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Tips to Keep the Home Warm When it’s Cold

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With the weather being so changeable in the UK it is important to make sure that we can warm our homes warm when we need too.  In addition, if we look at areas where heat can be lost we can insulate our homes more effectively, therefore, saving on heating costs.

Here are some simple tips to follow to ensure you keep the heat in and the cold out.

Check Your Boiler

When you first buy a property and refurbish it, it is important to check the age of the boiler. Old boilers will not have a good efficiency rating and will mean it is more costly to heat the home over the colder months.  It can be far more cost effective to replace old boilers than waiting until they stop working completely.  If you do decide to replace your boiler make sure you use a company that will have everything you will need as it’s far easier to get all the items from one place.   Companies like Heating and Plumbing World have a large range of well-known branded boilers and accessories so you know you are buying a good quality product.  They also have programmers which leads me onto my next heading:

Set Timers on the Central Heating

If you have the heating on only when you need it, it goes without saying you will spend less on heating bills.  Programme your heating to turn off about half an hour before you get up in the morning and about 20 minutes before you leave the house for the day etc.  The same can be done for your return with the heating being set to turn on half an hour before you get home.


Bet you’re wondering why this is here but there is a simple explanation.  Most often we place sofas in front of our radiators. I know numerous households that have done this.  The problem here is that the sofa will absorb the heat that was intended to circulate and warm up the room.  By leaving a distance between the sofa and radiator you can help the warm air circulate far better and make the room heat up more effectively.


The type of windows you have will naturally affect the level of insulation that they provide.  Double glazed windows will keep heat in far better than single pane windows.  This is something to consider upgrading if you can before or on moving into a new home.


I make the most of my curtains.  I will keep them open during the day and when the sun starts to go down close them to prevent the heat that has built up being lost.  Curtains work well to help insulate the home so it is important to make use of them.  By doing so, we help keep heating costs down.  Again, go for a company with a large choice.   Direct Blinds is a good example.  Consider the colouring of the room you intend to add these too as this is a nice way to inject a little colour.  Think about the purpose of the room so for example, relaxing colours will work well in a bedroom.

Smaller windows should have blinds fitted. It’s shocking the amount of heat you can lose through windows even the smaller ones when they don’t have blinds.


When we first moved into our home after refurbishing it I was shocked at how much heat can be lost from drafts around doors.  As a result, we have bought a range of different draft excluders to help minimise heat loss.


My husband and I love wooden floors which is why we have them in most rooms.  If there is insufficient insulation below the floor then heat can be lost here.  Pulling up the floor and adding underlay isn’t always an option.  One way to reduce this heat loss is to use a nice large rug.  I love those large rugs that you can find over at places like The Rug Company.  I am hoping to get a gorgeous white fluffy rug to go in my living room sometime soon.

Do you have any tips for keeping the home warm and heat in?

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This Post Has 40 Comments

  1. some good tips here especilly the sofa in front of the radiator tip

    1. Thanks Sandy. I’m glad you liked them. You can make a difference in so many areas which is great.

  2. There are some great tips here! I hate being chilly!

    1. Me too. I prefer the heat to cold.

  3. We always have the boiler on timer when it’s cold – it makes a massive difference to have it come on just 10 minutes or so before everyone is up otherwise brrrrrrr!

    1. Ha! I totally agree it can be good to get it set to make sure it is warm as and when you need it to be.

  4. It’s difficult in our house as we often have the back door open during the day (while we’re working in the kitchen) so the dogs can freely go in and out. However, I’ve noticed the cold travels down the hallway into the dining room and living room … as these rooms are often much colder. So we’re making more of an effort to keep the back door closed now!

    1. Oh wow, it must be freezing there in the winter then. If there are doors you can close I’d give that a go too and keep the heat in some of the rooms at least.

  5. I agree with all your tips here. I make use of my blinds and curtains too! They help keep the house warm in the evenings/nights.

    1. They do help keep heat in which is great!

  6. Some great tips thanks for sharing. Interesting about the radiator and sofa – will have to move mine forward slightly!

    1. I know, it does make a difference, try it and see x

  7. These are all great tips. I think a pair of thick curtains really help unless you can invest in double glazing.

    1. Combine the two and the heating bills reduce further.

  8. Some great ideas, i hate being cold so will be implementing some of these!

    1. You should see a difference when you start doing even a few of these.

  9. Fab tips here! We put our heating on constantly through the winter – I am always cold!

    1. I feel like that through winter too unless I close curtains etc.

  10. Our boiler is on the fritz so busy saving for a new one. We keep the doors closed to keep the heat it

    1. That works well too. There are so many things you can do to help keep in the heat and keep down heating bills which is great.

  11. This is an on going battle. Always seems to be cold, even with the fire and heating cracked up. Thanks for the tips xx

    1. No problem Melanie. Glad you found them useful. I hope that they help you keep in that heat!

  12. Good tips, you definitely have to be smart with your curtains and sofas to maximise heat in the room. Mich X

    1. You sure do, it’s amazing the difference it makes.

  13. These are some wonderful tips, it seems to be really still quite cold this year! Its is amazing how well curtains can help keep the cold out as long as they don’t over hang radiators of course.

    1. That is a point although. It’s amazing how these things can make a difference.

  14. We are lucky that in this house, the radiators aren’t positioned where we want to put furniture. Oh, except for where I’m typing – my desk is in front of it!! Hmmm…

    1. Glad to hear most are able to get the eat straight int the room instead of into furniture positioned in front of it.

  15. I find that having a good set of blinds and curtains really makes a difference.

    1. They sure do. It’s amazing how much of a difference!

  16. I had to buy a new rug recently because our floors are so cold for some reason. Thanks for these tips lovely

    1. Thanks for your comment Anosa. Rugs are lovely. I do hope I can find the right one for our home.

  17. Some great tips here, Mel! I hate being cold so always looking for ways to keep the place warm.

    1. Same here, it makes a big difference if you do even a few this that seem like little things x

  18. These are some fab tips. My house can get really cold sometimes.

    1. I hate it when it gets cold and takes ages to warm up.

  19. Our house whistles when it’s windy outside – horrible, I know! But these are all great tips, so thank you!

    1. Oh no, that’s not good. Looks like you have some gaps to fill to keep in the heat.

  20. I love rugs, they make the house look so cosy and comfortable! And checking the boiler regularly is essential to ensure it doesn’t break down when it’s most needed.

    1. They do give a cosy feel and help keep in heat too!!

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