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Corkers Crisps

Made with potates grown in the Uk (Cambridgshire) Corkers use their own ‘Naturalo’ potatoes for their crisps.  The Corkers range comprises of 7 delicious flavours 6 of which I got to try.


Armed with my trusty taste testers we set about sampling the various flavours of crisps in the selection box.

Gressingham Duck and Hoisin Sauce


An instant hit with everyone you can taste the lovely flavour of the hoisin sauce which comes across nicely with a hint of duck.  These are very tasty and just one pack simply won’t do.

Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar

Another hit we loved that you could really taste both the salt and vinegar and they were not just hinted at.

Sweet Thai Chilli


The flavour on these did not seem to come across as strongly on as with some of the other crisps which was a shame.  For my taste I would have liked them to have more of a kick and flavour.

Pork Sausage and Mustard

I felt the flavour of the mustard was lacking as it was not as strong as in another brand of crisp which I quite like although the flavour of the sausage comes through nicely.

Sea Salt


These vanished almost as fast as they landed in the bowl so clearly they went down well with everyone.  I didn’t even get to try 1!

Red Leicester and Caramelised Onion


The fabulous strong although not excessive flavour from both components making these very easy to eat.  A word of advice don’t share them or you will be left wanting more!

The crisps thanks to the potatoes used had a good crunch and did not come across as greasy unlike some other brands.  Packs can vary in size but personally the largest packs will be the ones on my shopping list otherwise mummy will not be sharing these with anyone in future.


This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. I really like those crisps they are really good.

  2. They sound delicious, i will have to give them a try

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