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Ed’s Easy Diner (American Diner) Brent Cross

Having parked in the multi-story car park at Brent Cross on my recent visits with two children under the ages of 4 I could be easily forgiven for not being aware that an ‘Ed’s’ had opened up within the last 5 months on the John Lewis side next to the car park.
It was only during one of my tweeting sessions on a Friday that I discovered that there was a kids club event the following day hosted by Ed’s in Brent Cross.  
Armed with my trusty camera and two year old Amy in tow I went along to join in the fun.  I was greeted warmly by the restaurant manager Ryan who has a fantastic, fun and lively team of staff working with him.
I was very lucky as the weather was great.  The awnings were up and there was a great seating area allowing for about 35 people.  They are also well prepared for the uncertain British weather and have an area that can be covered that allows for approximately 15 people to dine with heating, always good to know if like me you feel the cold.  
The menu is that of an American diner consisiting of burgers, salads, hotdogs and shakes that are world famous!
 Anyone for a milkshake?
The atmosphere was lively and it is clearly a popular place to eat judging from the number of visitors that began popping over from around 12ish.  For those in a hurry takeaways are available, alternatively you can sit, relax and enjoy you meal whilst being entertained by dancing children (the kids that were there loved the music that was playing).  
We opted for a Big Bubba’s Bacon N’Cheese.
Having brought with me a very opinionated little individual I thought it best to let her inspect our lunch first for fear of being reprimanded.
After close inspection of the big juicy burger …………  
Amy approved and tucked straight in.
She ate.
 And ate.
Then got up to dance as she loved the music! In between eating that is.
And, when she had finally finished eating she was ready for a nap, mummy should be so lucky!  After a little more dancing she decided it was time to go shopping, poor me.
We had a lovely time with the people at Ed’s.  They had colouring and face painting for the event but are generally very child friendly.  They go that little bit extra by not only providing child seats for small children and of course for teddies:
they even double up chairs for children that would rather an adult chair (as demonstrated by the very cute, Toby):
Eds no longer has a branch at Brent Cross Shopping Centre which is a shame as my little ones enjoyed the food there.



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  1. Great blog – video @48 seconds… classic!

  2. Thanks hun, we had a lovely time 😉

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