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Fitbit Surge Review

Over Christmas I was fortunate enough to win a competition with a company called Blackcircles that you can find on both facebook and twitter.  The prize a Fitbit Surge which was something that I had been wanting for ages.  Blackcircles make buying and having tyres fitted easy as you just choose tyres from their website, chose a garage near you where you can have the tyres fitted, pay online so that part is out of the way too then all you need to do is turn up with your car as your tyres will be delivered in the garage in time for fitting.

The Watch

I have only just started using the Fitbit but so far I am pleased with it.  I gave it to my husband to set up one day whilst I was helping the children with their homework, totally forgot about it and was given it all set up 3 days later.  Well at least he did it lol.  I didn’t read the instructions but discovered that the information is very easily found simply by swiping the screen just like you would an ipad.  This handy device tracks your various activities including daily activity (steps), sleep and heart rate and can be set up to sync with your phone.  It also has a built in GPS making it great for runners and cyclists, you can get a map of your run from google maps and also track the intensity of the workout and calories burnt.  There is an app to track meals but to be honest I think that one would need to be really hardcore to use that or have too much time on their times as it would be a lengthy process typing in the information for each meal each day.  Not forgetting this is also a watch so it tells the time.

 The Design

I must admit it is quite big and bulky and hard to cover with shirt and jumper sleeves.  My style of fashion wear is more sleek and small and delicate but it sure beats my old pedometer which would be hooked onto the top of my knickers and seemed to like continuously detaching itself and travelling down the inside of my tights, leggings or jeans or simply falling off completely if I wore a dress.  The actual screen size (the display part) is good and makes it clear to see the data.  The bulk of this screen is due to the eight sensors and LCD touch screen which is super handy and simple to use.


There are 3 three different strap sizes and I found the watch very comfortable to wear plus I didn’t have to worry about losing it.


 This appears to be one of the better fitness trackers on the market and does just about anything you would require.  There are plenty of other more basic models on the market for those that want basic data such as steps, calories burnt etc.

 Depending on how you use the Fitbit Surge the battery can last up to 7 days which is handy although I’m sure my needs charging a little more often than that.  Could I be over working it lol?

 I must admit I do love using this watch and it does push me to work harder to increase my daily step count which at the moment generally varies between 7500 and 12,000 steps at the moment.  This should of course increase with the return of the warmer drier weather.

Mr Squishy was very pleased we won the watch as he gets to go on more walks with mummy and he and mummy would love to say a massive thank you to Blackcircles!!!

Fitbit 1

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  1. Yay hun, well done! My hub has this watch and loves it, i have the smaller charge. Enjoy x

    1. Thanks, they are great arn’t they!!! I’m so pleased I don’t need to ake my phone on power walks now, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

  2. I have been considering this myself. I have up to now been using my iphone to monitor my progress. I am just not so sure I need anything other than basic info at the moment. Thanks for the review.

    1. No problem Don, if you just want basic info you phone should do although wearing a watch is easier than having to remmeber to bring your phone with you and having somewhere to put it.

  3. An interesting read … am very tempted to purchase a fitbit or similar .. to find out exactly how much or how little I am doing a day … I love the idea of it not being able to lose as easy as a phone because it is round your wrist .. and it has the added bonus of being a watch as well … Thanks for the review !! xx

    1. Glad you liked it, this is a great product and I’m finding it encourages me to move around that bit more.

  4. I really wish these were around when I was able to do fitness they really interest me but there’s no point in someone disabled keeping tract of their daily activities!

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