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Tips to Help Keep Household Expenses Down

Running a household is far from cheap.  You have to buy groceries, pay the rent or mortgage and handle any other random bills and expenses that pop up along the way.  Add a few children to the equation and it becomes even harder to juggle.  Despite this, there are plenty of ways for you to save some money along the way.  I know what you’re thinking – “there’s no way for me to save any more money”!!!  You would be surprised at how much you can save if you really put your mind to it.  There are hundreds of ways for you to run a household without breaking the bank, but for now, I’m just going to mention six straightforward ones we can all do.

Shop With A List

Aside from your rent or mortgage, I’d wager that most of your money each month goes on groceries.  While this is completely normal, it’s also normal for people to overspend on their shopping especially when there are all sorts of bargains to be found and cravings to be satisfied.  First of all an important piece of advice we should all follow – never shop for food when you are hungry as that is a surefire way to overspend.  It is important to consider ways for you to cut down your grocery expenses.  One great way to do this is by writing a shopping list and sticking to what’s on it so you only buy the things you actually need when you’re out.

Go For Generic

Another simple way to keep shopping costs low is to opt for generic products rather than expensive branded ones.  Most own-brand products contain exactly the same ingredients as their pricey counterparts meaning that you’re only paying extra for fancy packaging and the product brand name.  So, unless you’re a packaging enthusiast, there’s no real reason not to go for a cheaper option.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

There is no reason to pay for something that you don’t use, so go through a few of your bank statements and identify any recurring bills you don’t take advantage of.  Common culprits include gym memberships and magazine subscriptions.  Simply find your contract and find out how to cancel these.  Gyms generally need one months notice in writing which is easy enough to do and can make quite a substantial saving depending on where you signed up.

Do Your Research

Shopping around can save you money on pretty much anything, so make sure you do your research. These days, there are price comparison websites for everything, from the broadband available in your area to car insurance and even grocery shopping. Ensure you use these websites for any large or recurring purchases so that you can get the best deal possible.

Avoid Tumble Drying

Tumble dryers may be convenient, but can use up quite a bit of electricity.  If you have space it can make much more sense to install a clothesline either outside or inside your home.  This way, you’ll save loads of money on your energy bills, help the environment, and your clothes will last a lot longer because they’re not being dried with direct heat.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Everyone knows that appliances use electricity when they’re on standby, but what most people don’t realise is that they continue to use electricity unless they’re switched off at the wall.  This is a nightmare for your energy bills, so, to be on the safe side, make sure that unused appliances are always unplugged when they’re not being used.

Running a household can be really expensive, but there are simple ways to help keep costs down.  If you want to save some money on your monthly household expenses then these tips should come in useful.

What tips would you suggest to help save money in your home?

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  1. Those are some really great tips. I know so many people who have gym memberships but don’t utilise them, which, as you said, is such a waste of money. I didn’t realise that appliances still used energy if they are left plugged in.

  2. These are great tips. Especially with a growing family, it’s important to be able to save money needed elsewhere!

  3. I must admit, I do fall for the trap of shopping when hungry and random cravings! I do completely agree that it could be one of the many areas to which money can be saved!

  4. I definitely agree that it is important to do your research in order to keep expenses down to see if you can get more bargain for your buck. Oh and cancelling unused subscriptions is a must do as that can definitely save you money for sure.

  5. These are really good tips. I really need to work on cutting my spending as much as possible.

  6. Shopping with a list is a must for me. It keeps me on track to stick with my list and even eat healthier!

    1. It really does make a difference – I forget what I need to buy otherwise lol x

  7. I agree with getting rid of subscriptions that you don’t really use. I think it’s something that you should really consider doing ASAP because it can save you a lot of money. These are all great ideas!

    1. Thanks Alison. It’s important for us all to identify where we are wasting money as we can all make savings x

  8. Our biggest expense is electricity. It has been so hot lately that we keep turning on the airconditioning unit with the fan. Sucks, but we shelled out so much money over the summer months because of this. 🙁 Otherwise, we are pretty good with managing expenses.

  9. Such great tips!! I must confess I’m terrible with leaving everything off, most times all the lights are on and I know I should be more careful with that! But I compensate in getting most times generic products instead of the branded ones!

  10. Great list of ideas. I went through my bank statement line by line and found several things that had been canceled yet the company was still charging the monthly fee. Always double check after you cancel subscriptions and memberships.

  11. Yes!!! I follow all of these tips religiously and have saved quite a bit of money. The other thing I do too, is to not replace items until they are either broken beyond repair or completely worn out. This saves even more money!!

  12. Wow, these tips really hit the spot for me. I have been cancelling unused subscriptions the past few months and wow, my bank account looks so much better now, lol. Great tips!

  13. Household expenses can really cost so much and without proper management , you can find yourself with stuff you wouldn’t even use. So for sure, a shopping list would do just fine for me. It is also important to abandon unused subscriptions and unplug unused appliances to avoid the risk of very high electricity bills.

    1. It’s true but if you even look at them briefly and adjust a few areas you can make savings.

  14. Love your tips here. I like to shop around. Having a list of what is needed also helps me stay focus and save money.

  15. Great tips! I think we can all save money on household expenses if we really make an effort to. We waste a lot of money unnecessarily mainly through laziness!

  16. Ooh! Great tips! Although I don’t think I’d ever hang my clothes. We did that in England and it took up so much of my time. In some areas around here, electricity is less at night. So I tend to do all my washing and drying at night.

  17. I really do agree with you that going with a list is so important. The thing is make sure you stick to the list. Sometimes it’s easy to write a list but harder to stick to it. And we definitely should stick to it if we want to conserve money.

  18. Thanks for your tips! Household expenses are crazy sometimes that’s why we need to monitor it. Unplugging all devices are a must.

  19. This is so interesting and very useful. I think you can save your money by knowing your needs and wants.

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