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Cooking with Mummy

In my experience most children seem to love getting involved with cooking, especially if it means getting a little messy.  Cooking with mummy is both enjoyable and educational and as I enjoy to cook it’s a fun way for me to spend time with my children.  Both my girls have developed a love of cooking as I often enlist them to assist me in preparing meals.  As it’s almost Mother’s Day I will be making Greek Meatballs with my budding chefs.  Not only do they get a sense of achievement from making the meal but they also feel as if they have made a meal for their mummy which is very sweet.
Home made meatballs are a delicious, simple and healthy meal that you can make with the kids.  You can get the children involved with some of the preparation in this recipe such as making the bread crumbs or combining and mixing the ingredients and making the balls.
The meatball recipe that I use is my own although many Greek families would have their own variation.  This is a fun recipe for kids to get involved with and the meatballs are delicious eaten both hot and cold.  It also helps to make sure that your children are eating healthily as there are a range of nutrients within these tasty meatballs.
The mince mixture can be made from the day before as well as on the day it is required.  On some occasions I have even moulded the balls and placed them on a board which I then cover and left in the fridge until the following day ready to be cooked.
(There were more meatballs than shown in the picture made with the recipe, we just couldn’t resist and ate some!)
Meatballs (serves 4, two adults and 2 children)
70g chopped coriander (you can use parsley if you prefer)
2 medium white onions chopped
2 medium potatoes, leave the skin on, washed and grated (pop the grated potato in a sieve and squeeze out excess juice)
1 pack of pork mince approx. 250g
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
2 slices of seeded bread made into breadcrumbs, by hand or in a machine but make sure they are not too fine.
1 large egg
Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together by hand.  Mould into mouth size balls.
Make sure the oil is hot but not smoking (try a medium heat).  Fry the meatballs in batches in approx. 1.5-2cm high depth of sunflower oil for a few minutes until a golden colour and then turn and repeat so they are golden all over. I like to check one in each batch to make sure that they are fully cooked or at least that’s my excuse to sneakily eat a few whilst I am cooking.
Or, for a healthier option, lightly oil a baking tray and place the meatballs on it. Pop them in the oven at 190 degrees (mine is fan assisted so for a normal oven increase to 200 degrees) for approx. 18 minutes gently turning half way through.
Serve with carrot and cucumber sticks for the children or with a salad for adults.

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  1. much nicer than shop bought, and you know what is in them.

  2. They always have so much more flavour than shop bought and are never as dry either 😉

  3. These look amazing and definitely something the boys and I will be trying soon. Thank you for joining in with Flashback Friday x

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