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It’s sometimes difficult to exercise over the winter period. I love my power walks in the fresh(ish) air but when it’s grey, cold and wet it really is rather off putting.  You can always go to the gym but it’s not particularly exciting is it!

I thought I would look at various ways that can help keep us trim over the winter month for those that might need a little inspiration.

Indoor Snowboarding / Skiing

My sister met her boyfriend when she started skiing and snowboarding at Snozone in Milton Keynes.  She then went on holiday shortly after to practise her newly learnt skills on the slopes.  It’ a great way to stay active over the cold spell and really good fun too.  They teach people of all abilities and if I recall correctly also host birthday parties having been invited to one there about a year ago.

Alternatively you could do 1 better:

Activity Holidays

There are plenty to choose from in the UK but it’s even more fun to go on an activity holiday abroad.  Activity holidays are a great idea.  My parents have been away with my aunt and uncle to Chester, Southampton, Hayling Island and now my dad is considering going away with his golf buddies via the same company Mark Warner Holidays for a skiing trip.  We used to go skiing when we were younger as a family and he has been going himself with my siblings/ his friends and brother over the years.

There are other activity based holidays that will also work well.  For ones that are mixed with a number of activities based in the UK I would suggest somewhere such as Centre Parcs.

Indoor Tennis / Squash

Bring your competitive spirit and get ready to have a great workout.  Both of these can be fast paced and can be a great way to have a great workout.  With both sports you really can increase your heart rate and work up a sweat.  There are plenty of locations that offer both but I know that David Lloyd offers it at a number of their sites.

Indoor Climbing

My children love climbing.  It’s really good fun and a great way to improve upper body strength.  There are often different types of walls to climb as you can see from when we went to Centre Parcs earlier this year above.

There are numerous places around the UK where you can go climbing.  To see if there is one located near you why not take a look at the UK Climbing website.


This is great fun but you do need to be careful. Some places are for children only, others just for adults, and there are some that allow both.  For safety reasons I would suggest making sure children are not too close to larger individuals in case they get squished (check out the technical terminology).  Gravity Trampoline Parks are located around the UK and also offer fitness classes as well as jumping sessions.

What do you think of these ideas guys?  Are there any others that you might suggest?

I think they are pretty fun ways to help us all stay active over the winter.

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32 thoughts on “5 Fun Ways To Stay Active Over Winter”

  1. Trampolines are so fun. My daughter loves them. I also would love to take her skiing some time. A great list of ideas here!

  2. You have some great suggestions for indoor exercising. Winter really does put you off from venturing outside, and putting off can lead to days of no exercise at all. Love the idea of trampolining, it always looks like so much fun.

  3. Winter can be very off putting for getting our and about, more so when you have a dog that simply doesn’t want to get cold either. Having indoor activities is ideal, and they all sound like great fun.

  4. These are all great ideas but the only thing i want to do this winter is the snow boarding or skiing. i would love to experience that activity!

  5. Oh, I definitely need to be more active in the winter! I always thought tennis was an outdoor sport. I had no idea that indoor tennis was a thing. This is such a great list!

  6. I can’t see the allure of indoor winter sports to be honest. I am a skier and I love the outdoors. I can’t wait for snow each year so during winter I love to sky outdoors.

  7. Should I feel guilty that I’m not doing these seemingly extreme indoor sports? Hahaha. Kidding. Exercise is important year round.

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