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Monster Truck Smash-Ups

Mr Squishy is your typical little boy.  He loves cars, trucks, trains and anything that belongs to his older sisters because if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for him not to mention it’s fun being chased around the house apparently with them in pursuit screaming at him.

Squishy was fortunate enough to be sent a Monster Smash-Up RC Truck by Toyrific.  This is one of those toys that you see on the adverts between cartoons and they really do make it look fantastic but I have to say until we actually got one I didn’t realise how terrific or Toyrific (sorry couldn’t help myself) they really are.

Forget the kids you’ll want one of these and may find yourself having a go when the kids are at nursery/school etc. as seriously they won’t be letting you play with it any other time and that is from experience.

What’s In The Box?

The Truck

4 cones with flags to navigate around or simply drive over.

Stickers for sticking on siblings and anywhere else you might fancy including the truck, mummy’s bottom (sneakily so she doesn’t realise) and anywhere else your heart desires.  Start and stop stickers for the flags.

A usb charger to charge the truck.

A driver, because every vehicle needs one right!

About The Truck?

Now when we got the truck we inserted 2 AA batteries into the remote control and used the usb cable provided to charge the truck as this is rechargeable.

This lasts for up to 30 minutes according to the site but Mr Squishy somehow seemed to be playing with this for ages although as you will see from the video he’s a bit stop start.  We also need to take time to include when he grabs it and runs from his sisters who clearly desperately wanted to play too.

The truck has been designed in a way so that it comes apart easily and comes together easily with large lego like attachments.

The driver ejects from his seat on collision.

The truck has realistic monster truck suspension allowing it to tilt-turn, race and swerve.

This goes really fast, it’s great!!!!

Realistic sounds.

Is It Indestructible?

Mr Squishy has driven this into just about anything you can imagine within the home – he has even driven it off the bed over and over and over and over and over with not a scratch to the car and it still works.

Of course drive over it with a real car and you will have tears but were not daft enough to ruin such a cool and fun toy now are we.

Who Is It Targeted At?

I would say any one from ages 3 and up that is a child at heart and loves RC toys / cars / trucks.

Any Negatives

It is pretty noisy although that’s part of what makes it fun for the children with the realistic sounds.

Check the truck out here:


As you can see this little man loves his new truck.

Know a little one that would love this Monster Smash-Up RC Truck?

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Monster Smash-Up RC Truck for an honest review.  You can’t fake the look on Squishy’s face! It’s a fab toy and worthy of being labelled a fab find!

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  1. My son too loves monster trucks. he loves breaking them more though:) There is a tub full of broken wheels and parts. Im sure you know where im coming from:)

    1. Ha, I know what kids can be like. This one doesn’t seem to break, it’s brilliant!

  2. Awww Mr Squishy’s cheeks are just so squishy-wuishy. I wish I had such toys when I was a kid, but I had to make do with building blocks. These are so innovative and, obviously fun!

    1. They can be cool too. My little man loves blocks, I think most kids do.

  3. It looks fun! perfect distractions to boys who love to play on tablets or mobile games. Kids should be encouraged to play real toys like this because screens can harm their health.

    1. I agree and toys like this are perfect. Thanks for your comment 😉

  4. That is a nice toy for a little boy or girl. I used to have one similar when I was about 10 years old. I guess my dad really wanted to have a son for a first born but he got me instead. Ha ha. I will suggest this toy to my cousin who has a 3 year old daughter, more interested in trucks, dirt and fire engines. 🙂

    1. She will love this it’s great fun and easy toy use.

  5. I love how despite the adventures that Mr Squishy has been on with his monster truck, it has not been scratched and is virtually indestructible. Plus how cute is the monster truck? x

    1. He really has put it through it’s paces and miraculously it’s survived!

  6. Whoa looks so much fun. My youngest niece always love to play with trucks ans train. He will love anything that has wheels, specially if its noisy and getting all of our attention while he’s playing. I’m sure he will like this.

  7. My boys love trucks and would love these toys! They look robust!

  8. Lovely happy face. Looks like a lot of fun

  9. My baby Charlie loves any type of car or truck a typical boy

  10. These look amazing! I am definitely going to show these to Daddy Pig tonight! Might have to let Santa know =D=D

    1. Ha, he’ll want to get two so they can smash into each other.

  11. what a great interactive robust toy would be lovely for boys and girls to play with. (lovely pictures of your little boy 😉

    1. Thanks Tracey. He adores this truck and you can see in the video it’s really good fun.

  12. His smile says it all! He looked like he was having fun!

  13. Great to see toys that kiddies can play with over and over again.
    Looks to be superb fun .

    1. It sure is. This is a great toy. everyone wants to play with it here.

  14. My nephew loves monster trucks, but unfortunately loves breaking them more xD (he starts crying whenever his destruction mission is unsuccessful lol)

    1. Sound like h has a fun time with them. These are designed to be crashed over and over.

  15. I saw the joy of Mr. Squishy when the finished his monster truck. He’s saying I have a car, so funny?

    1. He does love it. it’s a fun toy.

  16. That looks really good! Great that it comes apart and fixes easily, and the fact that the driver ejects on contact is brill! 🙂

  17. It does look really good! I particularly like the fact it has a driver and that he ejects on collision!

    1. That really does add to the fun!!!

  18. Fantastic review, My son Matthew loves the monster truck smash ups but we have had bother finding them in our local toy shops.

    1. I’m sure you must be able to order them online. Happy hunting!

  19. This looks like loads of fun for kids

  20. Love the fact that the toy can smash apart and click back together … a fabulous boys toy !!!

  21. This looks like great fun, think some girls might love it too!

  22. Looks like he is having lots of fun, I was thinking about getting 1 for my son after seeing this I think i will

    1. He is really going to love it. Have fun 😉

  23. he looks like he had so much fun

    1. He was over the moon with this. He really loves cars and trucks.

  24. The smile on your wee man face says it all
    Merry christmas

    1. It sure does. This is such a great toy. Have a great Christmas.

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