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Howdy Cowboy

When contacted by Moozels to review one of their baby grows I stupidly asked the girls which of the baby grows on the website we should put Mr Squishy in.  Out of Moozels cute range of baby grows my girls selected the Pink Tutu, typical!

This is the one:


They do say never work with animals or children.  Behind closed doors the girls can dress him up when he gets a bit older and he can wear whatever he wants but for the moment little man will have to be content with boys clothing, so no pink frilly tutu’s just yet.  We eventually agreed that he would look super cute dresses as a coyboy.




I loved the outfit as my little man looked adorable in it.

The quality of the fabric used and the workmanship that has gone into the printing and addition of the poppers is great and this is a product that will be durable, always good when you are allowing for little people trying to crawl around.  And for that added personal touch:


is printed under the feet.  There is easy access for a quick nappy change, after all it’s not right to disrupt playtime.


Mr Squishy had great fun playing in his babygrow.



In fact, he had so much fun that he tired himself out and fell asleep.


 For those that have yet to visit the Moozels website here are a few more of their cute outfits.  As you can see I have taken what my girls asked on board.  Now it is only fair that if Mr Squishy has to wear a pink Tutu then they should wear something that is equaivalent so I chopped all their heads off (off photo’s that is) and decided to have a bit of fun using some of the Moozel babygrows.


I’m looking forward to them getting back from school now so they can see what mummy has been up to.

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  1. so cute

    1. Thanks Sharon, he’s my little cutie pie.

  2. OMG how gorgeous does he look! Your very own cowboy! The princess tutu is very cute as well ♥

    1. lol, I know doesn’t it look amazing on my little man. I’m so pleased with the outfit, I’ve been telling all the mums at school today.

  3. awwww, how adorable and I love the chuckles. These are great costumes. I love how you can undo the bottom for changing the nappies. Fabulous x

    1. It makes it super handy to get to nappies easily, i love it, it’s so well thought out 😉

  4. Oh my god he’s so gorgeous! Love the outfit 🙂

    1. Thanks Harriet, we are so lovely he is a lovely little man and he loves his outfit.

  5. This outfit is absolutely adorable – and he looks terrific in it. Really, so cute! What a lovely idea.

    1. Thanks Sarah, If my girls were still babies I’d have them in the tutu.

  6. Oh wow they look so cute! As if babies couldn’t look any cuter!

    kirsty xx

  7. Thanks Kirsty, I love baby photo’s they’re great.

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