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The Dangers that Lurk in your Baby’s Bottle

Washing bottles is one of the most tedious chores you can do but it’s one of those jobs that must be done properly.  Why?  Well for a start formula fed babies are more likely to be admitted to hospital with gastroenteritis from bacteria in baby’s bottle.  To protect against this you need make sure that you firstly clean the bottles and the teats well before sterilising or drying for use later.  Make the milk fresh and as per the instructions and don’t save leftovers.  This sounds simple enough until you see some of the products on the market available to clean your baby’s bottles.  Most quite frankly do a very poor job at making our job easier.  Many of bottle brushes available for want of a better word are useless.  The bristles are too soft or too hard.  Having been through so many different types of bottle brush I was relieved to actually find one that works well reducing the amount of time one needs to spend cleaning bottles and anyone with children knows every second can be precious (especially if you have 3 mini ones).

I was sent a bottle brush and bottle drying rack by OXO and this is how I got on:

Bottle Brush

This is the bottle brush I am reviewing:


From the outset this is a well thought out product down to the packaging.  The perforated edges here:


meant that it was simple to open.

The whole design of the product is great.


The brush sits in a stand that collects excess water which is emptied via the spout.  It also comes apart for easy cleaning.  The bristles are soft and firm and can be used to clean all bottle shapes and is perfect for hard to reach areas like the nipple of bottle teats and will ensure that even the dirtiest bottles shine like new.  This can even be used to clean parts of breast pumps!  The soft handle is non slip even when wet.

There is a silicone teat cleaner within the brush.  A quick push of the button and a little twist allows it to be separated.



This enables the user to fully clean the teats.  It is dishwasher safe when put on the top rack.

I love the design of this bottle brush and as I still had a new pack of the old style bottle cleaner I was using I decided to pit them against each other.

This is the other style:


After 3 weeks of use with equal numbers of bottles cleaned by each.


The old style of brush looks quite pitiful!

The OXO brush on the other hand looks fantastic:


I noticed that with just a quick sweep the bottle was clean with the OXO brush whereas the other took quite a few sweeps to get the same result and a lots of up and down movements.  I had to check when using the old brush that the bottle was clean as the brush did not have a very good reach and I found that there was still milk residue on the bottom and also where the bottle curved at the top.  I had to check it a few times to make sure it had cleaned enough but with the OXO brush after a few uses I was reassured that the bottles were thoroughly cleaned each time more easily and of course faster.

The Drying Rack


Great for drying baby bottles this rack can fit the parts of eight bottles at a time although you probably won’t be drying that many in one go it’s good to have the space for other items too.  As you can see from the photo the rack has grooves for water to drip into and to allow bottles to remain elevated from this for thorough drying.  The removable cup comes in handy when drying the plungers from children medicines and for other small items to make sure they are kept clean and dry.  Excess water that has collected can be easily poured out and the tray doesn’t slide about so it isn’t likely to be knocked off your work surface easily.  The plastic protrusions help keep items elevated so that air can flow through easily.  This is quite a handy item to have in the kitchen and very importantly it is dishwasher safe so no need to wash by hand.

This is Not a sponsored post.

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  1. Looks really good – I’ve got a few pregnant friends due this year – think they would be made up with one of these as a gift – so handy! Thanks Mel x

  2. Wish that had been around when mine where babies

  3. I’m well past needing bottle cleaning & drying stuff but know some soon to be mums whom might need them. Wish they had them when my kids were babies.

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