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A First Visit To Winter Wonderland


The opening of Winter Wonderland on Friday the 17th November heralded the coming of Christmas.  Christmas is just around the corner so if you haven’t started on Christmas gift shopping I’d start panicking just a little!!!!!  Help is at hand though as you can multitask with a fun day out with Christmas shopping thrown in that won’t feel like a chore for you or your children.  There are over 200 stalls in the Christmas market to visit with a range of gifts for all ages.  It’s perfect for hunting out gifts for friends and family and maybe even grab some stocking fillers.

Winter Wonderland is a place of magic and wonder situated in the beautiful grounds of Hyde Park in London.  For over 10 years this Christmas themed wonderland has been bringing Christmas cheer to all that venture near making it a popular place to visit for Londoners as well as tourists.

It’s free to enter.  You can take a stroll through and enjoy the Christmas music and take in the festive atmosphere and watch or join other thrill seekers on the rides like the Giant Observation Wheel (where you can see stunning views) and the Munich Looping (roller coaster).  Prefer something a little closer to the ground or something a little tamer?  The snow slide is great fun as are the dodgems.  There are numerous fairground rides including haunted houses, roller coasters, tea cups and a large selection of fair ground games where you can win a range of cute teddies small and large.

When you fancy a rest from all the excitement and a refuel you can check out one of the numerous restaurants, cafes or bars with a great range of foods.  There are even street food stalls to tantalise your taste buds.

The shows are great for children and adults alike.  Children can see the Sooty Christmas Show where Sooty has fun with his friends Sue and Sweep and Richard Cadell.  There is plenty of humour thrown in for adults to appreciate too!

It’s a great festive family show so sit back with your tub of popcorn or candyfloss or both and enjoy.

Zippos Christmas Circus will also entertain with some amazing stunts.  This includes a spectacular escape from a glass tank full of water and the amazing wheel of death.  There were no safety nets I will add.  This is a fab family show that will keep you all captivated.

My girls loved everything.  It was all so magical for them especially as it was the first time they had been.  They highly recommend the churros with cinnamon sugar which are made fresh at a number of stalls there.  Next time we visit I hope to try them with chocolate – yum!

As the day progressed it did get busier and as we were continuously on the move we didn’t feel the cold too much.   We rather enjoyed warming up at the Bavarian Village around one of the fires.

The site is mainly flat making it easily accessible for people with wheelchairs and those with buggies.

The children were already trying to persuade me to bring them again before we had even left the park.  It was obvious they’d had an amazing day and I hope to take the little man along some time to enjoy this magical experience too.  We returned home with full tummies, lots of goodies and amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Have you visited Winter Wonderland yet?


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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. I am so jealous !! I have always wanted to visit Winter Wonderland … it looks amazing and so magical for children … and even more jealous as the girls have churros !!!

    1. It was very magical and those churros can also come chocolate covered!!!

  2. This place looks awesome. It looks like y’all had such a fab time.

    1. We sure did the girls were over the moon to be there. It’s a great place for little ones to visit as well as adults.

  3. This certainly is a Winter Wonderland, all those sweet treats look amazing as do the fairground rides. Sooty and sweep takes me back to being a child myself

    1. Ha, same here I used to watch them when I was little. It was nice to let the kids see the show so they could see the sort of entertainment that was around when I was younger.

  4. We’re going in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to it, the kids don’t know as yet. Those churros look great, I’m sure we’ll be having some of those and I was chuckling at your little ones with their candyfloss beard! Mich x

    1. You are going to have a great time. Make sure you dress up warmly it’s getting colder. Do try the churros they were delicious x

  5. It looks great! Definitely something to make a note of if you happen to be in London at that time of year!

    1. It really is great Christmassy fun!

  6. I have heard such great things about winter wonderland it looks like so much fun and seems like your little ones had a great time. I am also now craving churros x

    1. It was really good fun they had the most amazing time x

  7. This one loos very good we have just been to a Christmas market this Saturday , it was so good and got me in the mood to put up the tree too.

  8. I love the sound of this but absolutely hate crowds (and the thought of losing my children!). If it’s free I might take them as it opens before it gets too busy.

    1. Entry is free you pay for rides, shows and food etc.

  9. I really want to go to Winter Wonderland but I’m not sure if I’ll make it this year x

  10. This looks like such an incredible place to visit, definitely somewhere we will look into for the future!

  11. I would absolutely love to visit Winter Wonderland this Christmas – hopefully I will get the chance at some point! It looks so pretty and Christmassy! x

  12. I would love to take my family, but it’s quite far. I’ll have to find out if there’s anything similar closer to home

    1. It seems like there are a few similar in various locations so might be worth doing a search.

  13. It’s always been a dream to visit Winter Wonderland. My friends who live near London have been and had an amazing time. I love the fact sooty is there. He was a huge character for me when I was growing up x

    1. Same here I used to watch him all the time on tv. It was lovely o take the children to see the Sooty show.

  14. My brother’s been before and said he had a fantastic time, it looks super fun!

    1. It’s great fun. If you get a chance to go make sure you take it.

  15. I lovee winter wonderland! Just wish it wasn’t quite so expensive!

    1. It can be a bit if you go on quite a few rides but then it’s only once a year and the memories you make and photos taken will last a lifetime x

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