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Tru Diamonds an introduction

An email arrived in my in box titled: ‘Congratulations, you are one of our Tru-Diamonds Semi-finalists!’  Having entered to blog about the products not long before I was filled with excitement and naturally I had to post on my personal facebook wall.  I was overwhelmed by the number of friends that congratulated me for getting to that stage and wished me luck in the competition.
Well what can I say I am definitely a fan of diamonds, who isn’t?  But I am not so much of a fan of the price tag that comes with them.  Tru diamonds has managed to bring us all the beauty of our favourite stone but without the hefty fee that they would normally demand.  Just look at the beautiful items that they have posted on their wall facebook wall and on on their website, how many of you can tell these are not real diamonds?  none I’m sure!
The first item of jewellery is making its way closer to me by the day and the excitement of knowing that something is on its way although not knowing what makes it feel like Christmas is coming really soon.  

Just looking through the site you can see many gorgeous pieces like this Princess Style eternity ring and at £169 (price correct as of November 2012).  Where else could you buy a 4.4 carat ring for such an amazing price!

They even do a platinum clad Tiffany Style Pendant for £109 (price correct as of November 2012):
Tru Diamonds even have an easy-pay system where you can pay in 3 instalments, fantastic!
Reading through the testimonials Tru Diamonds appears to offer a fast, efficient service with many satisfied customers.
I can’t wait to see and tell you all about the piece once its arrives and I feel like I will pop with excitement.  

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