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Luxury Easter Eggs That Look Amazing

I’m not finished with Easter Eggs just yet.  Even after discovering and buying some that were on offer from Tesco for some of the children I know I have now changed the focus to other types of egg.  There are so many Easter eggs available and some are truly works or art.  I thought I would take a little look around the internet and share with you some of my favourites.  In some cases it might be best not to look at their prices lol as some do come with a hefty price tag.  So what did I discover on my travels?  These were some of my favourites:


The Hare Family Eggs – Series of 3 Eggs


The Mr & Mrs and Sailor Boy eggs are comprised of 100kg of chocolate each.  Now that is serious chocolate heaven.  I have no idea of the price but it’s not going this be on offer that’s for sure.  The price is available on request.  Their dragon eggs last year were being sold for £25,000 if that gives you an idea of the sort of prices these guys can command for a monster sized egg.


Giant Easter Atelier Egg

This luxury chocolate egg is handmade in Brussels by executive chef chocolatier’s Jean Apostolou and Ilse Wilmots and looks not only enormous but also delicious.  It weighs 13kg and features an array of beautiful white chocolate butterflies that are hand painted.  These are available from Harrods and Selfridges.  It costs a mere £1000 and I’m sure it is worth every penny.


Imperial Easter Egg

The egg is named after the Imperial Suite at their Café Tea Rooms in Harrogate and is a real showpiece in craftsmanship.  It is decorated by hand with beautiful spring flowers.  Don’t let the small photo fool you this egg contains over 5.4 kilos of high quality milk or dark chocolate.  This egg is made-to-order and delivered personally, so you will need to contact them to place an order.  This pretty egg is available for £250.  There are some lovely smaller and cheaper options also available like this:

Trio of Spring Flower Eggs

These cute eggs are made with the finest Swiss chocolate and presented in a pastel box. Created to complement one another perfectly, the trio contains one milk chocolate egg, hand-stippled with dark chocolate; one dark chocolate and one eau de nil white chocolate egg with a silver lustre. Each is decorated with Royal iced spring flowers, carefully piped by hand.  260g of chocolate for £27.50 isn’t too bad when you are going for quality and great presentation.

Lick The Spoon

Paisley Easter Egg – Monterery

I love the colours and simple design of this egg that really make it stand out.   It would be almost a shame to break it up and eat although I’m guessing I would manage if I got one.  These celebrate 50 years since the famous ‘summer of love’ and the festivals held at the time.  Drawing on Paisley design influences their beautiful handmade egg is a thick chocolate shell covered in a gossamer thin pastel layer. The surface is hand decorated with an intricate gold Paisley design.  This egg comes presented in a blue keyhole box with a box of 12 Spring collection chocolates.  You will get 800g of chocolate for just £85!

Artisan du Chocolat

Sculpture Egg

Not your average Easter egg this is more like a piece of art and can be found in Harvey Nicols.  This is made from intense 70% Colombian dark chocolate and expertly finished in gold shimmer with an 18kt gold leaf adorning the central egg, what a stunning egg to grace any table or fireplace (don’t turn that on of course) until it is time to devour it.  There are mini eggs also included and this contains a total of 430g of chocolate which is priced at £44.95.

What did you think of the eggs I featured?

Have you seen any that look fab that I may have missed?

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  1. i have to say i wouldnt want to eat them but i love the paisley one most wow gorgeous

    1. I know it is fabulous, I loved it so much I had to feature it.

  2. These put my usual chocolate eggs to shame!! 😂

    1. They are so unique and pretty 😉

  3. Wow, there are some incredible luxury easter eggs! So much attention to detail on some of them! xo

  4. Wow some of these are absolutely STUNNING! Although far too much money, especially for the choccy woccy doodah one! xxx

    1. I agree that is a lot for an Easter egg.

  5. There are some seriously beautiful Easter eggs featured here, but I can’t imagine people actually paying thousands of dollars for these! The paisley egg is so gorgeous, I love that blue colour x

    1. It really is lovely that blue is gorgeous.

  6. WOW!!!! Now these are what I call luxury eggs!!! Fabulous x

    1. They really are gorgeous aren’t they.

  7. The sculpture egg looks so divine, It would go on my table display to be admired

    1. It is amazing although I dread to think how long it took to make.

  8. I can’t believe those bunny eggs are really made from chocolate!! they are brilliant. I really like the look of the paisley egg

    1. I know it’s amazing!!!!! I had a feeling my readers would love it too.

  9. Some of these eggs are amazing! But I can’t believe the price of some of these x

    1. I know they are very expensive but some do have a lot of work done on them.

  10. Ah wow those are some amazing looking eggs! Pass me the chocolate!! 🙂

    1. I bet they tasted great!

  11. Wow there are some seriously amazing eggs there, I am not too sure I could bring myself to eat any of them x

    1. They do look great. Bet they taste amazing!

  12. These are a work of Art. You wouldnt want to eat them

    1. They are stunning aren’t they 😉

  13. Woah these are mental. I actually saw the Choccywoccydoodah ones when I was in there recently x

    1. They must have been amazing I hope to get to see them too.

  14. Woweeee! They are like works of art! We watched a fab program about Choccywoccydoodah so can believe the price of their eggs!

    1. I know I didn’t realise people would pay so much for chocolate. I better get creative in the kitchen 😉

  15. oh my goodness they look way too good to eat!! I’d love one but only to stare at!!

    1. I know what you mean it would be a shame to eat them 😉

  16. oh my god these eggs look bloody amazing ill just settle with a buttons one from asda though haha xo

  17. Ooh fantastic offerings. What a lovely selection to see!

    1. I do love the pretty ones with all the thought that goes into them.

  18. Oh WOW! These look far too good to destroy and eat!

    1. They do look wonderful don’t they and must take ages to make.

  19. OMG! thats some serious work of art! but shame I won’t ever eat such expensive chocolate haha!

    1. It is amazing, I know I doubt I’ll be getting any myself unfortunately.

  20. What a beautiful selection of eggs, they are all just too pretty to eat. Beautiful pieces of art.

    1. They are all works of art albeit tasty ones.

  21. Who’d have thought Easter eggs could be so fancy?! Trouble is, if I got one of these I don’t think I could bring myself to actually eat it… 😉 x

    1. Lol, I would the second I had a chocolate craving!

  22. These eggs are fabulous although way too extravagant. I have a hard enough time forcing myself to take the first bite out of my Lindt rabbit as I don’t want to ruin it…although going past the first nibble is never really a problem 😉

    1. Lol I know what you mean once you try it there is no stopping you 😉

  23. Woah this is taking easter eggs to a whole new level!

    1. They are lovely aren’t they.

  24. These Easter eggs are absolutely amazing and so detailed

    1. They really are very detailed I love that so much thought has gone into them.

  25. Oh wow they are absolutely amazing, I wouldn’t have the heart to eat them though, all the time and effort someone has put into them I’d keep them for show until they didn’t look so good xxx

    1. They look fantastic don’t they but I bet they taste good too!

  26. They all look amazing but especially the sculpture one

    1. I bet that took ages to make!

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