You watch your little ones as they sit and talk to their dolls and teddies.  They look simply adorable and let’s face it it can be hilarious to watch.  Maybe they are having a teddy bears picnic or possibly feeding baby.  Whatever they are up to it is important to encourage little ones to express themselves freely and by doing so you nurture them to develop skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, concentration, communication, emotional development etc. My youngest daughter loves to sit and play with her collection of stuffed pandas and dolls.  Children will often mimic their parents in various ways for example my youngest daughter decided one day to put one of Mr Squishy’s nappies on her doll, I was not only cute but rather hilarious listening to her nattering away about her doll having made a stinky and needing changing.

 The variety of dolls on the market is varied with the basic doll to dolls that really do allow for creative thinking such as the Baby Born Interactive Wonderland Doll.  Grab a blanket, pop yourself on the sofa and I will tell you all about this fabulous doll that is perfect for imaginative play.

 Legend has it that she was one of the most magnificent butterflies the world has ever laid eyes on. She lived together with her unicorn in a wonderland that smelled of strawberries. Whether you believe this tale or not– the BABY born® Interactive “Wonderland” is wrapped in a little magic of its own.

Doll 1

Her shimmering little dress is reminiscent of a soft, delicate flower, teamed beautifully with colour-coordinated ballerina shoes and an elegant tiara. This fairy-tale creature has even brought along some pieces of jewellery for you to wear…a delicate bracelet and a necklace with a unicorn pendant.

Doll 2

She also comes with her very own a dummy, dish, her favourite porridge, a bottle with cap, a nappy and a potty. And have you discovered the best thing yet? BABY born® Interactive “Wonderland” really does have butterfly wings! Maybe the legend is true after all? What do you think?

The Baby Born Interactive Wonderland Doll had 8 lifelike functions ideal for enhancing the playtime experience and helping to stimulate a child’s creative instinct.  This cute doll comes equipped with 10 accessories.  Your little one can feed her, put her on the potty, dry her tears, bathe her and so much more.  The possibilities are endless and can stretch as far as your little ones imagination.

Creative play is a really important part or a young child’s development so I am really excited about what I am about to tell you all.  I will be giving one of these super fun and cute dolls away so if you fancy trying your luck to win a Win a Baby Born Interactive Wonderland Doll have a read of this:

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  1. I, d loce this for my little Granddaughter jolie-jane , she, d adore her , she is just the age now whwre she isbgetting an imagination & is engaging in interactive play . 🙂

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