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Mychelle G2 Firming Serum

Since reaching my mid thirties I am on an on going mission to discover all the best anti aging beauty products on the market and of course tell you all about the good ones.

Full of phytonutrients to nourish the skin as well as peptides which have a tightening effect this serum has been shown in trials to reduce the depth of wrinkles.  This product captured my attention as I seem to have a deep frown line taking up residence on my forehead and as the landlord for want of a better word I am intending to evict it!  Ok, so we can read something claiming to reduce wrinkles and put our faith in them yet when we try the cream / serum and are often left disappointed.  I really wanted to try this to see what effect it would have on my skin!  The guys over at Mychelle, granted my request and sent over a bottle, thanks guys!  I get excited about trialling beauty products being of a curious nature and to make sure that I had prepared my skin so I could attain the best trial results I began by using a basic cream only for a week prior to trying the serum.

I have used Mychelle G2 Firming Serum for approximately 4 weeks now.  It didn’t take long to notice a difference on my skin.  My skin began to feel softer and smoother than before within less than a week of use which was great and I found myself feeling the skin a few times at the beginning just to re check.  I also felt as if my skin was firmer after using the product within a mater of days.


In addition I have been watching my wrinkles like a hawk and I am convinced that some of them do not appear quite as deep as they were prior to starting the trial with the serum.

Simple to use all you need to do is apply 2 squirts to cover the face, neck and decollete (skin just below the neck).  For some reason not everyone seems to apply cream to the neck and decollete areas which have thinner skin and show the signs of aging so much sooner.

The Peptide ArgirelineTM has been proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 27% and seems to work best on wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

The fast acting InstaliftTM from the goji berries to increase skin firmness within an hour by increasing skin elasticity and regular use results in the reduction of facial lines.

The pomegranate contains acids that help to exfoliate the skin removing dead cells and contributing to a smoother softer feel.

I have enjoyed using this serum simply because it appears to work why not give it a go and see how well it works for you!

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  1. I too have little faith in these creams and serums that say they can reduce wrinkles etc.,

  2. I always wonder if these creams do as they say because they tend to be so expensive! 🙂

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