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Swizzels Matlow Squashies

A box arrived for me, nothing unusual I have packages arriving every week, but, on opening this particular box I immediately reverted to my 5 year old self. Inside was a selection of the NEW sweet range from Swizzels-matlow called ‘Squashies’.  These are an adaptation of the sweets that most of us have already enjoyed.  I was curious to see how they could have changed and created a new product from a well known and loved one.
I was tempted to tear them all open and stuff myself silly but then a moment of sanity sunk in and so I put them away for another day when I would have others with me to experience the enjoyment of trying them.
They were well worth waiting for! The first packet opened was ‘The Pink One’ as selected by my daughter and her friend during a play date.  This was based on the classic ‘love hearts’ that everyone knows and loves.  They were very soft and consisted of a jelly top and a foamy bottom.  I know sweets are not normally described as melt in the mouth but amazingly these seemed to be.  Like the classic version they had words on them and it was to be honest a miracle that I managed to get the packet back when finished as that almost went too.
The remainder of the sweets were eaten by others like myself with a love of sweet things.
Next were the Drumsticks:
These tasted very similar to the ones on the stick but were not as chewy and were lovely and soft (squishy even). I actually preferred these to their counterparts as these are far less messy when given to children.
When my husband heard that we had a refresher version to sample he almost fell of his chair with excitement. He absolutely adores refreshers and I try to make sure we are always stocked up.  He was not disappointed, and when the rest of us finally managed to get a hold of some we loved them too.
The final packet to be opened was the Double Lollies Squashies:
 Again these were very similar to the actual original but lovely and soft.  Yum!
I loved the new range that Swizzels Matlow have created and I am sure other mums will also agree that they are fantastic for children as they are lovely and soft, easy to chew.
Warning: It is very easy to finish off one whole bag on your own once opened, my advice would be to make sure you have others to help even if it is just children.
Squashies have no articifial colours.
If you now have a craving for these, to be honest I wouldn’t blame you! Head over to your nearest Asda, Nisa, Toys r Us, Ocado (Waitrose on line shopping), Road Chef, Spar, Martin McColls and B&M to get hold of some.  The recommended selling price is: £1.49


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