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Cloud Nine The Original Iron

Having had the flu for what felt like an eternity, I wanted to mention something that made me smile during this last two weeks.  I have been using straightening irons for years, my hair is the sort that would generally result in what can only be described as a birds nest when left to dry naturally.  Wild, frizzy and extremely unmanageable I am an ideal candidate for the before section of one of those tv commercials where they show the before and then amazing after shots for hair that has been tamed, ok so the second part they would never have have been able to use me in, until the Cloud Nine staightening irons arrived that is.

I came across Cloud Nine on both facebook and twitter.
None of the straighteners that I have used over the years have ever given me the “just out of the hairdressers” look until now!  To my total amazement after using the Original Irons my hair looked fantastic, not only was it straight (well you would expect that after using a straightener) it was also shiny from root to ends, and the ends did not look dry where as previously they looked dry and not quite so straight even with the use of serum.  I decided to use the Cloud Nine irons a few times before telling you all only because I was not sure if I had been mistake due to the flu.  But no, I can safetly report back that these are without qustion the best straightening irons that I have ever used!!!

The irons come with a heat guard.

There is an easy to use one touch temperature control as shown below.  There is also a Euro plug and Internation voltage setting for use on travel abroad.

Cloud nine has 3 different irons to chose from and also wands to create professional curls.

When it comes to straightening irons there is such a variety to chose from it can be difficult to decide what to get but with the Cloud Nine staighteners I can guarantee that you will be more than impressed with the results.  All my other straighteners have since been relegated to the bottom of a draw and I’m sure will eventually make their way to the closest charity shop in time.


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  1. These sound like a great set of hair straighteners, good to know they really worked for you.

    1. These are really good straighteners, the best I have tried to date.

  2. These are brilliant, I went to a demo at Harvey Nicks and pretty much fell in love with them.

    1. They are wonderful I really love mine, I’d be lost without them 😉

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