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Dyson at John Lewis choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

I shall be visiting John Lewis in Brent Cross in about a weeks time for a spot of shopping whilst my children are at school.

John Lewis, to me a name synonymous with exceptional quality and great service.  Apart from browsing through their fantastic cookery, edible gift, shoe, clothes, cosmetic and perfume sections one of the items on my list to look at is a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  After having seen a programme about how we need to do more to support our own country by buying British manufactured products and of course knowing that Dyson produce great quality products.

Founded in 1993 by Sir James Dyson this British company manufactures vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans and heaters.  My hunt for a suitable vacuum cleaner naturally beginning before I go, well I only have about 4 hours of valuable shopping time about 45 minutes of this will be taken up by enjoying a relaxing child free lunch (without my own that is).

I set about having a look and to be honest I was going to look at every single one (how thorough) until I discovered the vacuum cleaners buyers guide.  This handy guide is a must read as it helps you begin to narrow down your search.

We have wooden and tiled floors at home and the guide suggested we go for a cylinder vacuum cleaner.  Some bagless models are cleaner and easier to empty so these appealed to me as there would be less mess created whilst emptying.  Next filters, we now have Rex rabbits which we bring into the house to have a little play as the garden is still a work in progress.  I wanted something that would allow for this and catch any stray short hairs.

All the vacuum cleaners that appeared come with a 5 year guarantee that covers labour and parts which from a previous family members experience means that if you have any problems then John Lewis will provide exceptional customer service to ensure the issue is dealt with swiftly and efficiently with minimal disruption.  It was also nice to see reviews from other customers who had purchased the various items.  After studying the 6 cylinder vacuums I whittled my choice down to a possible 4:

Dyson DC19 Exclusive Multi Floor Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner can be used on any floor.  It has a tool that means it can be used under very low furniture.  The lightweight adjustable wand enables the user to clean high reach areas and it has a washable HEPA filter that is great for allergy sufferers as it expels fresher air.  It has fixed settings, a 2 litre capacity and works at 1400W so is the strongest out of the cylinder vacuums available.  Weighing in at 8.2kg its the heaviest out of the vacuums and it also is the highest which needs to be taken into consideration if space is a limitation.

Dyson DC28c Multi Floor Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner


This hoover shares similarities with the DC19.  The main differences are that the DC28c has a full size cylinder vacuum ball so it is easier to move and direct when cleaning.  The wattage is slightly lower at 1300w the weight is a little less at 7.3kg and the over all height is shorter.  This seems like a great hoover making vacuuming around household objects easier.

Dyson DC47 Multi Floor Complete Compact Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with Extra tools

Equipped with the Dyson roller this smaller vacuum cleaner features 2 tier radial cyclones which work to increase airflow to enable it to collect more microscopic dust.  It’s only 6.08kg and this vacuum is very appealing to me the only draw back is that the capacity is quite small at 0.6L so it would need emptying quite often with the play dough and other things that end up all over the floor thanks to my children.

Dyson DC39 Animal Complete Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with Extra Tools

I have had a little experience already with one of these as my mother owns one.  It can be used on a range of surfaces and is easy to move around the room as you vacuum.  With a high wattage (1300w), a washable HEPA filter, a 2 litre capacity and weighing in at 7.5kg this vacuum is a strong contender.

The question is which do I choose?

I am at present swaying towards the Dyson DC19 as it has a washable HEPA filter, a high wattage and capacity, as well as being able to clean under low furniture and high areas.  It seems to be the best or very good all round in the various categories that are important to me.  As an added benefit John Lewis is currently offering a 20% discount off when an old vacuum is traded in so if you need one too make sure you hurry and make the most of this fab offer.


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