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Easy to use Led Plug and Play Strip Lights from Ledhut.co.uk

Some of my readers may recall a post that I wrote for Ledhut.co.uk about the Christmas lights I was sent and my rather unusual approach to their usage.  Well I am at it again but this time with their easy to use Led Plug and Play Strip Lights.  These lights come in two colours, Warm White and Cool White.  The idea behind these is that they are ridiculously easy to use, give a great effect to kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom etc. but without the need for an electrician.




I opted for the Cool White and as you can see from the instructions below these look ridiculously simple to use, but are they?

cool white


We decided to convert this run down box into a Castle fit for 2 Princesses, with lighting!


A bit of sticky tape, some coloured tissue paper and some Led Plug and Play Lights resulted in:

A well lit Palace fit for 2 little Princesses!



How easy was that!

The light strip is backed with a sticky back tape so when you find a suitable location and are happy with the positioning of the lights then you just stick them down.  This strip is so easy to use and as you can see from the uses in the various rooms can create a beautiful focal point in any room.

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  1. Fab! these look really easy to use. x

  2. Gosh – that’s really interesting – must do some further investigation for some rooms in my house!

  3. very clever kids always get as much fun out of an empty box as they do the contents

  4. Love these plug and play lights, makes a dark place instantly lighter without the complexity of either wires that can tripped over or extensive work by an electrician to set up.

  5. I love these! My boys would love these around their bedroom window and I’d think they’d look great going up the stairs aswell!

  6. Would love these for my kitchen to brighten it up in the winter!!

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