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Is it a ball or a balloon?

Don’t you just hate it when you by something for your little one and they are more interested in the packaging that it has arrived in then the item actually bought?  We seemed to get that every Christmas and Birthday when my girls were a little smaller and I am finding it is the same with my little man.  The only time this hasn’t happened so far is when his Bubabloon arrived.


What is a Bubabloon?  It’s an ingenious product that means I can let my little boy play with balloons.  My daughters are forever bringing balloons home from parties, restaurants and anywhere else they can get hold of them.  Mr Squishy doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun but mummy always steps in and has to be a spoil sport as I am always worried he will bite it (he bites everything including me).  My main concern is that the balloon will burst and he will choke on a piece from the balloon.  I can never leave my little man in his cot playing with a balloon or at least I couldn’t before.  Bubabloon is a ball and a balloon in one.

A Bubabloon consists of sensory fabric balloon cover that literally makes all my fears of little Mr Squishy playing with balloons melt away.  The balloon cover is really light so you still get the fun floaty effect from the balloon but without the worry.  The fabric is easy to fold, if you are going out you can just tuck it and a balloon into your pocket or a bag side pocket.  The fabric is machine-washable which is great as babies love to drool over everything and share milk and foods with their toys.  It is available in a range of colours.  The bold colours and floaty movement of the ball helps to keep babies, toddlers, children and the young at heart captivated.  It encourages little ones to have a little move about as they follow the motion of the balloon.  Each comes in its own little pouch.

Simply pop a balloon into the opening.


Inflate the balloon.  Tie a knot in the end and tuck under the cover.


My little one had so much fun with the balloon he tired himself out and ended up having a nap quite a bit earlier than usual (he clearly loved the Bubabloon).



The ball helps to encourage large muscle movement (gets them physically moving about to chase the ball) fine motor skills (movement of wrists, hands, fingers, feet & toes) and not forgetting hand eye co-ordination (control of hand and eye movement to catch the ball).  Although this is in effect a ball it is also a balloon and I love the idea as it encourages exercise and helps with the baby’s/ child’s development.

Here is Mr Squishy chasing the Bubabloon around the room.


Once my daughters returned from school and saw the baby’s new toy they wanted to play too.  Thankfully it’s not a hard item as they thought it would be a good idea to throw it to the baby.  This is a great toy for babies and not expensive considering it’s durability and as far as Mr Squishy is concerned it’s a Fab Find!!!!

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  1. Never seen these before, they look really cool though x

    1. It’s great fun, i found myself playing with the ball the other day with baby watching.

  2. They look so much fun and so much safer for little ones than regular balloons alone. I’m going to mention them to my manager as I am head chef and kitchen manager in a children’s nursery and think they could be of use within the setting.

    1. It would be a great item for a nursery, simple to clean and will get a lot of use.

  3. I’ve ever seen one before but they sound and look great fun

  4. I have to say that is a brilliant idea, all kids seem interested in balloons – my niece is two and is crazy for them.


  5. What a cool and unique toy. I’m not sure what it is. But from your photos it looks like great fun for kids!

    1. It’s a great toy that is a mix of a balloon and ball.

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