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Dettol Handwash and Disinfectant spray.

Let me begin by saying I am not a total clean freak!  Although to that I must add Dettol is one of my favourite products EVER!  It even travels when I do and I have been known to pop a bottle of dettol disinfectant spray in my luggage just in case.  This has come in handy at times and I have had to give bathroom / kitchen etc. areas a good wipe down thanks to traces of God only knows what left by the previous inhabitants and somehow missed by the cleaners.  Having had children may have made me a little more conscious of the level of cleanliness of surfaces, oh, hang no it hasn’t!  I use dettol all over the house, here are some of my favourite dettol products:

Dettol hand wash with E45


This works wonders as I wash out Mr Squishy’s bottles daily and pop them in the steriliser full of chlorine which attempts to dry my hands out even more.  Well that’s just not allowed so to the rescue comes the hand wash.  A little pump of the handy pump action dispenser leaves my hands with just the right amount of soap to combat the smell of chlorine, clean my hands whatever I have been handling (it kills 99% of bacteria & removes viruses) and also soften and nourishes my hands thanks to the E45 and honey.

Disinfectant Bottle Spray


My first love.  This was the first dettol product that I ever tried and we have been cleaning the house together ever since.  I use this almost everywhere although not on the kids but if I could I would!  (Having just written that I have just reminded myself of the film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ where the brides dad thought a similar (American) product called ‘Windex’ could cure all ailments).  Easy to use it has a pleasant aroma this helps me keep work surfaces, baby’s feeding tray, the floor after baby or girls have plastered it with food etc. nice and clean and of course germ free.

Disinfectant Can Spray


A recent discovery, the same cleaning ability as the bottle in a handy can and it even kills the flu virus!

Disinfectant Hand Wash


Pocket / handbag sized so perfect for everyone.  I use this on the girls when we are out and about as they can’t help touch something yucky or pick up ‘pretty stones’.  Don’t leave home without it as it’s sods law if you do you will regret it!

There are so many great dettol products available and having spoken to many others on the school run it seems the brand of choice amongst mums.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. I hadn’t seen the handwash product before, love that it is in a small bottle to pop in a bag when going out
    I’ve used the other products before, love their wipes too, they don’t smell clinical, just lovely & fresh

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