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Top 5 Long Cardigans for Spring 2016 that cost £20 or Less

The weather is warming up which for me is a big deal.  I feel the cold terribly and my sister and I must be in the minority in that when we we’ve been to places like the Dominican Republic temperatures such as 24/25 degrees at night felt cold.  Needless to say the current temperature of 14 degrees in London is pretty cold but once the weather warms up to let’s say 19ish degrees in the day I will be putting aside my various thickness jumpers and reaching for cardigans to wear with my outfits.  I need to be super organised as I don’t have a choice with three children so I have decided to start looking around from now to find the perfect spring cardigans to get me through the cooler days.

Ideally for the spring the best option is a long cardigan to keep in the heat, nothing too light.

This cardigan from Rosewe is a lovely mix of colours and I really love the style.


Long Cardigan 1Every wardrobe should have a black cardigan and I love this long cardigan from Yoins.  A great wardrobe staple we all need one of these.


Long Cardigan 2New Look have a gorgeous navy blue cardigan.  It looks great with blue jeans and can even looks lovely with the right colour and style dress.


Long Cardigan 3The following cardigans from Asos also got my attention.

This lovely thick camel cardigan will keep you warm on the coldest of spring days and can be styled with jeans, leggings, a dress and even a short skirt.


Long Cardigan 4I love this slouchy chunky knit cardigan which is perfect for cooler weather and I can see myself making use of this in the winter too.


Long Cardigan 5

I do think cardigans are a great go to and can easily substitute heavier coats depending on how warm the weather gets.  Let’s all hope this spring is warm enough to wear some of the gorgeous cardigans featured above.

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  1. always looking for a bargain and you can never have too many cardys!

    1. I agree you can never have too many just a small wardrobe.

  2. I really need to purchase a new black cardigan as I don’t have a nice one which fits me any more 🙁 Great choices x

    1. Have fun shopping Rhian, luckily there is an abundance of black cardigans which is great.

  3. Loving these – they’re so affordable too! Great picks x

    1. Glad you liked my selection, these are just what I would love to fill my wardrobe with.

  4. OK I think I need them all – I am such a hoarder of long cardigans.

  5. I love cardigans. I have a lovely lightweight pink boyfriend one which is perfect for the warmer months

    1. It’s a cute cardigan and very feminine, love it.

  6. oh I love my cardigans and I have 13/14 to date all in different colours love this selection

    1. I don’t blame you they are great and there are so many styles to choose from.

  7. I love the black and navy cardigans, they are so versatile and classy.

    1. I must admit I do love the darker coloured ones. Light colours don’t always look great after a few hours out with children.

  8. Long cardigans are my fave as they’re SO easy to put on over little dresses and tops with leggings, they go with EVERYTHING!! xxx

  9. 14 degrees in London! That#s summer temperatures for Shetland, lol! 😀 It doesn’t get very warm where I live so if it gets into double digits I’m happy. Loving all these sweaters!

  10. I love cardigans and really like all your choices here, especially the white slouchy one.

  11. I can’t believe these cost £20 or less! Especially the last two which look thick and wooly. My favourite is the last white one 🙂

  12. I have that black one and I love it. It goes with everything.

  13. I love a good long cardigan they are great loungewear xx

  14. Love the stripey cardigan from rosewe

  15. These look amazing and what a good price too. A must for wardrobe

  16. I love cardigans – they are so versatile. The first one is just gorgeous, I am really seriously tempted for the summer. Kaz x

    1. I was instantly drawn to that one the second I saw it, love it 😉

  17. I love long cardigans, I live in them I need some new ones as mine are getting old now x

  18. i love slouchy cardigans. ive got something similar to the bottom one

    1. These are perfect for relaxed outfits.

  19. That slouchy chunky knit brown cardi is a winner for me I love warm comfy cardi’s and what a great price too!

    1. These are all really well priced cardi’s love them.

  20. Asos Love the lovely thick camel cardigan just my colour great buy

    1. It’s lovely, I love cardigans 😉

  21. I love that aqua coloured long cardigan! It’s gorgeous. I may actually treat myself for a change!

  22. I like all of those, especially the one from New Look x

  23. I think I’m a bit too short to pull off a long cardigan, but these are lovely.
    – Emily

  24. I love slouchy cardigans so that was is my favourite. What a bargain too x

  25. Perfect deal! I love all the designs but blue and black cardigans are my top pick. 😉

  26. I love cardigans, I wear them every day but get bored easily. I am going to get a few of these actually, they are really lovely. Good choices!

    1. Thanks Sam, I was very fussy when selecting. You have great taste 😉

    1. Yes definately purse friendly! 😉

  27. I love my cardigans,
    I really like the colors on the first one.
    It’s also a lighter weight for the break in the weather which is good 🙂

    1. I know, that first one is amazing isn’t it.

  28. I have soooo many cardigans .. I seem to pick one up whenever I do a shop .. I think I may be a cardigan-a-holic … but I love these … very reasonable too xx

    1. I don’t blame you, I need loads more. I just popped some over to the charity shop. A good excuse to go shopping I think.

  29. I love long cardigans to cover up with in the spring and autumn. Looks great great, love your choices!

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