NEW flavours as featured above of Tommy Tucker Gourmet popcorn.

OK, so you all know the drill but for those that don’t and are recent discoverers of my fabulous blog (even if I do say so myself) entry is super simple – trust me if I can do it so can you.  With odds far better than the lottery and gorgeous Gourmet popcorn up for grabs you’d b crazy not to enter.

Instructions if needed can be found here:

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Dobell Tuxedos and Suits for Children and Adults

Show someone a picture of a child in a tuxedo or suit and you will have parents, grandparents, friends and family gushing.  What is it about children dressed in this form of attire that makes them look super cute?  Is it the fact that they look like a miniature adults or is it that well frankly we as adults think they look adorable in just about anything.  Most ladies will agree seeing a man in a tuxedo or suit is also pretty good and these from Dobell the UK’s no1 formal wear store are just the ticket.

Gents brace yourselves I am about to show you some great looking stylish tuxedos and suits that your Mrs or Mrs to be will love seeing you in (who knows wearing one of these and looking pretty damn good you could help you meet the woman or man of your dreams).  Before I get onto the photos which by now I bet you are all excited to see I also want to mention that there are a range of other products also available on the site including novelty suits, waistcoats, bow ties, ties, cravats, shirts and dress shirts, trousers, smart trousers, shoes and would you believe it more items also including a range of accessories.  Their range is pretty extensive and is well priced plus you have the reassurance that it has a 5 star trust pilot rating having been rated excellent by over 14,000 customers and would you believe it scored more than Marks & Spencer who we know are pretty good themselves.  Suit prices start from £29.99, Tuxedos from £49.99, Morning Suits from £49.99, Shirts from £4.99 and Waistcoats from £4.99.  This company has specialist style experts that carefully select products for their quality and value.  Orders over £30 automatically qualify for free delivery (within 3 working days) and Dobell also offer a no quibble quality guarantee so if by some reason you are not 100% satisfied then you have 28 days from the date of dispatch to return your order and they will send out a replacement.

This 1 Button, Black Shawl Lapel 2 Piece Tuxedo is their best seller and looks pretty smart if you ask me.


Not bad for just £99!

Their Skopes Milano Contemporary Black Peak Lapel 2 Piece Tuxedo £139.99 (left) and the Dobell Royal Blue Suit £124.99 (right) look great on the dummy and are expertly tailored and I’d bet they look amazing on!  You are guaranteed to be the noticed in these.


Now we know I love to tell you all about any bargains I come across and this happens to be a pretty big one!  For any one in the market for a Selected Homme Black Slim Fit Blazer with Notch Lapel you can save a massive 82%.  I know it’s crazy but rest assured I did read it correctly so you had better hurry on over and snap it up quick.  This was £109.99 and is now £19.99!!!!


Don’t ask why it’s reduced just hurry and buy it before they come to their senses!!!!!

And not forgetting the mini ones.  There are some great suits for little boys.  We ordered the Boys 1 Button, Black Notch Lapel 2 Piece Tuxedo by Alexander Dobell which arrived very fast, you can’t fault the service!  This particular tuxedo according to their website has been featured on tv.  The fitted single breasted jacket comes along with trousers that are fully lined, precision cut and finished with a quarter inch satin stripe detail.  My youngest daughter is standing in for Mr Squishy but because he is still a tiny little chap (2 years old) and the size we ordered was a bit big for him as expected.  The smallest size available is for age 3 on the website but it seems to come up larger so I would say it would be suitable for a child of age 4-6 depending on how tall etc. the child itself is.  How great does she look in that tuxedo it’s like it was made for her!


Do you need a new suit or tuxedo or do you have a male in your life that is in need of either?  Then Dobell is the perfect solution.

Parents Need To Know a Useful Site For Parents and Parents to be

Any of my readers that are parents are likely to research products before they buy to get the safest, best products for the lowest prices.  In our efforts to do this we look online at various sites to see others suggestions and reviews, ask other parents what they thought from their experiences of products and also ask in stores that sell the products we are looking to possibly buy.  All this research can be a lengthy process and lets face many of us don’t all have the time to spend hours searching for reviews etc.  One of the sites that I have found really useful for finding out about a whole range of products is one that I wish I had discovered sooner Parents Need To Know.  This site has up to date information and reviews and star ratings and covers a range of topics that would be useful and of interest to both parents and prospective parents from information about the signs of pregnancy including week by week information, how to choose guides including the important items such as their Best Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide.


 A superb guide to the best jogging strollers available including a comparison table (with direct links to Amazon should you wish to buy and, how simple is that).


Guides to buying sterilisers, swings, slings etc.  It is also informative and gives tips on numerous topics such as the basics for cleaning a baby, how to soothe a baby (very important for first timers), advantages and positions for breast feeding (lets not get dragged into any debates though it’s the mothers choice ultimately), how to chose the best car seat;


and even topics such as the 5 best baby-safe detergents,


gifts ideas for various ages including gift ideas for him and her and much more.


There are plenty of ‘Top 5’ posts to keep parents and parents to be up to date with everything they might need to know in a clear and concise manner with direct links so should you love the product as much as they do you can simple order it straight away and get those check lists ticked off faster.  Why not pop over and see for yourself and pass on to any friends that might also be interested they will find it extremely useful too.