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My Top 5 Mel Gibson Action Films (includes ones I want to watch & a Competition!)

I have always loved action movies and used to watch Mel Gibson’s films when I was younger and thought they were great.  It’s nice to snuggle up on the sofa with some ice cream or chocolate and wine and watch a good action movie as they can keep you focused on the movie eyes glued to the screen so you don’t miss anything.  The fast pace stops them becoming boring in many cases and keep your attention on what is happening, ready for the next action filled scene.  I still enjoy watching action movies and do try to squeeze in a few here and there when I get a chance but time now is scarce so it’s a rarity.  Mel starred in a number of action films and these are my top 5:

Bird on a Wire


I loved this movie and won’t guesstimate at approximately how many times I have seen it in case I embarrass myself.  This combined action with a bit of romance and comedy and who doesn’t love that especially when Goldie Hawn is the leading lady.  Isn’t she fabulous!  Goldie did do some great movies.  Rick Jarmin (Mel Gibson) is a federal witness who goes on the run with his ex-girlfriend, Marianne Graves (Goldie Hawn).  This is one that I do still enjoy watching and comes highly recommended.

Lethal Weapon (there were 4)


If these were not on the list there would be something something seriously wrong.  These action filled movies were very popular when they first came out and I am sure that they were on each Christmas just like the Die Hard movies.  Mel’s character in the Lethal Weapon movies was fantastic.  You couldn’t help love the comical, daredevil character and Danny Glover was also good as his long suffering sidekick.  I loved that they used the same actors for all four movies as otherwise I think it would have lost its appeal and I think both Mel and Danny were irreplaceable.  The story line follows a pair of good cops that come up against all sorts throughout the movies beginning with Mel being a bit of a loner at the start when his wife dies to being an important part of Glover’s extended family by the end.  They come up against a drug lord, dirty cops and many more bad guys and make it through thankfully.  Watch out for Joe Pesci who as I recall was in the 3rd and 4th movie and adds even more humour to the mix.

Mad Max Anthology


I remember watching Mel Gibson in Mad Max years ago and thinking what a great movie it was.  There were more movies that followed; Mad Max 2, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and more recently Mad Max Fury Road which starred Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.  These too were pretty action packed and faced paced as I recall.  I think I might need to catch up on these again as it has been a while.  These films follow Max (Mel Gibson) and is set sometime after an apocalyptic war where police are fighting roving motorcycle gangs.  Mel’s wife and son are are murdered by one of these gangs he sets out to get revenge.  The story then develops from there developing into the other movies.

The ExpendablesExpend3_triple_bd.indd

I vaguely recall having seen the first of these a while back but can’t remember it so really must watch all three.  The cast alone sounds great and as I can get all three movies on one Blu-Ray (I found it on the HMV site for anyone else that wants one) it looks like I have at least one to two evenings worth of movies to snuggle up with hubby on the sofa to watch always a good idea now it’s too cold to venture even near the front door.  The films feature the adventures of a group of professional killers fighting bad guys.  Mel Gibson is a bad guy in the 3rd movie which I am looking forward to watching.



This is a thriller / action movie where Mel – Tom Mullins’ son is kidnapped and he tries to get him back by paying the ransom initially but then realising he may still not have his son returned he changes the plan by offering the money as a reward to anyone able to get his son back.  By doing so he puts the life of both his son and wife at risk.  I need to watch this again as it’s been a while and I did think this was a great movie.

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  1. I used to love Mel Gibson – he was in some really great films. I loved Ransom best out of this selection. Kaz x

  2. It’s been ages since I seen a Mel Gibson film, last one I saw was braveheart

  3. Mel Gibson is ace guy! I love watching his movies, atloyght not watched one since few years, so i know what i will be watching now 😉

  4. Love him in Lethal Weapon x

  5. Leather weapon and expendables are my favourite Mel Gibson features. I too used to watch his movies when I was young and yes Goldie is just awesome leading lady

    1. They are great movies. Goldie is fantastic isn’t she.

  6. What a great selection of movies. I do like Mel Gibson.

    1. He is a great actor isn’t he!

  7. I’d love this for myself and my son

    1. It makes a great gift.

  8. I would share with my Son – I want to show him the Mad Max films that I watched first years ago.

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