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Ferrero Rocher Price Comparison Christmas 2016

I tend to buy Ferrero Rocher each year as a little thank you gift for people either as a small gift or to include as part of a larger gift.  Before I go to make my purchase I do make sure that I do my research before parting with my hard earned cash.  I don’t always use price comparison charts but I do look up local supermarkets of which there is a good variety where I live in London and compare the product I want on each or look to see which I will be passing on a specific day it would be convenient for me to stop off and make a purchase and see which shop had them at the best price.

I did this again this year and though as many of you will also be looking to buy Ferrero Rocher as a gift I would list the prices from the various shops I looked at so you too can see the price differences too.

The one that I compared was the 24 piece box 300g.


Morrisons £5.00 (this was an in store price, it says £6.00 online)

I phoned Morrisons to confirm this today 14/12/2016 but I suggest you hurry if you want them for that price in case they do increase it as it did say £5.00 a few days ago on the website.

Tesco £5.50

Sainsburys £5.50

Asda £6.00

Co-operative Food £6.00

Ocado £6.00

I bought 12 boxes so made a pretty good saving (£12), I could go and get another two boxes lol.

Whilst I was looking at the chocolates on the Asda website I noticed someone had done a whoopsy!

Can you spot the mistake?


Have fun shopping xxx

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  1. Haha I love the mistake. Oh dear. I won’t spoil it for everyone else looking, but it took me a while to find it that’s for sure. I love ferrero rocher! I’m glad you’ve done this, I have a few on my shopping list. x

    1. That’s great Chloe, glad to have helped. Lol, I have a homing device for these things 😉

  2. Ha-ha! That happens a lot in Asda! You have to be careful on the “buy 2 or 3 for £…” things as the are quite often more expensive than buying two separately! ie cost £3.50 buy two for £7.50!

    1. That’s very true, you need to check out offers as they are not always as good as they seem.

  3. Great post thanks for sharing! Will save me some cash this Christmas!

  4. Mmmm can’t beat Ferrero Rocher at Christmas (or any other time for that matter! :D) x

    1. Lol, they do seem to be very popular x

  5. Oh wow yes I see what they have done there! whoops! love ferrero rocher 🙂

  6. Hahaha, I spotted the mistake straight away LOL!
    I love Ferrero Rocher, it’s good to know the prices in different stores, thank you for sharing x x

  7. Oh dear, naughty mistake. I think they need to change their line to “Roll up”.
    It is a minefield at the moment with price comparisons, but have found Morrisons to be one of the more reliable this year.

  8. How funny I saw a lady in Morrisons today with 5 boxes so the word must be out. I do love them too though such a christmas chocolate. k x

  9. I think this price comparison thing is great, especially at this time of the year when you are trying to find a bargain x

  10. Haha, when I finally noticed the mistake it did make me laugh! I do like Ferrero Rocher but it’s something I only ever seem to have at Christmas for some reason! x

  11. These are my favourite ever chocolate would never have thought of comparing the prices though

  12. Lots of Ferrero Rocher gifts for Christmas or are they all for you?

  13. Interesting article – Morrisons will be after you for causing a stampede !

    1. Lol, they have them at the best price I could find. I had to share!!! 😉

  14. These look so delicious, you can never have too many chocolates

  15. I am loving the Chocolate tree! I hope they are out for Christmas 2017 super gift idea 🙂

  16. Giving us a price compare run-down is so useful. Thank you so much.

  17. Wow this is great, wish I’d seen it before Christmas 😀

  18. Haha love that mistake!! Proves that these people are human after all!!

    1. I was surprised it wasn’t changed but it seems they didn’t notice.

  19. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love these!

    1. Lol, they are pretty popular!

  20. Great post, I too was on a hunt for the best deals on Christmas shopping.

    1. I hope you found loads of great offers Jane.

  21. I hunted for best deals and had my best xmas,moneywise in ages x

  22. Haha! I saw a mistake very similar to that one elsewhere!

    1. It does make you giggle doesn’t it 😉

  23. These are my favourite chocolates and the price goes up so much towards Christmas or any type of special day, Mother’s Day etc. Will definitely have to check the prices nearer to Christmas this year and stock up before the price goes up

    1. They sure are a good choice for a small gift as they are extremely popular

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