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Salon du Chocolate 2013 Chocolate and Fashion what more could a girl want!

This blog post comes with a warning, if you are on a diet look away now!

Salon du Chocolate the world’s largest chocolate show came to London for the first time this year from October the 18th until the 20th at Olympia.

salon du chocolate

Attended by some of the UK’s finest Chocolatiers and some top quality International brands this is a chocoholics paradise.  Visitors got to attend talks, demonstrations and interactive workshops.  Those lucky enough to attend the gala event (invite only) witnessed the World Famous Chocolate Fashion show!  All dresses were inspired by chocolate and created by chocolatiers and fashion designers attending the event.

Armed with my trusty camera I managed to squeeze in as close as possible to bring you all these:

P1130639  P1130660

Les Sucreries de Melodies (above) actually had some real cupcakes on the dress and also a very interesting and tasty looking stall!



P1130626  P1130673

P1130630  P1130676

P1130670  P1130674


Chocolatiers that attended include: Artisan du Chocolat, Paul a Young, Rococo, Hotel Chocolat, Paul Wayne Gregory, Marc Demarquette, Divine, Prestat, Lindt, Valrhona, Pralus and Bonnat.

P1130595  P1130594

I bought a number of bars from the Divine stall (I won’t say how many).  Although I had seen this particular brand around quite a bit I hadn’t realised how good their chocolate quality and selection actually was.

P1130596  P1130597

Maison Boissier had a range of floral themed chocolates and fruity sweet that tasted simply delicious.


P1130601  P1130604

I couldn’t help but gaze longingly at the Chocolate creations on the Hotel Chocolat stall but already heavily laden down with chocolate by the time I had found them I would have needed an assistant to carry my bags had I bought anything else.

P1130648  P1130647

Chocolate shoes anyone?

P1130649  P1130650

Pralus had some amazing chocolate bars and of course I had to buy a selection.  Their Pistachio one was truly exceptional, you can’t help but go nuts over their various nut flavoured chocolates, the quality was fantastic and the queue at this stall was enormous.

P1130651  P1130653

P1130662  P1130663

Choco Passion had the cutest little chocolate figures which were selling fast.  A croud had also formed to view their chocolate tools some of which looked almost real.

This is an event that really shouldn’t be missed by anyone with a sweet tooth.  Keep an eye out guys and make sure you visit next year!

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  1. Loving this blog! <3 chocolate in any shape or form 🙂

  2. The Shoes look amazing and the artistry that can go in to chocolate making can be mind blowing – i have recently looked at making my own sweets with the kits you can get at hobby-craft … i might just have a go now

  3. The Dresses look fantastic all them different chocolates yum

  4. Wow, that sounds like an amazing day out you had – all that chocolate looks divine!

  5. Good job I was’nt there I would have had the lot. I just love chocolate

  6. Wow. This show looked amazing. Those dresses.

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